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2021 Workout recap + 2022 plan

Well, this was eye opening. If you had asked me, “Did you workout a lot in 2021?”, I think I would have probably answered, “Yeah, most days! Some stretches here and there I got off track, but overall, yes, more often than not.”

But data doesn’t lie. 🙂

Here are my stats from 2021:

*(small caveat- again, some days I didn’t track b/c I was out of town, etc.

  • January= 19 (8 days out of town, though)
  • February= 13
  • March = 19 (6 days no tracking)
  • April= 25
  • May= 13
  • June= 13 (7 days no tracking)
  • July= 13
  • August= 4 (long 16 day vacation- no tracking/ workouts)
  • September= 21
  • October= 16
  • November= 15
  • December= 10

Grand Total= 181 workout sessions

*Not counting “walks”. There were some days I was “active” (e.g. went on a hike, cut the grass, went on a bike ride with the kids, etc.). But for my tracking purposes, I only typically count a “workout” as intentional exercise I planned to do.)

Like I did with the books, if I subtract out the “unavailable” days (*debatable if I was really unable to exercise on some of those days, but we’ll go with this), it leaves me 328 out of the year.

So of those 328 days, I apparently exercised on 181 of them, or, 55%.

Hmm. Decent? Kind of? But not great. I’m not overly impressed with this number. I guess it does average out to ~3.5 times per week, which is solid enough (and counts as a “habit”), but it is still way lighter than I’d prefer.

Side note:

(*A couple thoughts on the “I can’t workout if I’m out of town/ vacation” idea: Generally I don’t workout on vacation, unless maybe I’m at the beach and it’s a very relaxing type trip and I feel like I have extra time to kill. I don’t want to get up early/ sacrifice family time/ etc. in the name of a workout, which is not likely to make or break my health, my body, or anything in that single session.

That being said, I have a very clear memory of a time when my Uncle/Aunt/cousins came to visit overnight once when I was a kid. In the morning, I woke up and found that my uncle had gone out running at 6 am. I remember thinking, “What?? He’s at someone else’s house and still got up and went out running?? That’s insane.” But it stuck with me I guess for these almost 30 years since it happened, because I still remember it. 🙂 I don’t think he viewed it as a “have to do” thing. More likely, it was “his time” and he was happy to sneak it in before the rest of the day. )

Current Plan:

For 2022, this is my current “plan” (same basic plan I’ve tried implementing on other stints throughout the year):

M- GYM- shoulders/triceps + short HIIT cardio session

T- HOME- Morning Meltdown (continue- currently on workout 24 of 100.) Will pick and choose to move workouts around to not “double up” a body part from the gym workouts back to back.

W- GYM- Legs + 10 min core circuit

TH- HOME- Morning Meltdown

F- GYM- Back/Biceps + 10 min core or cardio circuit

S- HOME- Morning Meltdown OR may do a 2nd Leg day at the gym if I have time instead.

Sun- Rest/ Stretching/ yoga/ Re-Vibe from Morning Meltdown

This gets me consistently back in the gym, but is still realistic in that I’m not claiming to be at the gym 7 days a week. Home workouts are inevitably easier to fit in, and I’m better about doing cardio in a video/class setting. But gym workouts are more effective for strength building. This plan combines both!

Daily Gratitude Challenge Day 4:

Name a challenging experience that made you strong:

Hmmm…. That’s a tough one. I think I’m going to go with just surviving the boys’ early/ toddler years while working fulltime as a nurse. Ivan worked weird hours back then, primarily evenings. So, this meant that I was on solo parenting duty for dinner, baths and bedtime pretty much every single night- or I was working a 12 hour shift until 7:30/8 pm, coming home, relieving the babysitter and then still doing all of that before collapsing, exhausted. It was not an easy time, and the boys are only 15 months apart in age, so….yeah. They were a handful, my job was exhausting (12 hour shifts, crazy busy stressful work environment), and life felt very, very hard in many ways back then. But I apparently have lived to tell the tale! Hahaha. And my kids are still alive, and I’m still married, and I think we’re all pretty happy now! So I guess what doesn’t kill you does make you stronger. 😉

11 thoughts on “2021 Workout recap + 2022 plan”

  1. What? You don’t count walks or mowing the lawn? Lost me there…our lawn earns me 6000+ steps on Fitbit!

    I wish I could hug your little-boy mom nurse self. Maybe someday you should write about the job change.


    1. Hahaha, no, you’re totally right- those other activities DO definitely count! And can be excellent sources of exercise. I just generally only record more formal workouts from my “exercise schedule” as true “workouts”, and then those other activities are more like, extras, for some reason. 🙂 Yard work can be a killer workout – I almost died digging out hostas one day this summer….which also probably didn’t make it in my tracker. 😉

      And thank you. I’ll have to remember to write about that sometime. Great idea.


