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(Very) random Friday list

First, I’m sure you’re dying to know the outcome of my very scientific poll.

Here are the results so far, from my overwhelmingly large sample size. 🤣

I find it pretty interesting that “podcasts or audiobooks” was the clear winner, and surprisingly to me- “listen to nothing” was the runner up! Not sure what it says about the demographic reading this blog, or if we’re all just old and stuffy now, but “listen to music” came in a clear last place. I feel like younger people might always listen to music? At least based on what I can overhear from other peoples’ headphones in the gym when I’m sitting in silence. Ha! But obviously, that is a total assumption and not based on anything factual. I suppose I also had a few combo options in there which also encompass music.

Poll is still open! If you haven’t answered, please feel free! It’s totally anonymous.

Other Random Stuff:

* I went on a great fall walk Wednesday morning. I had driven the boys to school instead of bus (due to morning swim practice/ Asher needing some extra time to shower). I was planning to drive home, then do a quick walking loop around the neighborhood before starting work. Well, Laura Vanderkam’s weekly rule of “one little adventure, one big adventure” popped into my mind. I admit I’m not great about planning little local adventures that don’t include soccer games and swim meets. I realized I could just as easily stop off at a local nature preserve that was literally on my way home and about 2 minutes away, and walk there instead.

~20 minute walk and little adventure= ✅

* Speaking of LVK and her new book- she published this little scorecard on instagram yesterday outlining her weekly “rules”. Love this!

* I found out that a $100 gift certificate for the theater that we received in early 2020 IS in fact still good and able to be used! (I mean, I figured, with pandemic and all, but it technically said “use within 1 year” on it… ). I have been meaning to call to verify, and finally did yesterday. There are several good upcoming Broadway shows coming to town that I want to see!!

* The weeks have been flying by lately. It is freaking me out a little. Like, it’s Sunday night, getting ready for new week….and then I blink, and boom. It’s Friday. Not sure what is going on…..

* I had a fun little evening with Asher last night. He had a cross country meet (FINALLY was able to run, after all of his feet issues). This was only his second meet of the season, and their last meet will be this upcoming Monday. 😦 Short season for him. But, at least he can do these last two meets. He said he felt pretty good and finished in a respectable time, considering he has barely practiced lately and is not really in peak “running shape”.

lining up

After, we stopped to get him a pizza at a build-your-own pizza place. There was a benefit night for his swim team.

snapped this when he wasn’t looking…..haha

From there, we swung by the nearby new high school to check out the HS girls’ last home swim meet of the season. We’d never been to a high school meet before, and we know tons of families on the team from the club swim team. And, we wanted to check out the brand new pool!

It was a meet between two rather small teams, so the ambience was drastically different from a club team meet- those are usually PACKED and LOUD and just crazy. This felt so weird! The parents assured me that this just happened to be an extra small meet this week. Anyway, still was interesting and nice to stop by.

* I am LOVING the show Younger! Like I said, it took me a couple episodes to get into it/ felt like a slow start, but now I am just so smitten with it. It’s so cute, so fun, so funny, I love the characters…. really, really enjoying it! Ivan likes it a lot too. Love crawling in bed and night and turning an episode on. 🙂

* I had to do an annual HIPPA (medical privacy info stuff) training yesterday. I was supposed to review 65 slides of information and then take a quiz. I read about 2 slides and my eyes were glazing over, so I decided to just skip ahead to the quiz. I normally never do things like this, because I am a Rule Follower. But it said we could re-take the quiz as needed, so I figured no harm done. I passed on the first try! And then promptly closed those slides. Shhh. (I’ve been a nurse since 2006. I think I’ve got the HIPPA stuff down pretty well by now.)

* Last thing- just a funny comment from Ethan. We were watching the Today show the other morning, and they were discussing the potential Tom Brady/ Gisele Bundchen divorce during the news updates. At the end of the segment, the reporter looked solemnly into the camera and said, “We will keep you all updated just as soon as we get any more information.” And Ethan turns to me and was like, “What?!!? Why is this NEWS! This is not even any of our business!!! Isn’t this, like, their personal life??” Hahaha. Yes, yes it is. Totally agree. I am actually not sure why that is headline news or why all of America needs to be “updated” on someone’s divorce. lol.

Okay, that is enough random points for this Friday. Enjoy your weekend! Please think happy thoughts for me tomorrow that every one of the ~100 parents listed on the volunteer sign up actually shows up to work at the swim meet. 🙃

Quote of the Day:

“The three C’s in life: Choice, Chance, Change. You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for some nice 1:1 time with Asher last night. 🙂

16 thoughts on “(Very) random Friday list”

  1. Wow – I’m so impressed by Ethan’s insight. How mature of him to realize that someone else’s divorce is a private matter. (I didn’t know Tom Brady was getting a divorce, so that shows how disconnected I am from the news! And, full disclosure, I went to look up the news story after I read your post – please don’t tell Ethan!)

    Also – the pictures you snapped on your walks are stunning. I just LOVE fall and the changing colours of everything.


