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An online journaling tip

I’ve been wanting to mention this for a while, just in case it would help anyone out!

If you are looking for a way to write or journal that does NOT involve writing by hand (which is not for everyone), check out Penzu.com.

I have had a free Penzu account for years now, though my use of it has been sporadic.

It’s an online, password protected journaling website.

I love this concept, because there is something very freeing about writing your thoughts down where you KNOW nobody is going to stumble across your notebook and accidentally read them. And, I can personally type way faster (and more comfortably) than I can write by hand.

When the boys were little (pre-blog, of course), I went through a phase when I would make weekly lists in there of things they were doing at that age.

I’ve also used it to make Pros vs Cons list on tough decisions- interesting to look back on.

And it’s a wonderful place to just VENT about something (again, privacy protected). I highly recommend it for this purpose alone. 🙂

Or to hash out something you’re worried about. One time when I was stressing about something (that was out of my control), I made a “Then What” journal entry. I started by writing down the thing I was worried about, and what the actual (probable) next outcome would be if that thing actually happened. And “then what” after that. And after that. And so on. It was very helpful to realize it might not actually be the end of the world if this thing happened. It was a rather silly thing, anyway, in hindsight- but it felt stressful at the time. This helped me sort through it, to break it down. I probably wouldn’t have written about it in a regular notebook that I carry around, because it was kind of a vulnerable/ “embarrassing” thing I wouldn’t want anyone to see.

There is also an accompanying free phone app I’ve used before, too. One year, also pre-blog, I jotted down notes about our vacation each day in a journal entry from my phone. The website also lets you upload photos with your journal entry if you want.

This is how a new entry looks. Just a nice, blank slate.

Just thought I’d share! Some years back I did a daily journaling streak for a while, and I used this. Could be great for people who don’t like the clutter of keeping notebooks, but want to save their journal entries. The privacy/ password aspect is my favorite thing about it, though!

Calendar Quote- GRATITUDE:

From this past weekend, but I love this. GRATITUDE –> INNER PEACE. It is worthy of a little practice, which is why I keep showing up here, and I keep on writing my little “daily gratitudes” every single day. 🙂

Bonus Pic:

Ethan reading on their no-school day yesterday. It was actually snowing (not why they had off- it was a planned day for Easter Monday). I came up from working and found him here in front of the fireplace.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for having someone to co-parent with! So grateful that whenever parenting issues or decisions come up, I have someone to team up with to (attempt) to figure them out. I have great respect for single parents or anyone going it alone.

6 thoughts on “An online journaling tip”

  1. The scene in front of the fire, with a book, cozy pillows and a throw blanket = perfection. What a sweet picture and what a sweet image of him engrossed in such a fun activity.
    I have used the Morning Pages App off-and-on. I never can end up committing to doing it daily, but I’ve also found it helpful to have a (password protected) space for free writing. I’ll admit I only go there to “worry” on paper, but even being able to look back at things I’ve written and how those situations have worked out is theraputic. It sounds lot like Penzu; the MorningPages App has a really nice clean/modern aesthetic and is also free! I use it on my laptop, but it would work on a smaller device as well.


  2. Ethan’s reading pic is so good to see, the whole ambience and his undivided attention. I also loved your daily gratitude about having a co-parent. I feel this often, and also always send my silent prayers to the single parents.


  3. I love the pic of Ethan reading! See – no reason to stress/guilt yourself over them playing video games on Sunday evening. They have a well-balanced life. What a great feeling to have kids that love to read, though. That’s something I wish and hope for. I think Paul will be a reader if his current interest is any indication but I know a lot can change!

    Our blogs both got shout-outs at the beginning of BOBW today! 🙂


  4. I have an account at Penzu too but don’t use it often as I don’t like to be on the devise (Mac or phone) after work day. I now journal with the pen when I feel the need.
    love the pic… looks so cozy reading there. I always get a feeling of joy when my girls are reading quietly not for school, to use reading as relaxing activity.


  5. I have vacillated – and use a couple of different approaches to journaling. But, I have a Penzu account (haven’t used it regularly for about 5 years but it’s still active!) and am considering going back to it as it becomes more difficult for me to handwrite (at least legibly!). Thanks for reminding me of this! I’m glad you have found something that works for you. Oh! And I didn’t realize – although I should have, because, duh, Anne – that they have an app. Nice.

    I do use the reflection.app app to do my nightly short check-ins – most often focused on finding joy in the day. That’s connected to another membership I have, and what I love about it is that they have a monthly and an annual review of your entries, to help you see patterns/remember important things/etc.


    1. I’ve never heard of reflection.app…will check that out! I love that idea of using it for a short checkin. I bet it would work for people wanting to keep a general gratitude diary of sorts too. The review piece sounds amazing! Thanks for the tip!


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