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3 Things Thursday

I feel like this has been a very “random” week in blog posts, so, sorry?? Or not, if you like them this way. 🙂

  1. Of course, I must commemorate Asher’s 1st covid vaccine yesterday, for the sake of memory keeping and tracking this whole pandemic (in my own way) via blog posts.

All went well! The vaccine clinic was a pretty smooth operation with LOTS of people there. Asher agreed this was a very easy shot. (The kid in the back who started screaming hysterically probably disagrees. lol. Everyone was kind of snickering- poor kid!! Pretty sure it was a case of “fear of needles”, not an actual reaction to the tiny pinprick of the actual shot.)

2. We tried something new last night!! A couple weeks ago, I saw that our gym was offering a couple free racquetball classes to newbies who wanted to learn. I had no idea how to play racquetball, but thought, hey! This could be a fun activity for me and Ivan. We live so close to the gym, we could go over any time and have a fun activity to do together.

He was totally game for it, so I signed us up. Turns out we were the only 2 signed up (class= max of 4), so I emailed the instructor to see if the boys could fill in the other two spots. He said sure!

So at 6 pm last night we all put on goggles and borrowed racquets and basically learned how to play! He taught us how to hit the ball and all the basic rules. We stayed after for about 45 minutes and attempted some little games/ rallies. We are definitely not pros, but I think we got the general idea. IT WAS SUPER FUN!! The boys loved it, too. Excited to have a new thing we can all do!

(We definitely need some practice/ improvement, but that’s okay.)

3. My new garage is stressing me out. The new floor is done and is gorgeous. Love it. But now what?! We basically have this big open, empty space with all brand new drywall. So, no shelves, no hooks, no organization, no nothing.

ALL of our stuff is piled a mile high in my storage room- which is also where all of my holiday decorations and stuff are (buried) somewhere underneath. I desperately need it all out of there, but the garage isn’t exactly ready to re-home all of it, either.

I’m at kind of a loss as to how we should even organize our garage. I mean, obviously some kind of shelving needs to go back up. But I feel pressure to “get this right”, because obviously we don’t want to start making a bunch of haphazard holes in our new drywall!

Plus, organizational bins/ shelves/ systems all a) cost money (they are $$$$$!) b) need to be purchased and c) well, you have to know what you want to even buy.

****MY CHRISTMAS WISH, in case Santa is real: Please send one of those designers from HGTV (maybe that lady from Love it or List it? she seems good) to completely design, install and arrange everything in my garage.

I really, really just want to come home, open my garage door and then stand there with my hand on my chest and mouth gaping open, saying, “OH MY GOSH!! It’s fabulous!!”, while the cameras roll. 😁

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for a cute zip hoodie that I rediscovered in my closet clean out process the other day!

P.S. HAPPY VETERAN’S DAY!! Thank you so much to all who have served.

3 thoughts on “3 Things Thursday”

  1. Some thoughts:
    1. These are my favourite type of posts!
    2. Yay for vaccines.
    3. It is SO fun to try something new with kids. I took some cooking classes with my daughter (pre-COVID, sigh), and it was a blast. And we all picked up downhill skiing last year together as a family. It’s really fun to learn things alongside our kids.
    4. YOU’RE READING MY MIND. One of my life’s greatest wishes is for someone from an HGTV show to turn up at my house and transform it. I don’t even mind paying for it all. Just please come and do all the thinking, buying, installation and staging for me. Please, please, please. I actually sometimes legit daydream about this possibility. If she shows up at your house, please then send her along to mine.


  2. Congrats on getting the vaccine! What a relief. Great to have a family activity, we used to do golf together but the pandemic and lockdown stopped it. Need to resume one day. And the garage situation I know what you mean, it sounds overwhelming when you don’t have a good plan or ideal set up decided. Once you do, you’ll feel a bit better.


  3. I hope you come up with a garage organization system that works for you guys. I understand the pressure of wanting to get it right, though. But it will be great to have that done so you can get things organized again. I’m pretty envious of you having room in your garage for storage. Our garage is tiny – just fits our 2 cars with a few shelves at the back. My husband hates our garage so much. But it’s common for our area of Minneapolis since the homes were built in the early 1900s and people just didn’t need as much storage back then. It will be great when we are out of the stroller stage of life as our stroller takes up so much room. It keeps us from having too much stuff I guess! 😉

    So I took racketball in college and ended up dropping the course. I was 1 of 2 girls in the class and the guys were all very good and they showed no mercy. I got my butt kicked so badly and they would hit the ball INCREDIBLY hard so it was kind of terrifying. Then I got chronic tonsilitis and was so sick (and ended up having my tonsils/adnoids out during Christmas break) so I dropped the class. It was such a horrible experience! But I can see how it would be fun for you guys! Phil used to play with some guy friends so I got him a racket for Valentine’s Day when we were dating but then the guys all got busy w/ kids so he has never used it. I wish I could give it to you! it’s collecting dust in our storage room!

    My posts are super random, and super infrequent these days. But I like random posts like these, too!


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