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Taking another pause from trip recaps, and instead bringing you what I’m going to call a 5-4-3-2-1 Weekend Recap.

I’m going to rank some weekend events from 5 (highest/best) to 1 (lowest). Fortunately, nothing was truly too bad this weekend, though. 🙂


The highest spot goes to….Ethan and basketball. He had one game Saturday (a loss) and one on Sunday (a win). But I don’t care at all about the win or loss record. What I DO care about is that Ethan scored some points both days, including a couple 3 pointers on Saturday!

Why does this matter? Well, Ethan is new to basketball and was frankly nervous to even sign up initially. He found he really liked the practices (and the games, even), but in the first weeks we could tell he was just pretty timid in the games. It took a while before he scored any points- because he wouldn’t take any shots!! I think he was nervous that he would miss and be embarrassed or something. (Which to me is silly, because if you watch these 7th grade school games, I swear the overall shooting accuracy is like, 15% most of the time! 😆 Trust me, plenty of kids miss many, many, MANY shots….But I can understand his sentiment, too.)

We tried to explain the old saying- “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take,” so what do you have to lose??

Anyway, he finally has started to relax some over these last few weeks and has been going for it much more often! 🙂 This weekend he even scored some 3 pointers. It’s just cool to see him grow and gain some confidence, so, ETHAN AND BASKETBALL = #5 spot.



#4 goes to Asher and strength training! He recently turned 12, as you know, which means that he is now able to use certain areas of our gym alone (after completing an online training course). This includes one of the weight rooms. (Not the “real” big weight room, with all the free weights and the muscle men, but the circuit training room, with the weight machines.)

He asked me to take him over there yesterday to help orient him to the machines- how to set the seats, check his form, etc. My answer, of course, was YES PLEASE!! I love strength training and I’m pretty pumped to see that he has an interest in it. He claims that he wants to start going maybe twice a week to start strength training regularly, to supplement his swimming practices.

There are at least 15 or so machines in that room, covering all body parts, so he should be able to get a nice full body workout in there. (Eventually I hope he can learn true weight lifting, with free weights and all, but the machines are a good second option for now.)


#3 feels like it needs to be kind of a “neutral” rating, so I’ll go with the snowfall on Saturday night (and generally cold temperatures). We woke up to this view Sunday morning:

I feel pretty neutral about it, because yes, it snowed, which means we had to clear the driveway and back patio (i.e. some work/ in the cold), but on the flip side, it was Sunday morning and we had no rush to get out. AND we didn’t have any reason to drive in it. So that’s kind of an equal wash- hence a #3 rating. 🙂

One plus side to the snow is obviously that it is very pretty. After I cleared the patio and Ivan finished plowing the driveway, we went in the hot tub, and it was very lovely with the bright sun/ blue skies/ fresh snow/ HOT water.


#2 goes to spending several hours this weekend working on swim team volunteer stuff. I feel bad rating this only a 2, but the truth is, it’s just not that fun! 😬 I really don’t hate it, don’t get me wrong. It can be satisfying and almost(?) fun/enjoyable in some ways. But it did eat up some time in my weekend that I probably would have rather done something else.

Looking on the bright side, there were some significant changes to the meet format for the upcoming one which made my job way easier this time. So I really am grateful that the prep work was pretty easy and painless this time, all things considered. Also- I sat with my laptop next to the fireplace while I worked on it, which was really quite pleasant as well.


And the number one, lowest spot goes to…….our Green Bay Packers.

I cannot BELIEVE they lost the playoff game on Saturday night!!!! UGH. That was just painful to watch. I think everyone had such high hopes. That was a real downer!!

(It’s interesting that in 3 out of 4 playoff games this weekend, the underdog won!! Just goes to show you, I guess. It’s not over ’til it’s over….).

Gratitude Challenge Day 24:

Say thank you to someone.

Gosh, that’s a tough one…I can think of many people that are so deserving of thanks in my life. But I just closed my eyes and tried to “feel” this one, to think of what my gut instinct was telling me. And it came to me very clearly….the person most deserving of a huge THANK YOU today is God! The blessings I have in my life literally overwhelm me sometimes when I think about it. So, all glory to God on this one. 😊😊

5 thoughts on “5-4-3-2-1”

  1. I’m still confused at how weird Rodgers has been acting (mental health check in the off season and some media training, yes, please) but beyond excited for Matthew Stafford and my personal favorite, Patrick Mahomes 🙂


  2. I watch football once a year on Superbowl Sunday. But last night we watched the Buccaneers and Rams play and I just about died from heart palpitations. I don’t know how people watch games regularly, as it just felt like too much tension and I DON’T EVEN HAVE ANY SKIN IN THE GAME. I always, always, always root for one side or the other (this time the Rams because I just never really liked Tom Brady), and I felt like I’d run a marathon by the end of the game.
    Also watched a bit of the chiefs and that Mahomes touchdown was pretty fun to watch in the first quarter!


  3. Not only did underdogs win, the games were all incredibly close! 3 were won w/ a field goal, 2 of which were in OT, I think, and the other game was won w/ a TD in OT. I love Mahomes so I was fine w/ them winning. Phil was cheering for the Bills. I hate Tom Brady (because he cheated on his pregnant girlriend!) so I was glad they lost! Plus I am kind of a socialist when it comes to superbowls – let someone else have a turn winning it. Although KC has been in it the last 2 years, so I do kind of hope Cincinnati beats them next week, but they are the underdog so we’ll see! Since we are Minnesotans/Vikings fans, we weren’t sad to see GB lose… Sorry!!!! You know our state rivalry so would likely feel similar if Minnesota was in the playoffs? But then they would actually have to be consistently good which just can’t seem to happen.

    This is a fun way to recap a weekend! The cold was definitely a 2 or 1 spot for me. It was too cold to get outside with the boys, so I felt cooped up. I shoveled both mornings, though, which is a good natural workout and it’s so satisfying when you are done! Towards the top was making a really putzy banana bread recipe w/ Paul (I had to cook the bananas, drain off the juice and then cook that juice down to a syrup) but it was worth the effort because the banana bread tasted amazing! We also had a little birthday party for 2 of his classmates. It was supposed to be outdoors but they moved it inside since it was so dang cold outside. They are all together at school so I was fine going since we are all in the same bubble. Paul said that was by far the best part of his weekend!


  4. good job to Ethan and Asher! 12? at the gym? wooo! he’s so big! i like to take them out of their comfort zone too, it’s so good for them right? to start with fear/anxiety and conquer that by themselves. 🙂

    i have a love/hate relationships with snow too. Good to look through the window, not fun to go out, tedious to clean it.


  5. I totally understand the pain of your team losing, but wow — what a game! What a weekend of games! Everything came down to the last second!

    Your backyard looks a lot like ours. We got SO MUCH snow! The icicles are the real experience though — multiple feet long and sharp as daggers!


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