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Goals check-in and…14!!!!

22 for 22 List- Halfway Point

I’ve been seeing many “goals check in” posts and episodes, since obviously we are over halfway through 2022 at this point. If you set goals for 2022 and would like to feel better about yourself, keep reading, because I am mostly failing miserably at meeting the goals I set.

I don’t really care, that much. I do a little bit, but mostly because it irks me to be someone who sets goals and then doesn’t meet them. It also makes me question my goal setting ability. Maybe I am just totally off base when it comes to setting realistic goals. Alternatively, I might just be a big failure. 😆

This is I think the 3rd year I’ve made these big yearly goals lists, and I do think that sometimes I end up sort of just brainstorming semi-random things to put on the list when I make it in December. Which means maybe I’m not really invested in some of them- which could explain the lack of follow through. Who knows.

Anyway, here’s the update! I’ve divided these up into categories- In Progress or Not Done. Unfortunately, I don’t really have enough “Complete” to have a 3rd category….

In Progress

#1: Continue photo backup project. Resume schedule to stay on track with this (sorting old photos). Also, order prints for basement wall. – SLOW progress, but in progress. Not following my schedule. Also, no prints ordered….

#2: Get Ash tree taken down and plant new trees. – Ash tree is GONE! But, no movement on new trees yet.

#3: Read 6 books with the boys. –Very slow progress. Have read maybe…1 together? (They will still do this! I know they are getting old. But they will especially read a fun novel or an interesting non-fiction, IF I instigate it. We just haven’t made much time.)

#4: Read 30 books. Read at least 2 books in Spanish.- Meh. I think I’ve read about 10 books so far this whole year. Going to need to pick up the pace!! Also, I got a novel in Spanish from the library and read a chapter. And now it’s due, and I’ve still only read a chapter. 😑

#5: Minimum 3x week strength train, do home workouts other days, 1 day of yoga or stretching. Beat last year’s workout percentage. – Also meh lately. In progress, technically, but nowhere near the consistency I was seeing in May. I tend to be kind of an “all or nothing” type person, which really annoys me. When I’m on, I’m ON. When I’m not, I’m….not. Still exercising, just not happy with dedication/ consistency right now. (In fairness- been really busy….).

#6: Keep floor clean in bedroom (weird, but a problem area…. things “pile up” next to my bed….). – In progress? It still happens, but I’ve been better about it, overall.

#7: Walk at least 6 days per week. Once a month walk somewhere different/ special (new park, etc.). Track steps again. – Very loosely in progress. I do walk frequently, but probably not 6 days a week at the moment. Have walked 0 times somewhere special, unless you count on vacation. Haven’t been recording steps, either.

#8: Get finance spreadsheet caught up/ revamped. – In progress. I did a bunch of work on our system early in the year, but it’s sort of stalled out now, and I’d still like to make some other adjustments.

#9: Track fun/ quality activities with kids in monthly page in my planner. – COMPLETE! (Well, in progress- but I AM doing this consistently, so this is my one big win.). I also wanted to make a “family fun binder” for memory keeping and maybe buy a photo sticker printer, but haven’t done that.

Not Done

#10: Clean out basement storage room. Also clean out other basement closet/ revamp storage situation there. – Nope.

#11: Complete lingering remaining kitchen tasks- hang blind, get glass for over-stove cabinet! Also, repaint front door trim. – Still no. Although, we did go to the glass store last week again, to try to kick start this… only to find out the owners have now retired and they closed the store!! Ugh. So back to square 1 on this one.

#12: Watch a movie with Ivan once per month + have an in-home date once per month at our bar. – I don’t know. We’ve watched some movies as a family, but not really on our own. Also no dates at our bar. Oh well. We go OUT frequently alone together, and have watched shows…so I guess this is a “who cares” goal.

#13: Have the boys help cook 20 times. – Nope. I think we are at like, 1? Ha. Asher did learn how to make french toast from scratch last week though.

#14: Meal plan regularly. – NOPE NOPE NOPE.

#15: Experiment with social media use. Try a different “reduction” method each month and compare/ see what feels best. – NOPE. Started strong with this in January/ February, then totally fell off after posting tons of pics over spring break. Have totally ignored this situation since then.

#16: Find a tall outdoor end table for next to the hot tub. –No, but I did browse some on Wayfair a couple months ago….

#17: Eat a vegetable with every meal I control (i.e. home meals). – Eh. Started awesome with this, have let it slide.

#18: Use my facial gift card & get a massage. – Nope. I like the idea of these things, but I’m just sort of uncomfortable with the whole “spa” thing. I resist/ delay because that setting just makes me feel….weird.

