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High/ Low- Random Edition

In the mood for some randomness today, so here ya go! High/lows from the last couple days, in no particular order.

High: Stuff is growing in my garden! I pulled out a bunch of delicious green beans yesterday and the jalapenos and serranos are growing well too. I think the lettuce is basically done for, and the broccoli is trying but looks a little wimpy (didn’t know you aren’t supposed to plant it in the heat of summer. Whoops). Not sure I’ll get too much there ultimately. Cherry tomatoes are getting close though and the roma tomatoes, while not ready, are definitely in the works! A bunch of habaneros are growing well too, though not ready.

Low: The Babysitters Club Season 1 on Netflix is only 10 episodes!! We just discovered this the other day. And we have already watched 8/10. Boo. Who knows when Season 2 will be out??? 

High: We got the full plan for back to school from the boys’ school yesterday- and it looks very comprehensive and safe. I think from a health and safety standpoint, I will feel comfortable sending them back.

Low: We got the full plan for back to school from the boys’ school yesterday- and it looks VERY different from “normal school” (as expected). This still makes me sad. I just wish someone could wave a magic wand and everything could go back to normal (safely), at least for the kids and school! I’m concerned about the part where it says if a child is exposed to anyone with COVID or if any child/ teacher contracts it, the entire class will need to quarantine for 14 days. I really dread the idea of being on pins and needles all year, never knowing when the other shoe will drop and they unexpectedly need to stay home. I get it, but it still doesn’t sound fun. :/ 

High: Since the kids were gone yesterday, I snuck in a 25 minute power nap in the late afternoon and it was amazing. I NEVER take naps, but I felt so tired all of a sudden and decided to go for it. I had the time, and it didn’t disappoint. 

Low (but also kind of a high?): I officially cancelled our Air B’Nb in Paris AND our Aer Lingus flights for our scratched August Europe trip. The only silver lining, if you can call it that, is that due to recent policy changes (finally), we were able to get full refunds for both the Air B’nb and the flights. (Well, we were issued vouchers for our short flights from Dublin to Paris, but they are good for 5 years so we’ll take it.) The big round trip overseas flights were granted full refunds. For a long time they were saying we would get vouchers good for only 11 months- and who knows if/when we could go to Europe within 11 months at this point or not!- so this is a BIG improvement!

What are some of your highs and lows this week? 

Daily Gratitude:
I am grateful for our hamsters! They create a special bond between me and the boys that is hard to describe- they always get the hamsters out in the morning and bring them down to my office for me to hold for a second, or they call me in to their rooms to see something funny that the hamster is doing in his cage. They are just a sweet, cute little bright spot in our days so often. Thanks, Flint and Steel, for being the perfect little pets! Can you tell them apart?? 🙂 


3 thoughts on “High/ Low- Random Edition”

  1. I'm glad that you got a full refund for your overseas flights and a voucher that is good for a long time for the other flight. I would have been annoyed to get a voucher good for 11 months! Still a huge bummer that you had to cancel that trip, though. 😦 I hope your school population stays healthy so you don't have a bunch of 14 day quarantines to deal with! Our governor is announcing school plans this afternoon. I'm so glad I don't have a kid in school. The school district we are in announced they will likely go virtual initially. I couldn't do my job and teach my son so hopefully things are more normalish by 2023 when he starts K! Hi of my week is the weather! It's been less humid and just beautiful outside! Low of my week was our son getting an ear infection. He has tubes so they are easy to treat but it's still a pain and now we have to keep his ears dry. He hasn't had an infection in about a year. But dang it is hard to get him to lay still for drops on each side!


  2. Ugh, ear infections are the worst! Mine didn't have them often when they were little at all, but over the past several years Asher has had swimmer's ear repeatedly. It tends to pop up right toward the end of his seasons, when he definitely does NOT want to sit out of practice/ competitions…I try to remind him to always be extra diligent about drying his ears after swimming, but he gets lax about it and then it shows up again…


  3. YAY for power nap! I love these. bummer about the school, same here, everything is uncertain, even hybrid/blend is not sure, so I'm mentally preparing for a semester of distant learning. high: I'm doing very well with mindfulness this week but loving itlow: i'm not reading enough as I wish.


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