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Hunger cues/ constant eating! And dinner

1. Hunger cues

I’ve noticed something interesting whenever we travel.

I typically always “lose a little weight”. (Not a lot or anything, but I tend to feel just a little trimmer and slimmer than usual when we get home. Which always surprises me, because I do not watch what I eat at all when we travel. And we primarily eat out all the time.)

We are typically very active when traveling, though, so I’m sure that may play a role. I feel like I just sit so much these days when at home/ working.

But diet wise, I’ve been thinking that it may have to do with the fact that although I’m eating mostly restaurant food on vacation, I think I probably actually eat less overall.

When I’m at home, alone, sitting at my computer….every little “hunger pang” speaks to me. It’s ridiculous! I mean, why do I need to eat something every time I feel a tiny bit hungry? Can’t I just…be hungry for a little while?

My normal eating schedule lately has been:

  • ~7:30- 8:30ish breakfast
  • mid-morning/ 10:00 ish need a snack
  • workout around noon or so, then need lunch
  • post-lunch….sweet treat time??? And tea. Maybe another little snack.
  • late afternoon (3-5 pm or so) another snack or two…
  • Dinnertime varies, usually 6pm or later.
  • *Not shown- other little random “BLTs” (bites, licks, tastes) that could occur, like stealing a bite of the kids’ food or snack, or rogue jelly bean, etc.

(Usually after dinner, I’m not much of a snacker. I suppose if I’ve already eaten 425 times in the day, I shouldn’t need anything more! 😆)

OMG. I don’t eat a lot every time, but I just feel like I should not need to constantly eat. I think it’s mostly just a habit. And the apparent inability to just BE HUNGRY, ever. Not even for a minute?

(*Of note- I do try to eat “filling” meals, with a good amount of protein/fat, and I think my main meals are appropriately sized. So I don’t think I’m actually lacking.)

Alternatively, when we travel, there are definitely times that I feel hungry for a while before we actually get food. It’s not like I’m going to go racing out of a museum just to get a snack or lunch! We’re usually pretty busy doing stuff, so I just naturally have to “wait” for food. I also feel like we tend to eat basically 3 square meals, but rarely any snacks in between. And oftentimes breakfast is very, very light.

I read this post the other day titled “The Myth of 3 Meals a Day” I don’t think I want to actually do intermittent fasting (I read a book about it and kind of tried it out last year a little, and I just didn’t seem….very good at it. 😂) But he talks about how clear his mind becomes when he’s not constantly EATING and digesting food. Not to mention the time freed up from not constantly preparing and cleaning up food! It was interesting.

2. Last night’s dinner

Speaking of food, I made shrimp tacos last night. These were on last week’s meal plan. But- shocker- I didn’t actually make all those meals I said I would last week. Haha. Yep, that’s par for the course for me.

So here’s last night’s shrimp tacos….which for me, ended up turning into a “shrimp bowl”. Just didn’t feel like more tortillas. (I actually had hard boiled Easter egg + avocado + corn tortilla “tacos” for breakfast yesterday.)

shrimp in butter, lime juice and cilantro
Pico de gallo, of course. I realized part way through that I only had ONE jalapeno in the fridge!!! 😭 Kids liked it, was seriously lacking kick for us though.
Made homemade Mexican rice. Made the “tomato” paste myself and everything to turn it orange. Plus, a can of black beans. 😉

The boys had after school activities until late last night (drama rehearsal until 6 pm/ volleyball). Around 4 pm, I really needed a break (was planning to work until at least 5). So I went upstairs, made the food, and then went back down and worked until 6 instead. I was pretty proud of myself for having dinner DONE by 5:03 pm. 🙂

my bowl

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for my bathroom lights being on a dimmer switch. Seriously, I LOVE being able to have them on “low”, especially first thing in the morning.

7 thoughts on “Hunger cues/ constant eating! And dinner”

  1. I am a bit of a grazer myself and tend to eat similarly – breakfast, mid-morning snack of fruit and yogurt, lunch, mid-day snack of fruit or popcorn, dinner, and then usually a snack of some sort around 8 – usually pistacchios, popcorn (again!) or ice cream if I really want a treat. You are right that when traveling, I am too busy to notice that I am hungry, or will delay eating. I eat a little worse when traveling, but eat less often and am probably moving more.

    I could never do intermittent fasting, though. Hard hard hard pass for me! I have found that eating throughout the day is better for me, otherwise I get really really hungry and then overeat!

    We had tacos last night, too, but very basic ground beef tacos. I thought I could Will to eat some but nope. But Paul did eat a cheese taco which is really more of a quesadilla but he calls it a taco.


  2. That Pico de Gallo looks amazing! What’s the recipe?

    I graze a lot until my evening meal, then don’t eat afterwards. I have no idea where my resolve comes from at that time of the day lol! I find it hardest to resist sweet foods in the morning, but you can offer me chocolate or whatever after dinner and I’ll refuse without hesitation.

    I do think there’s something about sitting down at a computer that leads to eating more or just noticing hunger more!


    1. It’s super easy! Just roma tomatoes, white onion, jalapenos, and chopped cilantro. Then Cut 1-2 limes in half and squeeze it all over everything and mix it up (depends on how much you’re making, maybe even more lime if it’s a big batch- you really want a good amount of lime), and then add salt to taste (takes a good amount of salt, too. I just keep adding salt and tasting til it seems right.) Sorry I don’t have actual measurements- I totally do this by feel! The amount decreases as you go down- so mostly tomatoes, then next most ingredient is onion, then less jalapenos, etc.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. same same same here! yesterday I was thinking why I can’t tolerate a bit of hunger? it’s not that I’m going to be famished or faint if I don’t eat. hahahah… I guess it’s the convenience of having access to food all the time. Also, I think mentally we find eating as a mental break between blocks of work. I am quite good to start eating intuitively in the morning but after 12pm, I feel like I snack way too much. something that I don’t like as it ruins my appetite for dinner. Something to work on for sure.


  4. “BLTs” (bites, licks, tastes) – I’d never heard that before. Hilarious and so true.
    I’ve done intermittent fasting off and on for years, but lately it has felt harder. I’ve been home more during the pandemic…and there is just always food and it’s always on my mind. I used to be SO good at resisting snacks. Now? Not so much.
    I will say that I also just feel hungry all the time. I blogged about this recently and it is so frustrating. I just don’t have hunger cues that are reliable. I almost never feel like I’ve eaten enough (I could easily have 3rds or 4th of a meal).
    Like @lawandcreative, though, I find it quite easy to not eat in the evenings anymore. I eat supper, often have some sort of muffin or homemade dateball immediately after and then brush my teeth. So anytime after 6 pm or so, I’m in a fasted state until my mid-morning tea.
    I know I enjoy my meals a lot more when I’m not snacking, but it has just felt so hard during the pandemic.


  5. Interesting. I mean, I think it really comes down to the person and what works for them. I am not much of a grazer/snacker but have been told before that it might be beneficial to eat smaller, more frequent meals. I am usually fine with a breakfast-lunch-dinner approach but have reworked my habits a bit ever since I started working from home. I understand your feeling though that you feel like you’re constantly hungry/eating.


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