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Some stuff about my week

*Walking. I’ve walked M, T and Th this week so far. Weather was crummy early in the week/ cold, so I used the treadmill. Yesterday, we had a beautiful, warm day, so I got outside for 20 minutes before starting work.

*Stretching and workouts. My workout on the schedule was a simple one- a recovery workout, “Freestyle Flow #75” from Beachbody’s Morning Meltdown. I’m working through this 100 workout program for maybe the third time now? 3/4 done. I just really like the variety of cardio/strength in this program. And that it forces me to actually do cardio some days, which I struggle with on my own. Give me weights any day over cardio. But in general, I REALLY enjoy the recovery workouts on Beachbody. Every program I’ve done has had some very nice stretching routines included. I’m sure they aren’t true “yoga” like a yogi would want, but for me, who is NOT into real yoga, they are just so nice and relaxing. And short. I always look forward to them.

* Lunch with Ethan. Ethan had a virtual Dr. appt yesterday over the lunch hour, so I picked him up from school and brought him home for that. When these used to be in person, we’d always get lunch after, so he asked if we could still go to lunch. Of course. That’s the best part of an appointment on a school day! Still remember going to Wendy’s with my Dad after my school day ortho appts as a teen. 🙂


*Rookie parent mistakes. I totally dropped the ball on a few things this week, which was irritating.

#1- I was supposed to sign Asher up for a summer volleyball class with a swim team friend that they wanted to try together. We agreed on the day/ session, and his friend’s mom texted that they were all set and signed up. Well, for whatever reason, I didn’t go online and actually do the signup myself. That was 2 weeks ago. I thought of it multiple times, and kept meaning to, but I just kept procrastinating on actually doing it. I finally went to the website yesterday and found it said FULL next to their session. CRAP. It’s only April!! This doesn’t start until June. ugh.

I spent some time emailing/ calling/ investigating with the volleyball club, and then sheepishly texting the other mom to admit my mistake….Fortunately, we ended up finding a different, similar session on another day that will work. SIGN UP DONE. Phew. I just felt extra bad about this, because not only was Asher really disappointed, but his friend, too- they wanted to do it together. Rookie mistake. I should know better about summer signups…..

#2- Similar to #1, I hadn’t looked at the summer tennis sign up for Ethan. He’s in a spring session starting this Sunday, which hasn’t even started yet, so the summer session was literally not even on my mind yet. Well, that one is full, too. Super.

*Crazy busy Thursday. Last night was an insane night. I literally spent from 6-9:30 p.m. driving in circles around our town. Literally- I made the exact same loop like 4 times, picking people up, dropping them off, circling around with carpools. This week has been off the charts for the boys, with Drama Club rehearsals from 3-6 pm every day after school (Opening Night is tonight!). Then they’ve had volleyball after that, and sometimes swim or soccer, too! It’s been NUTS. Thankfully, it’s very short term and NOT our typical schedule- play rehearsals are over now. Shows are tonight and tomorrow of Peter Pan. Eek! Excited to watch Asher on stage for the first time (he cannot wait!!!), and Ethan will be on Sound Production.

My dinner of leftovers in a tupperware on the couch at ~8:15 p.m. while Asher was still at swim and Ethan at soccer. We had an overlapping 45 minutes at home before I picked up the swim carpool at 8:50 p.m. and Ivan picked up the soccer carpool at 9 pm. SO LATE!!! (it’s not always this late- schedule change for soccer.) We snuck in a quick episode of Ted Lasso. I’m officially obsessed. Seriously, this is the best show!

*TV. Speaking of TV, who is watching the final season of This is Us? We have been ON BOARD for this and loving it. I get so excited for Tuesdays. These last few episodes have been omg so emotional!!!! And heartbreaking and touching and everything all in one. (*Funny side note- last weekend when the boys and I were dyeing Easter eggs, Ivan, who is not really into dyeing Easter eggs, was in the other room. I yelled to him, “I-VAAAAN….Jack Pearson would be dyeing Easter eggs.” 🤣 Hehe!! That got him in the kitchen. 😉 )

*Pretty sky. Pulling out of the parking lot after 7:45 p.m. soccer drop off, this was the sky:

A nice little pause in the abnormally crazy evening.

Daily Gratitude:

I am seriously so grateful for carpools. Yes, last night it was our turn, and that was a bit yucky. But they are literally a lifesaver. If you have kids in sports or activities and you don’t have carpools, create one!! Total game changer.

4 thoughts on “Some stuff about my week”

  1. You know I’m watching. Basically out of obligation now. I lost a parent around the same time as the Big Three and I related. I do not care who Kevin ends up with and hope he moves East for Big 3 Construction Homes, I’m glad Kate’s happy, and Randall and Beth are the best forever.

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  2. I am really intrigued about Beachbody 100, I’ll google and see if I can try it. Rookie mom’s incidents. hahaha… I just had one. good that another parent reminded me as he didn’t see Sofia is on the list. I am guilty of not reading school emails much. Sometimes it’s just too much to follow up. So it’s good to have parents’ friend who are either not working or super diligent.
    love the sunset pic, I’m obsessed with it! hahah…

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  3. Oof! What a week! That driving schedule on Thursday sounded rough. Hopefully you had a good podcast to listen to, although you probably couldn’t/wouldn’t play it with kids in the car unless they are oblivious? I can play podcasts when it’s just Will in the care, but Paul usually requests specific artists – Taylor Swift or Brandi Carlile. But it’s cool to watch his interest in music develop!

    I did workout 96 on Friday so am almost done! I have done very few of the recovery workouts, though. I do them when I am doing the program on consecutive days but that is not happening now between being back at work and running a bit more often. But I should go back and do some of them when I need a gentle workout! I am typically such a completist but have let myself skip those! I have really enjoyed the program so am glad you gave me the idea to do it! I also much prefer the strength training workouts. The HIIT-style cardio workouts are kind of my least favorite! Ha!

    I’m also loving TIU. I will be so sad when it’s over. If you are looking for a different show to watch, I’ve really enjoyed “A Million Little Things.” I watched it during my maternity leave and love the cast of characters.

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