  2. “Not sure what it says about the demographic reading this blog, or if we’re all just old and stuffy now, but “listen to music” came in a clear last place. I feel like younger people might always listen to music?”
    Omggggg I am classed with YOUNGER PEOPLE! This is a first!


  3. Your HIPPA training secret is safe with me because I take the same approach to my CE for my CPA license…if at first I don’t succeed I keep guessing until I pass the test! Usually I can pass on the first try. Like you say, I’ve been doing this a while, I’ve kinda got the gist of what I need to know.


    1. Ok, good! I usually don’t do this because I always have the mindset of like, well….even if I get the answers to the quiz right, surely there will be some other information in the slides that I DON’T know that still might benefit me…. but I just couldn’t hack it this time. Too boring. Haha! And yes- totally have the gist down by now.


  4. Okay, I have so many thoughts.
    1. Since I’m pretty cut off from pop culture, this was the first I’d heard of the Brady/Bundchen marital discord and I immediately berated myself for thinking of it as juicy gossip. They’re real people with real children and real feelings (although I am half convinced Brady is a robot) and I shouldn’t care and it’s absolutely none of my business. But I am human and I think it’s interesting and I wonder what that says about me or the state of society.

    2. If they let me take the quiz multiple times on one of those online units, I actually ALWAYS start with the quiz as sort of a pre-test. It’s actually pedagogically sound because if you pass, then you don’t waste your time going over material you’re already familiar with, but if you don’t pass it, you get an idea of what are the main/important things you should pay careful attention to. So, don’t think of it as “breaking the rules,” think of it as being an attentive, active learner.

    3. That survey result is so interesting. It WOULD be interesting to know age correlation. When I was young, I ALWAYS listened to music when working out, but now things are different. I’m fascinated with this poll and talked to my husband about it at dinner last night. He is an always music person. Interesting!


    1. I know, it’s normal!!! I do feel bad for people in those situations though. I mean, going through likely the hardest thing of your life, under this huge spotlight…. yuck. It just kind of cracked me up how they reported on the divorce in the exact same vein and with the same urgency and seriousness as like, the current news of Russia’s “potential nuclear threat”. lol… Interesting about your husband and the music! I definitely was always a music only person when younger too, but thinking about it more, music was really the only option I had. I mean, I don’t think audiobooks and podcasts were really an option until MUCH more recently, at least not the same accessibility as now. And anyway, when I was younger, talk radio was just for old people, like my parents. HA!


  5. *HIPAA 🙂

    I am FASCINATED by the Tom/Giselle story! Boy went back to work and back on their agreement without telling her, I think! Both will be fine, divorced or made up!

    Similarly, I have been horrified and watching through my fingers at the Herschel Walker Senate race. I mean, is he paying those ladies child support???

    Glad my life is simple 🙂


  6. Well I HATE Tom Brady. My husband can’t believe how much I hate him, but he left his pregnant girlfriend for Gisela and I am SO AGAINST cheating! Hate is probably too strong of a word. Strongly strongly dislike? I’m so out of the loop w/ news so I hadn’t heard about the divorce. We used to watch the news every night but we need to either be in teh basement w/ their toys or out for a family walk. Paul would play with toys w/ the news on in the background but Will is just too squirmy to tolerate that!

    I would totally test out of something like that. We have to do a ton of compliance training every year. I basically scroll through the content as quickly as possible to get to the quiz. My old firm let you test out of things you’d been trained on previously. I really miss that options. I had something like 7 different trainings assigned to me this fall. Bleh.

    The poll results are interesting! I’ve been all in on podcasts since Serial came out and barely listen to music anymore, except artists who are my faves. I love being able to learn something/hear thoughtful discussions of things. For awhile there I would start so many conversations with Phil with, “so I was listening to this podcast…” He is not a podcast listener so he would tease me about this.

    So glad that you are liking Younger! I watched that on my own as I figured Phil would not enjoy it, but he tends to not like lighter shows like that. I was so sad when the series came to an end!


  7. I love the results of your poll! I usually do an audiobook or nothing, depending on my mood. Although I did lose my earbuds so that really puts a damper on audiobook listening while I’m outside walking!

    Love the beautiful photos — fall colors are so fantastic!


  8. I am so confused that listening to music came in last. What is happening?

    Also, I love that Ethan is not interested in the drama/personal life of celebrities LOL phew. 🙂


  9. OK, I confess to a peripheral interest in seeing Tom Brady lose it a bit – it makes him a bit more humanoid. 😉
    I was also going to comment on HIPPA/HIPAA. I remember it using “across America” for the last 2 initials. Or, thinking “not hippos”. Ha. (I had the same educational slide thingie and did pretty much the same thing. The quizzes are hilarious – should you post your patient’s information in your Facebook account? I mean, really, come on, people.)


    1. In my defense on the HIPAA thing, I always feel like the acronym should be something like “health information privacy protection act”. Which it TOTALLY isn’t!! But, I think that sounds pretty good/ could be another option??!! 😅😅 (as you know, it’s really “Health insurance portability and accountability act”. Personally I like mine better, and it does include 2 Ps. Hahah!!)


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