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Looking like a good day

Last weekend, our first full weekend home, was pretty busy. Multiple volleyball games, soccer tournament, etc.

So, I’ve been looking forward to this weekend, because we had literally zero plans on the schedule. (And looking ahead, most of the next weekends for….hmmm….eternity, don’t look nearly this open.)

Last night Ivan and I went out for nachos at his friend’s restaurant. (I haven’t yet found the website that lists “nachos” and “beer” as part of the “anti-inflammatory diet”, but I think I just haven’t looked hard enough. I’m sure it’s out there somewhere. 🤣)

Ethan also had a friend sleep over. They stayed up too late and ate an alarming amount of pizza and crazy bread from Little Caesar’s.

This morning, Ivan had to go into work for a bit to cover an employee who was out. Asher got picked up at 6:50 a.m. for an early swim practice. I was up, anyway, to get him out the door, and I realized we had a “houseguest” (Ethan’s friend), yet we had run out of milk.

The sun was shining brightly at ~7 am, so I decided to walk down the block to a gas station/ mini-mart place to pick up some milk and muffins. No headphones, no podcasts, just a good old fashioned, brisk, 39 degree walk. 🙂

Yes, it snowed a tiny bit again last night. COME ON. Hello, it’s April. Oh well. I will remind myself of my favorite quote: “If you choose not to find joy in the snow, you will have less joy in your life but still the same amount of snow.”

Since then, I’ve mostly been puttering around trying to clean up the house a bit.

We do have some social plans this evening. We’ve been invited to a small dinner for Ivan’s cousin’s birthday at an Italian restaurant. Afterwards, they are going to come over to our house for cake (their kitchen is under some construction, so they can’t have people to their house. So they asked if they could “borrow” our house.)

I also made a batch of “Christmas” cookies! (Well, I only ever make them at Christmas, but they are technically called “Mexican Wedding Cookies”. They taste good anytime of the year.) His cousin’s wife LOVES them, but she’s not really a baker and never makes cookies. So she always raves about them whenever I make them around the holidays for family gatherings. I don’t think we ever got together with them though this past Christmas, so she never got any. I thought it would be nice to surprise her with a batch now. 🙂 Cake PLUS cookies. Why not. (I will probably take it easy on the desserts…limiting sugar…but the cookies are small at least 😉 )

Ethan and his friend have been playing kind of obscene amounts of video games in the basement. Eh, whatever. It’s sunny but not very warm out (yet). Supposed to warm up later so I will kick them outside eventually.

I have heard them talking and laughing and interacting a lot, so I guess I don’t really have a big problem with it at the moment anyway. I feel like it’s a pretty extremely “normal” 13 year old boy activity these days…. A few minutes ago I heard them both yell, “YES!!! We did it!! Only took 45 minutes, but we finally did it!!” I guess they won their battle or level or whatever it was. On the plus side, seems like they are learning perseverance and team work and mastering some sort of skill????

What’s happening at your house this weekend?

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for having an undermount sink in the kitchen. Love being able to just wipe crumbs right down into it from the counter.

4 thoughts on “Looking like a good day”

  1. love the vibe of this post. you are in good mood, relaxed and enjoying the moments! I laughed at crazy amount of pizza and bread. hahah…
    we are flying to a beach today, can’t wait to relax after a week of stress and resume posting.


  2. I need to post that quote about the snow on my entry-way closet because we STILL have all our snow gear out.
    In fact, the kids had last Monday off and we spent the weekend adventuring and kept coming across mounds of snow/ice on all sorts of trails we found. But I’m mostly okay with it because I know the worst (of the snow/winter/cold) is definitely behind us 🙂


  3. We woke up to snow almost every morning last week! But the weather was very nice this past weekend, thank goodness. I was so ready for a nice weekend. We spent lots of time outdoors. But I came down with a cold last night. So much for a long healthy stretch! Hopefully it’s short lived. I knew it was coming since Will got a cold mid-week and Phil had one last week. But I seem much sicker than Phil, go figure!

    I think Ethan’s behavior is totally typical/normal. I remember playing LOTS of Nintendo around that age with a friend. And they are clearly talking with each other while playing so it’s still a social activity.

    I bet your cousin’s wife loved the surprise cookies! Who wouldn’t! We baked twice yesterday – first a box mix of banana muffins. Then I decided to use up some zucchini in our fridge and make zucchini bread. I probably should have skipped the muffins but I am sure they will get eaten!


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