Christmas 2020!

Fave Christmas Eve pic of the boys + hamsters!

Ok, Christmas is really over now! My parents left a bit ago, the presents are mostly put away and the festivities have ended.

I’m so happy with what a wonderful Christmas we had! It was quiet and maybe could be considered uneventful for more excitable folks, but to me, it was perfect.

I’ll try to keep this somewhat brief….and there is a very likely chance of photo overload coming your way momentarily. 🙂

Weather: Only mentioning because it was our first single digit day of this season!! Both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were frigid- highs around 5-10 degrees both days. Oddly, we had 40 degree temps on the 23rd, which melted all of our beautiful snow and chance for a white Christmas. Boo.

Food: We do NOT have a big, sit down meal for Christmas. It’s a long standing tradition in our family. We do appetizer/ finger food type snacks around the bar. For us, this means: cheese/ crackers, sausage, chips + pico de gallo, those grape jelly meatballs, shrimp and sauce, homemade Chex mix, lots of Christmas cookies/ fudge, and this year, we had barbacoa tacos. (Each year we sub a different “main meal”, but always on the lighter/snackier side). I also made baked pepperoni pizza balls on Christmas Day!

Special Moments:

🔷 Asher playing the piano on Christmas Eve!

🔷 Some last minute shopping with Asher on Christmas Eve afternoon. We realized he forgot a couple people…oops. He was really into picking out “just” the right things and it was very sweet. TJ Maxx for the win.

🔷 Taking some family pictures around the Christmas tree as it got dark outside! We were all dressed and ready, the tree was glowing, my Christmas village was lit and I was excited to start the night. Always a special time in the night for me!

🔷 My favorite part- the round robin gift opening. I love to watch each person open their gifts. We go one by one so we can each really pay attention to the other person opening- we don’t all just tear in at the same time!

I got Asher a 2021 Planner and some stickers as kind of a last minute gift…he ended up LOVING it and spent the entire rest of Christmas Eve decorating the cover and many of the monthly pages. Maybe I have a chance to have at least one family member share my calendar/planning enthusiasm!!!

🔷Christmas morning! Always fun, though slightly anti-climactic this year without the “real” Santa part…..

Their new bikes were the main Santa gift! It was fun to set those up in the living room.

THRILLED about the bikes!!!! 🙂

🔷A low key Christmas Day….we ended back up at the bar for more food, Christmas music and chit chatting in the afternoon. Another highlight was playing Christmas Charades, all of us together. It was quite entertaining and a lot of fun!!!! No one stood a chance against me, though. I am the QUEEN OF CHRISTMAS and I had a 13+ point lead over the next closest participant. 😉

🔷 Movies! We probably watched at least 7 movies over the course of the last few days…Home Alone was on TV while prepping food on Christmas Eve, so we got that one in. Also, on the 23rd we all watched a Netflix movie called Operation Christmas Drop which was really cute!! Took place in Guam/ tropical islands and was about a military operation there that helps the island people….and of course a love story unfolds, too. Last night we FINALLY watched White Christmas!!! I can check that off my Christmas Fun List. I loved it!!!!! It was fantastic.

🔷Gifts!! Some highlights include….

Ethan– a new winter jacket, a Nerf gun, his new bike, a bunch of books!!, and an ornament with a picture of his hamster Flint on it.

Asher– he seemed really into his planner/ stickers (yay!), a new Adidas hoodie, also some new books, and a magic card trick set.

Me- a new sweater I LOVE from my Mom, an awesome new towel set for the hot tub, and Air Pod Pros from Ivan! I got a few new books too, including one on Intermittent Fasting I wanted and the Hoda Kotb daily inspiration book I Really Needed This Today.

Ivan– a snow globe with pictures of him and Asher in it (from Asher), some really warm North Face gloves from my Mom/Dad, and a new hoodie and really nice slippers from me!

My Dad– (I can’t speak for my parents, but will share the favorite gifts I gave!): a set of MANY 8×10 framed photographs from our trip to Upper Michigan this summer! I had the BEST shots of Lake Superior, the waterfalls, etc. and they have a blank wall in their house where they will look perfect!

My Mom– some expensive skincare products that she had been wanting, plus a bunch of great mystery books AND one about Jackie Kennedy I got for her that I will be borrowing when she is done! hehe. 🙂

Now, on to maybe the even better part of the holidays….the week between Christmas and New Years, when we actually get to sit back and ENJOY the tree, read the books I got, use my new slippers, etc. 🙂

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful today for my Mom helping me clean up the whole house before they left today!!! There were boxes and food remnants and just everything everywhere…Now, you can barely tell that a Christmas celebration occurred here and I’m very grateful for her help!

1 thought on “Christmas 2020!”

  1. love the idea of snacking bar.. less stress, more time to play.
    oh my god, you got so many gifts!!!!!!! the boys must be so happy! I am more minimalists with gifts as I’m constantly decluttering at home and very hesitant to bring more plastic toys to our home. but new bikes look like a good addition.
    let me know which IF book you are reading and how you like it.


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