#19: Track deep work blocks in my planner/ time block in Google calendar. – Sort of. I do some days, but mostly just in Google Cal. Haven’t tracked in my planner as I was thinking I might.

#20: Make a home declutter list and work through it. – Not really. I guess I’ve done a few kitchen organizing tasks, and I did clean out my closet! But not a full, systematic declutter like I was envisioning.

#21: Make Google Docs for recurring things (ex. packing lists, address lists, holiday shopping lists, etc.).- No. I did make a Thanksgiving shopping list (on Thanksgiving), so hopefully T-Day will be easier next year. But that’s it.

#22: Make a new recipe once a month. – Um, no.

There you have it. I hope you now feel better about YOUR goals, since you are likely doing better than I am. 🙂

In other news….. Ethan is 14 today!!!!!! HOW? Please….time just slow down…. 😭 Next year at this time he will be old enough to get his temporary driving license, and I cannot stop thinking about this. omg omg omg omg omg……

A few recent pics:

heading off to work
at camp pick up

And for reference, thanks to Facebook memories popping these up for me this morning….

Ethan turning 6 in 2014!

be still my heart!
his original birth-day 🙂

Daily Gratitude:

I am so grateful for Ethan! Every single day, and especially today. He is just an amazing kid!!

5 thoughts on “Goals check-in and…14!!!!”

  1. Maybe you are asking too much of yourself? I did a XX in 20XX at one point but it felt hard to come up with the list and then I would easily forget about it and then didn’t love not crossing everything off my list. You had a busy spring w/ your big trip to Europe which required a lot of planning and now you’ll be heading to Mexico soon. Maybe a monthly goal approach would be better – like setting 2 goals for the month or something like that? I had to have a ‘come to Jesus’ moment with myself over goal-setting in the last several years. I am so very hard on myself and felt really overwhelmed by life in general, so adding another thing to strive for just felt too stressful for me! But like my post this week shows, I still accomplished a lot. And I bet if you looked back over the first 6 months of the year, you would also come up with a list of accomplishments!

    Oh and I was thinking you read several books with the kids in preparation for the Italy trip about the various sites you saw so I bet you’ve read more than 1 book!

    But happy birthday to Asher! I love the flashback photos and wow he had great hair at birth! Happy birth day to you, too. I think the birthdays are also a big celebration for the parents, especially the mom. Or I at least feel like that in the young-kid years!


  2. Those seem like quite ambitious goals to me! I generally do quarterly goals because one month doesn’t seem like enough to create new/good habits, but year-long goals seems SO BIG. So, maybe you could cut yourself a bit of slack on this? I mean, you’re keeping kids alive, working, and keeping a blog going, so I think you’re doing pretty well!

    Happy birthday, Asher! I hope there are no more scary bloody incidents at work!


  3. Happy Birthday Ethan!

    I hope he has had the most wonderful birthday 🙂

    I go back and forth on goals (as you’ll have probably picked up by now… lol). I do sometimes wonder why I’m constantly striving instead of appreciating what I have. So for what it’s worth, I think as long as you’re happy (and you seem to be!), you’re doing a lot right no matter what the goals list might say!!


  4. Those pictures of Ethan – too much cuteness! And also, yes, to how crazy it is these kids keep growing up so fast. Sometimes it takes my breath away.

    I don’t think I’ve a very goal-oriented person. I’m trying to focus more on values. I DO make a list of “goals” each year, but I rarely check in on them and what I tend to do is when I haven’t completed one of my goals, I’ll come up with some positive spin.

    For example, next to a line item that says Build Front Deck, I could write: Nope, but replaced front door. Or read 4 books of the kids, I might say: Nope, but had a 2-hour UNO tournament. I try to stick to the spirit of the goal and many of them I DO accomplish…but when I don’t I find usually there’s a good reason and/or I can find something to point to that relates to the underlying value associated with the goal (e.g. make our home a more welcoming/upgraded space, or spend time doing fun activities with the kids).


  5. Oh man, you get a pass in my book… such a long list of goals. I am an excellent list maker, but I also have an issue with goal lists. For bigger projects, I feel like I need a big, uninterrupted chunk of time of NOTHING will happen. Every weekend I have grand plans on tackling this or that goal, but end up just catching up on other stuff I didn’t get around to during the weeks LOL

    So crazy that Ethan is 14. I am currently adjusting to the fact that my niece and nephew are 12/13 and I am having the same “no, no, no, too fast”- feelings circling through my head. He’s a handsome little guy, though. Future heartbreaker.


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