Weekend sunshine and the abyss of photo organization…

I am excited to report that I made some REAL progress this weekend on my 21 for 2021 list item of finally getting my digital photos organized and backed up. In fact, this is #1 on the whole list.

Honestly, it is just a disaster though. My digital photo collection goes back to basically ~2006. For a long time, I would back up photos to an external hard drive (equally as old). I think it holds maybe 250 GB (- certainly not enough space to indefinitely house all of my photos…Plus, like I said, it’s OLD, so that makes me nervous). On the hard drive, the “backups” were also rather disorganized. Sometimes folders by year, other times folders by “event”. Often, NO folder and just big lists of random photo files. It wasn’t pretty.

Then, sometime around 2012 I guess, I somehow became inconsistent with backing up my photos at all! There’re big chunks apparently missing from the external hard drive altogether. Those are on our old iMac, which was on its last leg years ago. (Seriously it is ancient, in computer years. I think we bought it when Ethan was a newborn! It is totally maxed out on storage/ memory and is SO SLOW it absolutely makes you want to pull your hair out. We badly need a new family computer but just haven’t really made that happen yet.)

THEN around 2016, I discovered and started using Amazon Photos (included with our Prime membership). I am a big fan, since it automatically backs up all my photos, allows for unlimited storage and I find it super easy to use. But now a bunch of my more recent photos are ONLY in Amazon photo (bc old external hard drive= full, and computer= full).

Love this service! I pay a little extra to up the video storage, but otherwise it’s included with Prime- which we would pay for anyway bc my husband is an Amazon junkie.

So to deal with my photo organization, I’m faced with a few issues:

#1- If I want to find a photo, I currently have at least 3 different (partial) sources (with varied organization levels).

#2- While photos are technically saved somewhere, I’m not really comfortable with having only one copy of ANY of my precious photos (especially not on 10+ year old devices). So I’d really like to get them all in Amazon photos PLUS on an external hard drive (I’d like to actually have a third source, too eventually!).

#3-I have a million photos. I have been horrible, historically, about deleting duplicates and bloopers, too. Seriously, I bet like 15-20% of my total photo collection could be deleted. Haha. Also, why did I ever think I needed 6 different angles of the baby cow drinking milk on the Kindergarten farm field trip in the first place? 😁

Ivan got me a 3 TB external hard drive recently, so I have now set out on the mission to copy my entire digital photo library to it and move all pre-2016 pictures to Amazon photos, too. I really love having access to all my old pics right from my phone.

It is quite the job. I’ve run into some technical difficulties, too, that have been frustrating as well, but I’ll spare you those headaches. 🙂

I’m making progress though!! This is going to take some time to complete. My goal, after eventually getting all caught up, is to then incorporate a weekly or monthly photo review system into my life to hopefully prevent this issue from ever snowballing on me again. 🙂

In other news- we had some great weather!! We got out for really nice walks both days (4 miles on Saturday, 2 miles yesterday) and the sun felt so good.

Even the hamsters got some fresh air!

No school all week for the kids (spring break)! My break doesn’t start until Wednesday afternoon though. 🙂 Hoping to crush the first half of the week so I can head off for our weekend trip feeling good. Have a great Monday.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for a bunch of basic, plain colored tank tops from Target that I wear ALL THE TIME as “under shirts”/ under hoodies/ sweaters/ etc. I seriously bought them years and years ago for probably $5 each or something and they are still good as new – despite my (very) heavy use of them. Best purchase ever! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Weekend sunshine and the abyss of photo organization…”

  1. I use icloud of apple to back up automatically all the photos as I only take pic with phones these days. I find it more secure than external drive as they are phsyical driver that could break down over time. It’s not cheap though, but I think given how precious memories are, they are okay.


  2. I am working on organizing photos, too, although I am only focusing on what is on Google photos. It is quite the project! I’m only focusing on photos right now but videos will be next. I think that is a 2022 project, though. It’s a huge job to go through duplicates/bad photos so I am also going photos from the previous month so I never have a big project like this again. It’s funny how many more photos you take once you have a baby!! It has been a fun walk down memory lane, though!!


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