Friday 5, Wisdom

Friday 5: Inspiration

Today’s Friday 5: Favorite quotes of the week!

1- “If you see something beautiful in someone, speak it”.

LOVE this one. I’ve been on kind of a private mission to do this as often as I can for a few years now. It feels a little funny at first, but it’s such a win-win. The person on the receiving end always feels amazing, and it also brings the BEST feeling to the person saying it.

Mine this week: Asher’s piano teacher has been finding fun pieces (not from his regular books) for him to learn and emailing them to me to print for him. Last year his interest in piano waned some, and I really have been feeling that the exciting pieces she has been taking the time to find and send have really sparked his interest again recently. She has done a fantastic job with that, and I’ve thought it (in my head) multiple times lately. Why hadn’t I told her?? So the other night I emailed her, told her I thought she’d been doing a fantastic job, and she wrote back just so touched that I had taken the time to tell her. 😊😊Win-win.

2- “The privilege of a lifetime is to become you who truly are.” -Carl Jung

Yes. The most beautiful people are those who are following their dreams, unapologetically, living out who they really are! I admire those people. I think most people go through life never really knowing what the heck they really want or how to get it, so I’m always really inspired by people that KNOW (or somehow figure it out) and then go do it.

3- “If you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree.”

Haha! Good point and good reminder. We can change our circumstances, if we want to…. Progress is impossible without change. Easier said than done, I know, but still. We are not trees. 🙂

4- “Just because she carries it well, it doesn’t mean that it’s not heavy.”

I love love love this quote.

Some people, when they are under stress or a heavy load, they LOOK stressed. They act frazzled, break down, cry, complain, etc. Everyone knows how hard their situation is and sympathizes and wants to help.

Other people seem to “handle” stress better. They handle all the crap that life piles on them with a smile, because maybe their personality is a little “tougher”. People assume that they’ve got it under control. They look okay, so they must be fine! They are capable. Yeah, they’ve got a lot on their plate, on their mind, on their heart- but it’s okay- they’ll figure it out. They always do!

But this quote is such a great reminder that THE LOAD IS STILL HEAVY!!! Just because someone might be a little better at piling up the boxes in a neat stack to carry around, she may still be carrying the exact same number of heavy boxes that the next person is juggling awkwardly and dropping. It’s still heavy. 🙂

5- Not a quote, but a meme! Haha! This made me laugh out loud, because it is literally me.


Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for silverware. Really glad to have a plethora of forks, knives and spoons at my disposal to help me eat. 🙂 I am not so good with chopsticks and am glad I don’t need to sharpen a rock or something to stab at my salad with. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Friday 5: Inspiration”

  1. Love all of these quotes that you shared. And the meme! We are officially old! Ha!

    Today I’m grateful for the warm forecast for tomorrow. I think we may still be in fake spring but I will take what I can get and remain hopeful we are done with snow! I can’t wait to pack away Pablo’s winter stuff for the season!!


  2. Eh, I don’t think most people wander through life – most people have found their purpose and are doing the best they can. Especially in America, where support systems are rare. Have a nice weekend!


    1. I don’t necessarily mean that people are just “wandering through life” aimlessly, but I think there are many, many people who have ended up having to “settle” in some way or another. Just look at the mass numbers of people unhappy in their jobs, wanting new careers at 45, experiencing midlife crises… I think a LOT of people end up basically having to just “pick a major” in college at age 18 and although they might not hate it or anything, many end up feeling kind of “meh” or indifferent in their career. It’s not awful or anything, and I’d probably include myself in that figure as well. (I love my job, but is it my all out true “passion”?? The answer to “if you could do ANYTHING in the world, is this it??” Probably not, really.)

      I just admire people that manage to really nail down what it is that they are truly, deep down passionate about and then figure out how to make it happen. It certainly isn’t easy, I’m sure. Example- I used to work with another nurse. She and her husband (he also had some kind of unrelated professional job) ended up picking up and moving their family to Door County to follow their dream of opening a cool restaurant (with two kids and in their 40’s). I just think that takes some serious guts! To leave behind a stable life and dive head first into the unknown like that in the name of being true to yourself/ following your passion. I think more people than not (myself included) would have a hard time just going for it like that! I find it inspirational though. 🙂


      1. Agree to disagree! 45 is early to switch it up, especially since the Great Recession and I don’t know anyone who feels like they settled.


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