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Sunday list + Meal plan


  • Biggest accomplishment= I did our taxes!!! On April 10th. Plenty of time in advance…a whole 8 days to go til the deadline. 😆 We actually intentionally decided to do them “late” this year/ after our trip. It was just too busy in February with all my volunteer work stuff + trip planning, etc…. so we decided to table them until after we got home. It’s all good! Done and filed for another year.
  • I also completed another month of my photo/video clean out project. Yesterday I tackled March 2020, when we went to Mexico just before/as the pandemic was unfolding. The months with vacations are always a doozy to weed through…so….many….photos…..(I do it to myself, I know.) I’m feeling very excited to be within only 2 years of current date on this project. (I’ve been working forward, from older photos to new). It’s starting to feel like the end is getting within striking range. YAY!
  • The weather was pretty mild and sunny, so Ivan and I went for a walk. The boys’ cousin slept over Saturday night after the family birthday dinner, so they were over at the park, too. We met up with them after our walk and Ivan played some 2v2 basketball with them. I just sat and watched. It was nice. 🙂
  • We all watched a movie before bed last night. Honestly, I really struggle to pick a movie these days. I get so overwhelmed scrolling through the options. We have Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+. I think we might have HBO Max, too- not even sure? The whole movie streaming thing is my husband’s domain. I just feel like it takes me the length of a movie to PICK a darn movie…. Sometimes I really just miss the video store. Walk around the perimeter once, maybe twice for good measure, check out the new releases, pick a movie. The end.
  • Anyway, after what felt like endless scrolling around, we finally settled on Peter Rabbit 2. It came out last year I think but we’d never watched it. With Easter next week, it seemed like a good choice. I really liked the first Peter Rabbit, but this one was pretty meh for me. Just kinda silly…funny, but not that funny….kinda cute, but not that cute.

Meal Plan for the Week:

After our walk, Ivan ran to the grocery store while I dove into the taxes. I mostly made the list, though, so as I did, I asked him if there was anything specific he wanted to eat this week.

I think he answered, “Mexican food”, which is not surprising. 😉 He rattled off four ideas in very quick succession, I jotted them down and said, “Ok! Meal plan done.” haha!

(Since we’ve been home, we’ve had a lot of quick/ fairly random meals. Like, a fish stir-fry thing with rice. The hot dog night. Chicken soup. A random pasta I made up. Etc. So he’s been craving our more common Mexican style meals. Me too, actually.)

Here’s what’s on the agenda:

  • Flank steak strips with garbanzos and potatoes simmered in salsa verde.
  • Shrimp tacos. (Plus avocado, and I’m going to make a habanero salsa)
  • Chicken tinga tostadas (top tostada with refried beans, the chicken tinga, salsa, cheese, etc.)
  • Cream of zucchini soup (a favorite his mom makes often) + milanesa (thin cut pan fried breaded steak or chicken- not sure which one he picked up. I told him to choose.)

4 meals are plenty for us for the week. We have some Italian leftovers in the fridge from Saturday and these meals will generate leftovers, too.

Misc. photo- Asher’s hamster having “snack time” on the kitchen counter. Eating a pumpkin seed. 🙂

Thought of the Day:

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful that tax time was pretty quick and painless this year- no major hiccups or confusion.

11 thoughts on “Sunday list + Meal plan”

  1. We did our taxes on the 10th, too! And my husband and I joked that we could ride the high from doing that particular chore for a week. Ha!


  2. We filed our taxes fairly recently, too. Prior to getting married, I filed mine super early because they were very basic and I always got a refund. Now that I am married, we file close to the deadline because some of Phil’s income isn’t on a w2, so we have to wait for his K1 and we usually have to pay in, although we didn’t have to this year! But that’s because we paid in extra in December but it ended up being more than enough. Taxes are so confusing now that we are married and our income isn’t as straight forward. But it’s always good to have them done although I do not lift a finger – Phil completely handles them.

    Your meal plan sounds great! I made pork enchiladas yesterday. Mexican food usually goes over well in our house, probably because our kids go to Spanish immersion daycare. Our other meal plans are a chicken and broccoli curry, banana pancakes for the boys, and pizza. We usually only need to plan 3 meals/week.


  3. Good job on doing the taxes. You can cook Mexican food? Wooo, I’m impressed. They all sound so good. On the movie, I’m with you, I often don’t want to make those choices, too many to choose from and you don’t want to settle with some thing mediocre which is often the reason I don’t even want to watch a movie. Hahahah…


  4. Getting taxes done gives me SUCH a high. I finished everything a little over a week ago and was just…thrilled. I also organize the corporate taxes for the business I co-founded, so I have double duty at tax season so I might dread it all more than most? We do outsource to a great accountant, but there are just so many things to consider and forms to sign. Not my favourite thing, but it’s almost worth it for how good it feels to have it behind me for another year!

    I also miss movie rental stores, at least in the sense there was something tangible to see and a lot fewer options. It can start to feel very overwhelming with all the options out there on the streaming sites. My husband is the go-to for picking things because, if I was left alone on the matter, I just wouldn’t watch anything and would read instead! But I’ve started to really enjoy our weekend evenings spent watching things together, and we’ve had some good luck with documentaries lately (and for a while rewatched all the Marvel movies which took us several months and gave us very clear direction about what to watch for a while!)


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