Day 7: Coastal Maine- Bath, Boothbay Harbor, Pemaquid Point

It got a bit late Thursday night in Portland before we made it back to the hotel after dinner. I don’t think we went to bed until midnight at least.

So, we were a little slower moving Friday morning than originally planned. 🙂

After hotel breakfast/packing up we hit the road north up the coast of Maine from Portland by around 10 am.


Bath, Maine: Maritime Museum

* 1st stop was Bath, just a 45 minute drive. We went to the Maine Maritime Museum.

* This was cool! Bath was/is a major hub for shipbuilding (Navy ships still built here today) over the years, and obviously ships and boats are a huge part of Maine’s history, culture and economy.

* Interactive exhibit:

* A time lapse video showing what it is like from the upper deck of a lighthouse in all seasons- this was fun. Kids liked it a lot.

* Many exhibits about everything ship/ship wrecks/ ship building/ maritime related… very interesting and educational for the boys!

* There’s a large indoor museum, but the kids especially liked the outdoor “shipyard”. They have all the old buildings/stations where the various parts of ships were built a long time ago (blacksmith for parts, painting, wood shop, etc.), among others.

Blacksmith area was a favorite.
Drilling a hole in a piece of wood

* Many displays of historic wooden boats built there:

These are smaller ones, but the huge ships and schooners were built here too.

* Asher in the painting building:

* We toured the Victorian home on the property that the wealthy old shipyard owner and family used to live in.

* Lots of interesting things to look at:

A boat in process in the boat shop. They bring local middle school kids in during the school year to actually help build a boat!
Lobster boat/history section in one building
Little video about lobsters

* It was HOT out there and we needed to get going, but we covered pretty much all of the museum. Glad we did this- good overview of “Maine stuff”. 🙂

* From here we drove up the coast to Boothbay Harbor. Drove past the modern Day shipyard on the way out of town:

Not quite as quaint as the wooden buildings of the olden days

Boothbay Harbor

* This is one of the (many) cute little towns all up the coast. We stopped to just wander around and have lunch.

* Waterfront lunch along the marina. There was a big beautiful yacht right behind Ethan… I kept joking, “Well, at least from this table I can keep an eye on my boat while we eat!” 😜 haha.

Tried to sit outside but it was toooooo hot!! Inside with big windows and fans (and shade) was much better
More seafood- broiled fish this time.

For me:

More clam chowder. Bowl #3 I think?

And, finally tried some Maine wild blueberry pie:

* After lunch, walked across the Footbridge and saw some nice boats.

Lots of little shops/etc in town. Very cute!

* It got much later than I had planned, due to later morning start and a longer lunch too. Oh well! Everything was fun.

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

* Next stop was Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, maybe an hour’s drive.

* This place was absolutely gorgeous. I would say this is a must do in Maine! Soooooo pretty.

* The lighthouse was really nice, but the views of the rocks/water here were just amazing.

Lots of crashing waves
View back up from the rocks
Love this pic of Asher
Watching for big waves that make a big crash
Found little oysters or mussels or something… something in a shell! Not sure the name
Sun was getting lower and it was beautiful
My spot on a rock

* The only bad thing was from here, we still had 1 1/2 hour drive up the coast farther to our hotel in Belfast. I had wanted to be there much earlier, since we have an ocean front inn here…. But it was getting dark on the drive and definitely dark by the time we arrived. 😦

Can see the ocean!

Kind of sad we only have one night here!! I would have liked to arrive earlier to enjoy it, but, on the other hand, everything we did was great, too. Again- oh well. Trade offs are always a part of travel…

We did get to use the pool and hot tub! Most of our places out here don’t have pools/hot tubs, so we definitely wanted to use these.

* Had some leftovers/random snacks/ cheese and crackers and sandwiches for a late dinner in the room. (We had the bigger late lunch).

Taking a slow morning this morning since we head to Acadia National Park today but will have 5 nights there. So, wanted to enjoy the hotel some this morning. Except it’s foggy on the water!!!! 😦

Must be the humidity with the cool water, because inland it’s just partly cloudy. No real views at the moment though.

Have a good day!

Daily gratitude: I am grateful for a beautiful sunny day yesterday. The ocean views from that lighthouse were just incredible and so grateful it was clear and sunny.

2 thoughts on “Day 7: Coastal Maine- Bath, Boothbay Harbor, Pemaquid Point”

  1. Another fun, full day! I love that the museum had some hands-on parts. That makes it so much more interesting for kids versus just looking at things/reading placards.

    I would have thought it would be cooler in Maine but it sounds like it’s been just as hot there!


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