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Back to School (part 2) + a tip

It’s Back to School Day, part 2, as I call it….Obviously the real “back to school” occurs in the fall, but heading back after winter break always feels like another “1st Day of School”.

This was the lowest key of all low key winter breaks, ever! But that’s okay. I feel a twinge of guilt at not having somehow seized the moment better and done more fun stuff with the boys. They are growing up so fast….. But the truth is, I had to work, Ivan had to work, it snowed a couple times, and there is a massive covid spike in the area. So, we just let this one ride.

The week flew by, anyway. The boys did have a couple sports practices early on, and then I blinked and it was New Year’s Eve (which WAS fun, so there’s that). The night we played Charades (Thursday, I think?) I made salmon and we had a candlelight dinner. I wanted to have a cozy sit down dinner with the twinkly lights on before they all go away before too long.

We also ended up going to see the new Spiderman movie on New Year’s Day (LOVED IT!) as a family, too. (After months with no movies in the theater, we saw two in two days!!)

And now, back to the grind. The boys were groaning about going back to school last night. I think they were pretty darn happy doing a lot of nothing all week. I think I mostly enjoyed the “slow mornings”. Not having to get them up, ready, and out the door meant that my mornings could be basically whatever I wanted them to be. I “slept in” a bit more than usual, took my time….it was a nice break.

A New Year’s Resolution tip:

I saw this quote somewhere online this weekend, and I thought it was share-worthy, especially as everyone is starting their new week with their “new goals”:

Before you set new resolutions, pause and reflect on what led you to give up the last time. That’s where your work is.

Smart! I mean, I’ll bet money that most people’s resolutions are just some kind of recycled version of a previous year, in some way or another. At least I know I tend to circle back to the same areas I want to improve, over and over. (Exercise more, eat healthier, drink more water, etc etc.)

Thinking specifically about what the road blocks were in the past is probably the best way to actually do something different this time. 🙂

Gratitude Challenge Day 3:

List 3 simple things you are grateful for:

  1. Quiet morning time
  2. The sound of birds chirping outside
  3. Snuggling/hugs with the boys at bedtime

4 thoughts on “Back to School (part 2) + a tip”

  1. It really looks like the boys had a great time over the break and your Christmas Eve sounded FULL of amazing memories. It is hard to let go of the Christmas vibes, though.
    I’m in a bit of a funk this morning. Our schools were supposed to re-open tomorrow, then they moved the first day to Thursday, then to next Monday. So the kids are off for another week, but COVID numbers are spiking and I can 100% see them keeping schools closed for longer. And, that would mean a return to online learning (until next Monday it’s just an extended vacation). They also go released from school 2 days early because of COVID, so it has been THREE weeks off.

    I’m so grateful that for almost 2 of those weeks I’ve been off, but I have to go back to work (going back, being my basement office) tomorrow and I just…don’t have the drive for it. Juggling the kids and keeping a constant eye on what’s happening with COVID. We’ve had the sniffles (all negative COVID tests so far), but we have friends that have tested positive so we basically are just hunkering down at home).

    Sigh. All that to say – I’m really, really, really hoping schools reopen in a week!!

    Today I’m grateful for: a warm home, one last morning to really indulge and “sleep-in” (not that we really sleep-in, but laze in bed for longer than normal), and for the incredible job my daughter is doing creating a jumbo Harry Potter trivia notebook.


  2. Love the candle light dinner set up. I’ve never done it at home, great idea. I’m sure the girls will love it. Our girls start school this Wednesday (online again) and they are super excited. They enjoy nothing days for few days before they get bored. hahaha…
    Good tip on the new year resolution. I think one of the causes that led me to slip through is the need of quick fixes, going on the easy one rather than doing what is good for me long term. Another reason is simply I forget my resolutions. hahaha… so this year, I’ll write them down as specific as possible in my journal and make it bookmark to revisit often.
    back to the grind… same here.


  3. Sounds like you had a lovely week between the years… it’s hard for all of us to get back to the grind, but eventually we’ll feel better being back in a routine!


  4. I bet your boys enjoyed the quiet break since they are pretty busy during the school year with activities and such. I never really did anything special/fun over Christmas breaks when I was a kid. My parents both worked so we were just home and got to relax and sleep in a bit. Well, until I was old enough to help my dad with inventory at his business WHICH I HATED! Ha. But they did pay me so that was nice!

    I hope they’ve adapted to being back in school! It’s often hard to jump back into a new routine but after a few days it becomes your new normal again! Well until you are an adult and then I CRAVE getting back to a normal routine!


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