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Today + photo project fun

Not much time today- I am on a mission to head out in~5 minutes to hit up the grocery store!! We seriously need groceries, and there just wasn’t a great time so far this week. (Well, there probably was, but nobody wanted to go.) I tend to have a MUCH easier time (semi) cheerfully going to the store at 6 a.m. versus 6 p.m., so that’s what I’m going to do.

It also looks to be a beautiful day!

(please disregard rain spots on my sunroom window)

It was a little gloomy weather-wise at times the last couple days and after my amazingly productive Monday, I think I jinxed myself, because Tuesday and Wednesday were not as great. Not sure why- my brain just felt pretty scattered and I seemed to have a hard time really focusing on certain things. HATE when that happens! Ugh.

Today will be better!!! I need to stay super efficient and on track, because tonight I have to go pick up Ethan from camp. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

Asher loved his first day of summer school! When I picked him up and he got in the car, I was on the phone with my mom. He started motioning with his hand for me to “hang up” because he wanted to start telling me all about it. 🙂 So cute.

Some letter drawing in his drawing class

Oh, and I just have to share something that made me smile this week. So, I finally picked back up the other night on my “photo project” I’ve mentioned (trying to systematically go through Amazon photos and weed out duplicates/bad ones).

Currently working on September 2017. I ended up putting this aside briefly, because Sept 2017 was the month Ivan and I took our 10 year anniversary trip to Europe. It was a long trip, and I literally have like, 2,500 photos I think to sort through. 😳 It just felt a little overwhelming, so I found myself avoiding it…

But anyway, I have now been really chipping away at it- a few days worth of photos each night this week.

I ran across a couple pictures that made me smile so big- 2 photos I don’t think I’ve ever shown anyone!

The first was taken in Seville, Spain. We were on a bridge along the river at sunset, and we asked a random couple nearby if they would please take our photo. (I think they said they were from Germany.) After we took the photo and they walked away, we looked at the camera roll to see that they had taken this photo, first:


So funny!!!! I will keep this photo forever, because it’s just such a fun memory. 🙂 Wonder what they are up to right now.

This was the other photo they took for us- one of my favorites!

Then, I found another funny one. We were walking up near the “magic fountain” near the National Palace of Montjuic when a man selling selfie sticks approached me. We had been seeing many other people using selfie sticks on the trip, and I thought, hmm, maybe it’s not a bad idea!

As he did his little sales pitch, showing me a variety of options hanging from his belt loop, he said, “Here, let me demonstrate!”

So he took a selfie of us together on my phone! hahhahaha!

😂 I remember this so clearly, too! I was like, Oh!! Um, ok… SMILE! hahaha!

(I ended up buying the selfie stick.)

Seeing these made me remember some happy memories. ❤

Ok, grocery time!! Have a great day. (P.S. Happy 1st day of July!! Crazy. Can’t believe the year is officially past the halfway mark.)

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for my flexible gardening hose. Makes watering my plants so much easier than our old one.

3 thoughts on “Today + photo project fun”

  1. Ha! Those are fun photos to rediscover! I went to Seville at the end of 2016 – such a cool city. My husband studied abroad there and loved it. As you know, I’ve been going through past months’ photos all year and it’s been such a fun project! Brings back so many great memories!


  2. that’s exactly what photos do to us and why they are so valuable.. they bring us back to those fun memories. good luck with groceries trip. now that I’m back to manila, I have zero eager to do groceries. sigh… no more trader joes.


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