Day 8: Belfast, Maine to Acadia

On vacation I always start to lose track of what day it is, but I think yesterday was Saturday.

Since we arrived later/after dark to our hotel in Belfast, we had decided we would take a slow morning to enjoy the place.

Unfortunately, we again had a foggy morning, so the ocean views were obscured for a while.

I relaxed in the breakfast area with my tea a while, wrote my day’s recap/blog post, etc. I had planned to sit outside, but everything was a bit damp.

Finally it did start to clear up! The boys/my mom went to the indoor pool, and Ivan, my Dad and I walked down by the water:

After a little while the boys ran down in their swimsuits, too.
Still a little foggy, but very warm and humid! Felt great sitting out there. My Dad and his tea. 🙂
I like this picture with the tree making a frame
View back up to the hotel
Sun came out! Definitely clearing up

We asked for late checkout, so we eventually all went up to the pool and hot tub:

Was really pretty overlooking the water
View from our room

Would have been nice to have more time here! It was a nice place. I’m glad we had until noon at least, though.

Finally we checked out.

We headed into downtown Belfast to explore a little.

It was cute! Lots of red brick buildings.

I liked the old fashioned street lights

The kids got ice cream at a 50s themed ice cream parlor:

A beautiful marina:

A beach for more rock skipping… the boys just love doing this!

Many pretty boats… can’t really imagine who actually owns all these big boats! What a life. 🙂 I will just admire them from the dock, I guess. 🙂

It was super hot out, and we were all dripping, so we cut short any more “wandering around” and went back to the vans.

Next up… Acadia National Park!

It was just over an hour from Belfast to Acadia.

Drove over the bridge to Mount Desert Island, where the National park is located.

We went straight to the Bass Harbor Lighthouse, since it is on the SW side of the island, opposite from where we are staying. (Was kind of “on the way in”, though).

Unfortunately, the radar showed a storm cell moving in fast, so we didn’t stay too long. I wanted to do a couple hikes nearby, but decided to just head to our hotel to check in.

Proof the boys are reading some of all the books they brought along:

Probably good we didn’t try to hike, because it DID rain for a while. We checked in to the small motel and got the lay of the land:

Beautiful views from our deck! Just need it to clear up. 🙂

We saw a beautiful rainbow at least! The bright spot in the little storm.

The rain moved out quickly. The pic above of Ethan was from 5:09 pm, and this was the view at 5:41:

Sun was out

It was already kind of late, so we just went for a drive down the Park Loop Road to check out the infamous Thunder Hole. It’s a section of rock where waves often crash in and make big sprays up against the rock.

I read that this place can get packed with tourists, so I wanted to stop later in the day to avoid that. Well, it worked… but, no crashing waves last night.

Apparently it was low tide!! A little anticlimactic. Lol!! It was still a beautiful spot though. We sat up on the rocks and took in the views.

From here we started to head into Bar Harbor for dinner, the main town near Acadia National Park.

Stopped at another scenic lookout as the sun was getting lower. So pretty.

Asher agreed to pose for me.. Ethan was not in the mood. Hahah.

It was a most beautiful evening in Bar Harbor!! Definitely hopping with plenty of people on a Saturday night, but not overly packed either. Just a nice buzz of happy activity.

We put our name in for a table at a restaurant I had heard good things about, and then waited the 30 minutes or so down by the water. Boys skipped rocks, adults sat on a stone wall and just watched the boats coming in, etc.

Gorgeous sky last night:

The table was ready pretty quickly. We ate inside but got a corner table away from people/noise which was perfect. Could see the water too before it got dark. 🙂

Such a cute town! I like it. It is definitely “touristy”, but very cute.

I had ANOTHER bowl of clam chowder…. I know. Getting ridiculous. This was #4. I might be getting a little sick of it?? I’m not sure. We’ll see. Lol. I shared this one with Ivan, though.

Then we shared a pizza! They had fresh jalapeños- score.

It was a great, relaxed feeling day, even though we did several different things.

I am really happy with our hotel, too. Each room has a private balcony overlooking the water, which I was so happy to find. We have 5 nights here before heading toward home.

Finally got a clear morning, too!! View as I write this:

I need to go get ready! Lots of exploring to do. The great Acadia National Park awaits us. 🙂 First stop.. the visitor center! I badly need an official park map!

Daily gratitude: I am grateful that the restaurants weren’t as busy as we were worried they might be!! I think we might be just past peak time, as kids head back to school earlier in many parts of the country than we do.

6 thoughts on “Day 8: Belfast, Maine to Acadia”

  1. Literally one of my favorite places on earth. Galyn’s is excellent. And definitely stop back at Thunder Hole at high tide if possible. I’m trying to figure out which hotel/motel you’re staying at… 🙂 If you get a chance, check out the DownEast Deli in Bar Harbor for lunch or a lighter dinner ( Everything there is good and they’re super-friendly. You basically can’t go wrong! ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Hi Kae! Ive been loving following you along your trip. Would you consider sharing your itinerary? I would love to do a similar trip from NY, but not for sometime as we have a 6.5 month old, so no rush! Amazing planning on your part!


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