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Friday the boys didn’t have school, so I took the morning off and we went to a pumpkin farm/ corn maze.

At 11 and 13, they are getting a little bit past the “get super excited about a pumpkin patch” age….but they agreed to go. (I got the feeling that if I had said, “Oh, sorry, I actually have to work, we can’t go!” they would have been okay with that, too. ☹)

BUT we went, and I am so happy to report that it was wonderful!!!

A perfectly crisp, chilly fall morning, with blue skies and sunshine and colored fall leaves. We wore hats and I pulled out some brown boots and PLAID (lol!) and we traipsed through the corn maze together and ate freshly made kettle corn.

We took pictures with pumpkins and cornstalks. And we fed goats and petted some horses!

My heart felt full by the end of the morning.

I LOVE these pictures!!!

I really wanted to get a shot of all 3 of us on this bench, but at the moment, there was literally no one around to take it- except for a bunch of parents who were chaperoning a preschool field trip, and they looked….occupied, let’s just say, with many little people! 😉

A timer shot at the start of the corn maze! Propped the phone up on a fence post.
Finding our way through the huge maze! So fun. Ethan had the “map” but it was still plenty challenging even with the map. Asher carried the rations in case we got lost. 😉
“I think we took a wrong turn.”

We didn’t buy pumpkins (already have some) but we walked out to one of the pumpkin patches for some pictures. I love these, too! ❤

Asher took this and put it on portrait mode- turned out cool, I think!

It was really a beautiful morning out on that farm!! I am soooooooo glad we didn’t go earlier in September/October when it was hot and summer-like. The crisp air on Friday was just perfect. (Also- I highly recommend going on a no-school weekday, versus the crazy busy weekend. We have done this in the past and it’s always been great.)

Before we left, we visited the animals! You’re never too old to feed the goats.

In the afternoon, Asher left to go to an overnight birthday party for a good friend. So, Friday night, Ethan and I decided to enjoy the chilly night with a bonfire….probably one of the last of the season. He went inside and made me hot chocolate!! (with marshmallows). So sweet!!

We hung out and started reading the book They Both Die at the End by flashlight (which is a very highly acclaimed YA book that was actually on my 2021 reading list- but seemed mildly questionable so far for a 13 year old? I skipped over a few things, since I was reading out loud, and then afterwards looked it up online to see specifically what ages it’s recommended for.)

Sounds like most people DO say a mature 12-13+ should be fine with it….hmm. We may try to continue but I’ll maybe just filter a few things here and there. It does seem fantastic, otherwise though, so far!

This isn’t the first time lately I’ve been surprised by the quite “mature” content in supposed “YA” genre books. Maybe it’s me? I don’t know.

Fire selfie. 🙂

Anyway- WHAT A DAY!! I felt so happy by the end. After a pretty crazy/ busy stretch of life lately, this fall fun day was just what I needed.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for the “smell” of fall in the air. I love that. I’m also grateful to FALL for finally showing up and kicking summer out, who was kinda overstaying his welcome, IMO.

4 thoughts on “Moments to cherish”

  1. Sounds like a fun outing! I would enjoy something like that on an off-peak day. Weekends are a hard pass for me, too. Just too many people and too overwhelming. I think this is something we will do in the future when both boys are able to skip their afternoon nap, or when Will’s down to 1 nap next year? Then we could go on the afternoon we have off in October for conferences.

    I’m grateful for the cooler air although I told Phil that it feels like we skipped over the ‘in between’ weather. We went from it being pretty warm to cold. Our highs were in the 50s this weekend so both boys needed hats/mittens when we were outside – especially mittens as hands get cold so fast!


  2. It is not you! I’ve picked up a few YA books that have been highly regarded to read myself and been AMAZED at the language and some of the material covered. I actually stopped reading one out of principle – I couldn’t believe it was being marked to teenagers and so stopped reading it in a form of silent protest!

    It is so hit-and-miss, so I feel like when my daughter (almost 11) starts wanting to read some of these bestselling books, I’m going to have to vett them first?


    1. This makes me feel so much better!! The language is definitely something I’ve noticed- not minor language either, talking very frequent F word language among others … and also pretty blatant references to s-e-x that seem way unnecessary for YA books and a youth audience! 🥴


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