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Meals + leisure

Quarantining = eating all meals at home, obviously…and besides one pizza last weekend, we haven’t ordered out at all, either. As I said though yesterday, my work hours have been a little wacky. I haven’t really felt like I have had an abundance of free time, probably due to working until later in the day. (I did this last spring during lockdown time, too.)


So, meals have been pretty simple. I tried to get the kids involved a little bit (very little, but not zero..).

Ethan helped brown ground turkey for some spaghetti and meat sauce on Sunday:

Well, this was actually some onion and garlic, but he cooked the meat, too.

While we made the food, Asher made brownies:

Didn’t get a pic of him baking, but here is the remains one day later…. Haha. Fudge brownies are so good.

I have been trying to eat “healthier” (= more fruits/ veggies, namely) and opted to use up a spaghetti squash instead of eating the noodles. I LOVE LOVE LOVE spaghetti squash + pasta sauce + parmesan cheese. It honestly maybe tastes even better to me than noodles. I don’t understand the big fuss from people trying to find all these fancy pasta alternatives…..just eat spaghetti squash!!! So good. And so easy, too! I just baked the squash while I was working the other day and voila. Quick scoop the insides out and done.

I feel like this isn’t the best picture! But trust me, it’s delicious.

Let’s see…what else.

Monday night I worked late and we just made a quick dinner. Asher had requested fish that morning, so we had pan fried tilapia, some steamed broccoli and one of those rice side packet things. I used to buy those when the kids were little all the time, but now I never do anymore…However, the last time I went shopping and I had randomly picked one up on a whim from an aisle end display sale. It was decent- we got the chicken flavored kind. Works when you’re in a hurry and was a nice change from plain rice.


The kids have been in a movie watching mood. It would normally be rare for us to watch movies on a school night, but with the relaxed, later mornings, we have been taking advantage and watching a few this week.

The other night we watched A Dog’s Purpose (re-watched- have all before), but honestly it is SO GOOD! We all love that one. Asher has read all of the A Dog’s Purpose book series and was really into them a couple years ago. Such a tear jerker, though. If you have kids and haven’t seen this, watch it!!

Last night they requested Wizard of Oz! We have watched this one a million times before, but it’s been quite a while now. I was happy to watch it again. Never disappoints.

Somewhere….over the rainbow…..

Thought of the Day:

Relax. Everything is running right on schedule.

-The Universe

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for spaghetti squash! I had never tried this combo until a couple years ago and am grateful to have discovered it.

4 thoughts on “Meals + leisure”

  1. Good job involving your boys in cooking. My mom never had us help out because it was faster for her to do it herself. Which I get. She was working full time and had 5 kids. But then I didn’t know how to do basically anything when I graduated from college (I lived in a sorority so all meals were provided). I learned fast but could have used some earlier instruction!

    It sounds like you must all be staying healthy! I hope the close contact with Covid is doing ok!! We got Paul tested on Sunday as he had a fever, cough and congestion. Luckily it was negative. But he was miserable. I had to sleep with him on Saturday night because he was so out of sorts and cried every time he woke up. 😦 And now I am sick! Crappy end to Mat leave but so it goes when you have a young kid. This is his first bad cold in well over a year, though!!


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