      1. Oh, and my walks I don’t really count as official “exercise” because sometimes they are very short, and, I don’t really pay attention to walking speed or anything. They are more like “meandering around the neighborhood with a podcast on” sometimes, lol. Definitely not usually breaking a sweat. 😉 But- to your point- still movement and technically exercise, and still GREAT to do.


  2. Your grateful prompt definitely made me think of something similar – years ago when we were bootstrapping to get our small business off the ground we had two small kiddos and were living in a 2-bedroom apartment and my husband was travelling about 50% of the time for work. It was…exhausting. I was only working part-time, but it meant when the kids were napping or after they went to bed, I was often trying to get my work tasks done and we were constantly adjusting to having him home/away, jet lag and all the other stuff that comes with a high-pressure job with extensive travel. And, for almost 2 years, we moved our queen-sized bed into the living room so each of the kids could have their own bedroom for sleeping. It was absolutely crazy and I cannot imagine doing it again/understand how I did it at the time.
    But we survived and the kids still like to remember the years when they would help us push the mattress out each night to the living room. A few time guests came over and saw the mattress and were very quizzical and it took me a minute to register that “Wait. Most people do not move giant mattresses around every day.”
    Not we all have our own bedrooms and I have not moved my king-sized mattress into the living room a single time since we moved into a house. And, since March of 2020, my husband has only been away twice!


  3. sounds like a solid plan. for the gym sessions do you plan the exercise yourself? I prefer not to think about it…hahha…. yesterday I tried Caroline Girvan and I like her music that kept me motivated.
    solo parenting is soooo hard. I see it with one colleague who’s single mom with two kids. all the pressure on her. I also single parent for 3 years with Sofia with the help of my mom but it was tough. Those tough years made us stronger right?


    1. Several years ago I signed up for a monthly strength training plan via an online trainer in Arizona (who I had worked with 1:1 (online) for a while a few years back too). On the 1st of every month I would get a new strength plan in my email inbox to do in the gym- it included 1 shoulder/tri day, 1 back/ biceps, 2 different Leg days, an optional Arm/Abs workout and then a “Metcon” (metabolic conditioning/ cardio) workout for $20/ month. I would do 4-5 of those workouts each week, repeat for a month (trying to get stronger at each exercise each week), and then move on to the next plan the next month. I paid for this for at least 18 months or so, so I have a bunch of the training plans saved. When gyms closed with the pandemic, I discontinued my training plan membership, so for now I’m just going back and doing the old training plans I saved. I love it because I don’t have to write them myself!! They are so great.


    1. I have a little notebook I take to the gym where I write out my strength workouts each month, and then I record my sets/ reps in the weight room there. Then in my planner Notebook (my daily journal page, basically) I have a little spot where I write down what workout I did the day before, in very basic terms (e.g. “Shoulders/ tris- gym” or “MM- Upbeat Strength #22” or whatever.) In my actual planner on the weekly spread is where I sketch out my workout schedule/plan for the week in advance- but that doesn’t always come to fruition 100%..lol…so that’s why I record what I ACTUALLY did somewhere else (my daily journal page).. hehe!


  4. An average of 3.5 workouts per week is solid. Expandable, but solid. I think you have a good plan for 2022. Sometimes life gets in the way, but it sounds like you’re already in a habit of working out and that’s HUGE!


  5. I think you still should give yourself a lot of credit for doing what you did. 55% is still good. Can probably be improved if you want to focus on it, especially since you didn’t include other workouts like mowing the lawn. I have stopped counting walks as ‘workouts’ but I did earlier this year. I’ve been tracking workouts using the W222 Gantt charts. I worked out 19 times in November and 15 in December. I also track # of days I walk > 10k steps. That has been lower since I’m not running much and sit at my desk working so much! only 12 days in November and 11 in December. But overall I should probably be somewhat ok with those stats since I had poor sleep for those months and was sick or dealing with sick kids quite a bit!

    Gosh, your early kid years sound brutal! I know from talking to my sister how intense those 12 hour shifts were – and hers never seemed to end at 12 hours (she’s not in patient care anymore either)! And doing bedtime solo with 2 kids is really hard. I’ve done it a handful of times and I hate it! But the issue I run into is what to do with Paul when I am breastfeeding Will. He won’t sit quietly in the room while I do it and inevitably distracts the baby. But now that he has an iPad i’d probably let him have screen time while I did Will’s bedtime. Luckily Phil isn’t gone for bedtime very much, but he was gone for Will’s bedtime a decent amount this summer because he would swim on Tues or Thur nights and get back after Will was down. But next summer will be a little easier I think/hope. But overall, it seems like the young kid years are sort of something to be survived? And they are made more difficult by an intense work schedule like you had and/or solo parenting!


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