Quick b-day recap

So Ethan is officially enjoying his first full day as a 14 year old. 🙂

I think he had a great b-day! He seemed to be in good spirits and all smiles most of the day yesterday. Ivan and I both had to work, and Ethan actually did too (a shorter day, though- just 8 am- 12:30 pm yesterday).

He wants to do something for his birthday with friends, like a sleepover probably, but it wasn’t going to fit in well this week. So I think he’s looking at 2 weekends from now when we should be pretty open.

Per his request, last night we just went out for dinner to the Mexican place, because he “wanted a margarita”. Ivan’s mom, sister/ kids and brother all went along and it was a really nice time.

He had 2 margs. Let’s hope he doesn’t continue liking them this much once tequila can be added. 😬
He looks so mature in this pic to me. With his abuelita.

Afterwards we went back to our house for key lime pie (nothing fancy- store bought, and kind of our family’s b-day tradition) and presents. I put up some balloons and streamers and our handy reusable birthday banners. 🙂

(Birthdays feel simpler around here nowadays. I feel like when the boys were younger, I felt more pressure to do a “theme” of sorts for birthdays. Dinosaurs, Pokemon, Spiderman…whatever they were into at the time. Now I just pull out the same old birthday signs every year from the basement cabinet, pick up some balloons and call it good. Hosting “organized” birthday parties with a bunch of younger kids, coordinating everything with parents, planning activities, goodie bags, etc all felt like a lot more stress/ effort, too. Now Ethan is at the age that I think honestly all he wants is for a couple friends to come over and hang out, play video games and maybe throw a bonfire on. No matching plates needed. 🙂 Thank goodness, because I’m totally over the whole big “birthday party” thing.)

The owners brought him a free dessert and passed him a sombrero to wear while we sang happy birthday.

He seemed very happy with his special day, even though it was pretty low key. It suited him, I think.

His big present from us was a TV for his room!! 😬

I know, I know…I always said my kids wouldn’t have TVs in their rooms…but it just makes sense, given how they each play their video games at the same time, and often against each other… Can’t really just share one TV.

And I honestly don’t really like them gaming in “my” space constantly/ hogging our main TV all the time. Sometimes I just feel like saying, “Shoo, go away!!”

Our living room is right off the kitchen, and I just find it annoying to listen to. There still will be the same time/use limits, so I don’t anticipate any big changes otherwise. He is THRILLED though and feels very grown up/ teenager-ish now with his own TV. He’ll have streaming access, but we won’t install a DirecTV receiver in there, so no actual cable. He seems inspired to sort of start transforming his room a bit into more of a “teen hang out” space than it used to be, I think, with comfy pillows for lounging, and hopefully a new desk (incoming birthday gift from Grandma and Grandpa, I think…?).

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for Ivan’s mom being in town for Ethan’s birthday! She seemed pretty happy to be in the U.S. for his b-day, since many years she isn’t.

4 thoughts on “Quick b-day recap”

  1. happy birthday Ethan, 14 is a big age and I can’t believe you let him have margaritas! hahaha… I think to celebrate 14, I’ll let Sofia to have coke instead as it’s as special as margarita!
    I’m glad to hear that no more complex birthday parties when they get older… such a hassle for the parents to organize.


  2. I so glad Ivan’s Mom could be around; that likely made this birthday extra special for everyone.
    I am a huge fan of low-key birthday’s and agree – even with my oldest only being 11, I can already notice how much easier birthday’s seem. A few friends, some easy food – this year they mostly wanted to hang out together in her room talking! And I actually loved this because I am not a party person. She was happy and I was so much less frazzled then when everyone was little!

    Happy Birthday to Ethan ❤

    And I would have been ecstatic to have a TV and it sounds like it 100% makes great sense! What a fun gift!


  3. What a fun celebration! Gotta love the sombrero photo! I used to always go to mexican restaurants for my birthday so remember taking photos w/ a big ol’ sombrero! Fun.

    We just got invited to 3 birthday parties at school! But luckily everyone takes a very low key approach. They pretty much always take place at a park. The parents provide snacks/dessert and the invitation says “no gifts.” Paul usually makes a birthday card for the person, though. We are planning on doing a 1/2 birthday celebration for Paul in September because March is an awful time for a park birthday party in Minnesota, but this is his last year w/ his daycare amigos so we’d like to do something. I actually love the school bday parties because we’d be going to a park anyways, and it’s introduced us to different parks. Friends w/ older kids have told me Paul won’t accept “no gifts” forever, but for now he would be thrilled to play with friends and I don’t think he realizes that kids get gifts are parties since he has only seen that happen at one party and he didn’t even watch the gift openings as he was in the bounce house.

    Parenting teaches us to never say never! We all have these ideas of things we will never do, but you can really change your mind!!


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