Day 6: Portland, Maine

Thursday morning we checked out of the condo by 10:30. The only drawback to staying in AirBnbs is that there is a bit more work to do before check out. (Take out trash, start dishwasher, strip beds, etc.).

No big deal though. I’m glad we had a condo for at least a couple nights of this trip. With so many one night stops, I couldn’t really get a condo/house for most nights so we have more inns/hotels this time.

Next stop…. Portland, Maine! It was only about a 1 1/2 hour drive. We stopped off at a Subway on the way to eat quick.

We drove first to our first destination, technically south of Portland in Cape Elizabeth.


Portland Head Light

* Wow!! I mean, is this gorgeous or what?? This is the oldest lighthouse in Maine and was commissioned by George Washington in 1791.

* I took many, many photos. Seriously, she doesn’t have a bad angle.

* Checked out the small museum about the lighthouse’s history. It was very good! Lots of info. Not enough time to stand and read it all, but got an overview at least.

* Got some good family photos:

Christmas card potential? 🤔

* There are big rocks at the base, so of course, we had to climb all over those. 🙂

* Views were even more amazing from out there

* Some crashing waves

* HOT and sunny, the cool ocean breeze felt amazing. The boys actually just sat still on a rock for a very long time watching the waves.

We finally tore ourselves away and headed up the way to Spring Point Ledge Light, another (smaller) lighthouse nearby.

* Stopped on the way to check out an old war battery and mansion nearby. This area is apparently also the most affluent in all of Maine I think. Many beautiful homes along the water.

Shoreline in Cape Elizabeth

Spring Point Ledge Light

* This one was neat- you have to walk out on big rocks to reach it.

* We all walked out, even my Mom, who is not the most sure-footed sometimes on uneven surfaces (due to a past skull fracture/lingering vertigo issues), made it!

* So unique and pretty! Many boats were going by. The water in Portland is BUSY and active.

* Ivan and boys walking out:

* One more lighthouse was right nearby, so we drove over to there next: Bug Light.

Bug Light

* Located in a park now right across from downtown Portland, the views were cool from here.

Old Port of Portland across the water
Selfie w/ parents 🙂

* It was almost 4:00 already I think by this point, so we had to go. Drove 25 minutes or so go check in to our hotel. We stayed in the outskirts of Portland a bit, since we just had the one night and it will be easier to move north today.

(also, downtown Portland hotels are Expensive!! Could not justify that for one night… we really just wanted to get a sampling of the city this time around.)

Sunset Cruise!

* I booked a 6:30 p.m sunset lighthouse cruise. We made it down to the wharf area by 5:30-5:45 or so. After checking in, we wandered around and looked at boats.

Our boat for the night

* This boat tour was wonderful. Really, I am sooooo glad we did this. I just booked it that afternoon on the ride to Portland, so I feel lucky that we got tickets so last minute!

Ivan inspecting the IPA my Dad brought him from the boat’s snack bar

* The views were non-stop to die for. We passed all the lighthouses again, saw all of the islands in Portland’s Casco Bay, saw seals/birds, many beautiful boats and homes, and saw a killer sunset.

Portland Head Light, from the water this time
Love this pic.
And this one.
And this one too. 🙂 hahaha. So many.

* seals!!

* Us

* Cool shot of the marina on the way back in:

Old Port

* Walked around a bit after the boat ride, mostly looking for where we wanted to eat.

* Loved the cute cobblestone streets

* Decided to eat outside on the dock at Portland Lobster Co. The boys really wanted lobster.

Boats lit up at night

* They got their lobster! This was our total order.. 1 1/4 lbs lobster dinner for the boys to share. They ate the whole thing! Ivan and I shared calamari, clam chowder and a lobster roll.

* Ivan helping them crack the lobster open:

Was dark at our table, hence the phone flashlight 🙂
Beautiful warm night!

Next stop… up the coast! Going to Bath, Maine and some other towns along the way. Will end up in Belfast for the night.

Loving Maine!!! Just so picturesque. 🙂

Daily Gratitude: Everything!

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