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Happy New Year and Goal Setting

Happy 2021! We stayed in, ordered Chinese food and watched the new Disney/Pixar movie Soul on Disney+ (HIGHLY recommend!!! So good! Main theme is finding your passion/ purpose in life and it’s a real “feel good” show. Love the New Orleans/ jazz music vibe too).We then sort of killed time until the ball drop in NYC, and then some of us made it until midnight.

This post is a 3 part-er:

1. Goal Setting with the kids

On Wednesday, I took the kids out to breakfast and worked with them on setting some goals for 2021. We talked through what makes a goal an actual goal, and the importance of setting actionable goals that can be measured. (Ex. Don’t say, “Run more this year.” Say, “Run at least 3 miles, 3 days per week.” Or whatever the goal would be.) They seemed to have fun doing it (maybe not over the moon excited, but they tried 🙂 ). At least it planted the seed hopefully of being intentional with their lives and trying to improve themselves.

For their privacy’s sake, I won’t share their goals here. I will say that Ethan decided on a goal of reading 100 books. Asher decided on a more modest 60 books. I will be bringing up the rear with a goal of, um, 30 books. They are planning to track their titles and # of books, as am I.

After, they met a friend to go sledding!


2. Prepping my Wonderland 222!

My goals aren’t 100% done yet. I carved out a little time, but not really enough, so while I have some things on paper, I don’t feel they are done. I did get the accessory pages set up in my Wonderland 222 planner this week. Instead of having a separate notebook, the list pages will now live in the back on the actual planner. Very similar to last year, this is what I have for now:

Index List Page in Wonderland 222 planner

The Daily pages in the Notebook will be a little change for me.

Now I will have a full page for each day, and plan to use the top half for my free hand writing/ thoughts about the previous day. On the bottom half, I’ll keep track of:

-my workout
-minutes walked
-social media screen time
-Music Note/R= Podcasts or other media I listened to that day, or book read
-Green Check =The few main things I accomplished that day
-Smiley= a couple GOOD things that happened that day
-Gratitude items

Daily page in Wonderland 222 planner
Wonderland 222 Planner
Excited to officially start using it now!

3. Thoughts on Goals….

Do you set New Year’s Goals? I always love to, because I feel like it’s the best way to ensure that I actually get around to doing certain things that I really do want to do….but might not realize/think about otherwise.

A few quotes:

A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

Start the habit of asking yourself:

“Does this support the life I’m trying to create?”

Your life should be lived by design, not default.”

I love the last one. What’s that other quote? “Failing to plan is planning to fail”? Some spontaneity is awesome, but obviously I’m more in the camp that thinks that some planning/ thoughtful design can really, really enrich your life! The default option of anything is often kind of meh. 🙂

HAPPY NEW YEAR, all! I’d love to hear about your goals, if you make them!

Daily Gratitude:

First one of 2021! Hmm…. I’m grateful for “mixing drinks” and toasting with Ethan last night! It was just the two of us for that part and it felt special and fun. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year and Goal Setting”

  1. Love seeing how you are setting up your planner. I am definitely going to get one in 2022! I am usually a goals person but give myself a break the year I have a baby as that is a huge period of adjustment and with the sleep deprivation, it’s hard to think about adding anything to my plate! I am looking forward to getting back to working out again. Just need to get cleared at my 6 week appt. I will start slow as I know my body is still recovering from my c section but hopefully by February I can start a beach body program! I always aim to read 60 books but tend to blow that goal out of the water. But I keep it at 60 because I don’t want to focus too much on how many books I read as that can change what I would choose to read!


  2. I love seeing other people’s goals and goal setting process. I did a 21 for 21 list, but no specific goal for the year. I’ll continue doing monthly goals and using the 21 for 21 as a guide for those.


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