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Meet is over + a day I’ve been looking forward to

Good news- the swim meet is all over. Everything went fine. There were the usual hiccups here and there, but nothing terrible.

The biggest issue was that the head coach had set a ticket limit of 250 tickets per session (a.m and p.m.) because our pool just doesn’t have that much space for spectating. He wanted to ensure that those with tickets actually had a seat, and that the bleachers didn’t get overcrowded.

The tickets sold out for both sessions. We sold tickets online in advance (which was communicated to the other teams), but a lot of people still showed up without tickets- and trust me, they wanted them.

The online ticket thing is relatively new for youth sporting events. At the majority of meets, you still just show up and hand over a $5 bill for admission to a mom sitting at a folding table. I wouldn’t normally expect that a youth swim meet would “sell out” in advance, either. So, I get it! There were a lot of parents who were fairly…. irate? over the fact that the tickets were sold out and they could not go in and watch their kid swim. (Again- I get it!! I would be, too.)

We did have a livestream set up on a huge TV down the hall, so people without tickets could “watch” on there…. but obviously not the same. I was not actually in charge of working the admissions table, but I overheard several parents saying things like, “This is my daughter’s first swim meet, and I can’t watch?! Her grandparents are coming!” etc. (In our defense, our coach did tell everyone in advance about the pre-sales and ticket limits!!) But you know how it is. People don’t always read their email and/or the details…

Last year at our meets there were capacity limits due to local COVID restrictions, so people seemed much more understanding then. Now that the capacity limits are lifted, I think people are not as cool with the ticket caps “just because”. (We do have a legit space issue though- and there were a lot of teams at this meet.)

Anyway, I don’t know what the right answer is, and it wasn’t my call or decision, regardless. The whole thing still bugged me a little, because I did a lot of work to make this a great meet for everyone, and now I know that many parents still probably left very annoyed and with a negative impression of the event.

It’s over and done with now though, and the next meet in December will be hosted at our city’s new high school- which has WAYYYYY more space for pool spectators. So hopefully this will be an issue of the past.

The end of this week was stressful because in the 2-3 days before the meet I ended up needing to make about 4,256 changes to the volunteer sign up. Between parent emails and coach requests, by Friday afternoon I was losing my mind. I finally ended up writing back to the coach and saying, “NO MORE CHANGES, please.” Doesn’t seem like everyone understands that you can’t just “move” a worker from the afternoon to the morning when all the positions are filled. Where am I supposed to put them? And who exactly is going to fill in the newly created afternoon session hole, 12 hours before the meet??? Duh, right? Everyone seemed to think it was just like, no big deal. Well, when you’re the one manning the list and you basically don’t have a single extra body, it is a big deal.

Friday night Ivan and I went out for our nacho night, and I felt I deserved/ needed some tequila (which I normally do not):

“pre-medicating”, the night before the meet. lol.

I didn’t take a single picture at the meet, which I’m annoyed about. Not that I really need it, but, my life story in photos is not complete now. How will I ever remember what I did on October 8, 2022 without a photo?? 😆

Asher swam in the morning, but I stayed around helping until probably 4:00/4:30. I had arrived at 6:30 a.m. to help set up, so it was a nice long day for me. Yawn. Went home and ended up holing up in my office to read for 45 minutes or so to unwind in peace and quiet. It was quite wonderful.

Around 6:00 we decided to all go out for dinner at Red Lobster. Ivan had some gift card plus a coupon or something to use up, so, why not. There was a long wait for a table, so we drove across the parking lot to Barnes and Noble while we waited the ~40 minutes.

Ethan found one he wants- the newest Alan Gratz book.

I thoroughly enjoyed just meandering around the store aimlessly reading the backs of books. 🙂

I also enjoyed perusing these cute Christmas puzzles!!

I felt a strong compulsion to buy one! That ice skating rink Ravensburger puzzle was so charming to me.

Dinner itself was nice. Those cheddar biscuits…. yeah. They are delish.

We got a bowl of clam chowder to share, and I had immediate flashbacks to our trip to Maine. I said, “Well, it’s official. I will never eat clam chowder again in my life without thinking of our trip to Maine/ Acadia National Park.” (If you’ve been reading since then, you’ll know I ate clam chowder basically every day for like, 8 or 9 days straight.)

Ivan ordered this amazing pina colada/daquiri mix thing and it was to die for. I stole several big sips.

And now today- Sunday. I’ve been looking forward to this day all week! Swim meet is over, and we have NO plans until Asher’s 4 pm soccer game. The Packers are playing in London, so the game starts at 8:30 a.m. I have been really looking forward to just lounging around lazily all morning watching the game with a cup of tea.

I dropped Ethan off at work a bit ago and picked up Starbucks to bring home for Ivan as a little surprise. (I do not drink coffee, so I basically never go to Starbucks. He loves their hot White Chocolate Mocha though. But dang, $5.96 for a grande hot mocha?!!!!!!! Guess I’m glad I don’t drink fancy coffee.)

Snapped this pic of Ethan by the McDonald’s sign…. I told him he will be happy to look back on this picture one day! 🙂

Off to go get settled in for the game!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful that the swim meet was only a one-day meet this time. Last year, it was both Saturday and Sunday. It’s nice to have one day free!!

6 thoughts on “Meet is over + a day I’ve been looking forward to”

  1. Yay! I’m so glad its done and off your plate. You deserve some time to relax.

    I actually do wish I had photos of myself in my uniform from my high school days, so I do think he will LOVE that photo of himself some day. It will also be interesting to note if McDonald’s uniforms change in twenty years. Ha!


  2. I am glad the meet is behind you. This one sounded extra tough with the shifting schedules. How can people not understand the consequences of making changes so close to the meet? C’mon! And the admission thing is tough… you made it clear up front but it’s still tough to deal w/ the backlash. I feel sorry for the people who worked at the admission table. I bet they dealt with a lot of rude behavior!

    I’m glad Sunday was quieter for you guys after a very busy and long Saturday. That was so nice of you to bring Ivan a coffee from Sbux. And yes – they have gotten soooo expensive. I’m glad I only get one/week as a treat. I bought them every day for the last 4-6 weeks of my pregnancy with Will since it was the only treat I could have that wouldn’t spike my blood sugar but it was a less expensive treat back then! But boy frugal Phil did not love that habit. 😉 But he mostly kept his thoughts to himself since I was very pregnant and had horrible RA flares!


  3. Yay! There is SUCH a sense of relief when big things like this are over. Hope the day was as restful as you were hoping for.

    Also, I think having a picture of Ethan outside McDonald’s is such a treasure. Those little/common moments are what we tend to remember most vividly from our growing up years…but so often we don’t have pictures.


  4. Gosh, that really sounds stressful and kudos to you for volunteering… it’s usually the same people who’ll sign up to help and end up doing all the work. I am glad it’s all done now. You deserved a lazy Sunday!


  5. Oh, goodness. I confess, I probably would be “one of those volunteers”. You made me think about how my, um, pickiness, affects the organizer, so thank you for that moment of self-reflection. No, seriously – seeing it from the other side? Huge difference. I hope you recovered okay – and that mid-fall is, um, maybe slowing down a bit? (And man, the new HS will be NICE!)


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