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Weekend in pics

This was a busy weekend!! I knew this was coming, so I was pretty mentally prepared for it. 😉 My parents were here for the weekend, too, specifically to watch the play performances. It was definitely full, but we had some nice chunks of downtime, too. This is the first we’ve seen my parents since our trip and since they’ve been home from Europe, so we had a lot to catch up on.

Friday night- opening performance of Peter Pan at 7 pm:

Asher as “Slightly”, one of the Lost Boys. He did great!
Ethan was on Crew- Sound Production. The drama club leader gave them all jars of Peter Pan peanut butter as a little gift. 🙂

Saturday morning volleyball:

Both boys had double header volleyball games at 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. in different places. I went with Ethan, Ivan went with Asher this time.

Saturday lunch= Chick Fil A. Not shown. 🙂

Saturday p.m.:

2 p.m. performance of Peter Pan! It was equally as good, although the kids all played different parts for the second performance. (Most had a bigger role one day, and a smaller role the next day. Asher’s bigger role was Friday, but he was still on stage on Saturday, too.)

Post- show: We stopped for a beer with my parents at a cool local brewery place in town. Asher got a big pretzel with cheese and a lemonade to celebrate his hard work. Apparently many other families had the same idea, because we saw several other Drama Club kids there with their parents. 😉 It was an abnormally beautiful afternoon for Wisconsin in April- warm and sunny- and this place has those big garage door type walls that open up. It was sooooo nice to sit “inside” but feel the warm air, coming off of winter. I forgot my phone, so no pics.

Saturday p.m. movie night:

We decided to watch the original Peter Pan from 1953! I hadn’t seen this one in ages, and we wanted to compare their play version to the original. Basic storyline was the same, but the play adaptation was VERY loose when you put them side by side. This is definitely not my favorite Disney movie- I mean, it’s OLD and you can tell, in many ways. It’s cute though, and it’s fun to watch some of those originals now and then.

Sunday lazy morning:

We didn’t have plans Sunday until 1 pm, so the morning was pretty relaxed. My parents stayed overnight. My mom, dad and I ended up going in the hot tub and chatting for a really long time. It was a nice morning- cooler (so the hot tub felt great) but not cold, either.

Chicken tinga- lunch:

After that, I cooked up a big pan of chicken tinga to make tostadas for lunch.

I had some leftover homemade chipotle salsa in the fridge too that we topped them with. (Tinga already has chipotle in it, but I always like MORE salsa on top. 🙂 )

Ethan- soccer/ Asher- volleyball:

At 1:00, Ethan had a soccer game right in our neighborhood, so that was convenient. We all went to that, while Asher got picked up by a friend to head to his volleyball game.

It was CRAZY WINDY. This is why I hate spring in Wisconsin. It looks nice outside, but it actually wasn’t. It was technically “warm”, but the wind made it feel colder than it was. I watched about 3/4 of the game before leaving to catch up with Asher for his volleyball game.

No pics of Asher playing volleyball this time. They won! He is loving volleyball so far- lots of fun. (I’m biased, because I played from 5th-12th grade, but I definitely think it’s the most fun sport there is.)

Post- volleyball custard stop:

It was about 35 minutes home from volleyball, so we decided to stop halfway for ice cream. Technically it’s custard. I have a whole slew of “free custard” coupons in my purse that Asher won during the swim season (they often give them out as prizes at the meets). So, we used one up.

Hamster snuggles:

We spent some time last night holding and snuggling our furry friend, Flint. He’s our hamster (we have 2) that has the likely cancerous growth thing growing on his belly. It’s getting really, really big now, to the point that I think we may be taking him in to be put down sometime this week…..The last time we had him to the vet, she basically said there wasn’t much to be done, and that we should just watch him and give him a good life until it seemed to be “time”/ his quality of life seemed to be declining.

He still seems okay, overall, but it’s just really getting large. And it seems to now be affecting his hind leg a bit, where he can’t move it normally and almost “drags” it behind him. He has lost a ton of weight, too, although he does still seem to eat a lot. He’s gotten super skinny. Otherwise, he seems in good spirits, though, so I just don’t know what the right thing is to do. This mass is huge on his little body, and I don’t like the idea of waiting until he’s really suffering. It’s not going to get any better.

I love this little guy though, so I’ve already told Ivan that I WILL NOT be the one to take him in. I just can’t. He’s going to have to do it.

All in all, a good weekend! Busy/ full, but a good one. I did not: read, walk, exercise, write or do much of anything “productive”….but that’s ok. ‘Tis the season of life for busy weekends with my kids. 🙂

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful that Asher had a really great experience with drama club. Love it when they try new things and enjoy them. (Ethan thought Crew was okay- not sure he wants to do it again though. And he definitely doesn’t want to act.)

4 thoughts on “Weekend in pics”

  1. Congrats to your boys on a successful play! Very cool that both of them were involved in different ways! What a full weekend, though! We had similar weather here – super super windy and it was really stormy on Saturday. I’m so over the wind and cold weather!! Come on, spring! So sorry to hear about the hamster, though… We didn’t really have pets growing up so I never had to deal with putting one down… We did get a cat when I was a junior but he became my mom’s cat when I moved away to college so I didn’t have to deal with end of life decisions. But we have a cat now – sort of… She spends more time with my MIL than she does with us so she’s really more her cat now. But Phil is very attached to her. During our wedding speech, Phil was talking about the things in life we might face together, like losing jobs, etc, and how we’d get through it together as a team. But when he mentioned our cat he said, “and Kitty… Kitty is going to live forever.” Ha.


  2. I’ve already brushed my teeth post-supper but…I legit am ravenous now after seeing those pictures of Tinga and custard.
    I really hope my kids end up doing drama. A did a few short week-long drama camps, but school-based options don’t start until middle school. I just love live performances.

    So sorry to hear about Flint. A is counting down the days until she gets her hamster. She has officially earned it, but we’re waiting until some of the summer travel is over so we can be home for a dedicated period before introducing our first family pet! I don’t feel ready. It’s a HAMSTER for crying out loud, but it feels like a huge deal!


  3. what a great busy weekend. I like a mixture of those ones and layback ones.
    can I come in for your Mexican food? hahaha….. they look really authentic and we have none Mexican restaurant in manila that I can try.
    sorry to hear about Flint. No matter how small they are, after living with it for a while, we really see them as family member rights? hope it won’t be painful for it. Boys must be sad too.


  4. Wow, you did have a busy weekend but it sounds like fun and I love that your kids are so involved.
    I am sorry to hear about Flint, he looks like a cutie. I hope you can enjoy the time that you have left with him.


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