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Morning! Now only 10 days until Christmas. My “favorite” part of the Christmas season has officially passed….I actually really love the time between ~Thanksgiving and right about now. Those early December days are the best, to me. Once we get into the final days leading up to the 24th, there’s always a sense of anxiety almost in the air to me. Hurry! Finish your shopping! Wrap those presents! FINAL DAY FOR SHIPPING!!! Plus, it always starts to feel “almost over”, which makes me sad, because as I think is pretty clear- I love the Christmas season.

We have two big containers of these sitting on the counter. They need to disappear from sight NOW or there will be none left come Christmas Eve.

24 Hours Social Media Free:

Anyway, I’m loving my little 12 Days of Christmas challenge. (I should probably clarify that the “real” 12 Days of Christmas are the days between December 25- January 6th (the Epiphany). I just opted to call it that, because it sounded better than “the 12 Days Before Christmas” challenge.)

Yesterday was: 24 Hours No Social Media.

I didn’t miss it one lick! Well, my habit ingrained brain started telling my fingers to click on those apps a few times, but other than that, it was very nice. I’ve said before- I really don’t feel that I want to totally give up social media, as I truly do enjoy some things about it.

But it is a downward spiral that sucks you in SO EASILY, so I think it’s very wise to be quite intentional with its use. I have been generally limiting my use to <20 minutes a day since October (+ a few overages mixed in some days), and when I added up my social media time from November I still totaled 741 minutes or 12.35 HOURS in the month on social media. O.M.G. 12 hours. (This is on my recent “reduced schedule”, using it on average 20 minutes or less per day!!! There were 5-6 longer outlier days in the 30-50 minute range too).

It makes me feel gross to think what else I could probably have done in those 12 hours. Yuck. I’m thinking about how I want to use it in 2021. Considering maybe doing like certain “screen free days”, or only checking in on 3 days a week or something like that so it’s not such a daily habit- while still not getting rid of it all together. I don’t know. Any one have any thoughts or ideas about it? Please share. 🙂

VACCINE is here!

Pretty sure everyone on Earth has heard, but the vaccine roll out has started! Wooo!! How exciting. I watched the first employee at the hospital I work for receive it on the local news last night. What a moment!

I already received word that I am NOT included in the first phase of hospital employees to receive the vaccine (makes perfect sense since although I am a nurse, I work 100% from home and do not currently see patients!). Hopefully eventually it will make its way down to me though! Really hoping that this will play a huge role in turning this pandemic around long term….and grateful to all of the scientists who have worked tirelessly to make it happen.

While I watched the news, I made meatballs:

(pasta and meatballs)

Turns out, only 2/4 the members of my family like meatballs. Going into it, I thought we were at a solid 3/4, but nope. Only 2/4. Oh well. More for me! I love them. 😉

(*to be clear- the issue is not MY meatballs- apparently they don’t like ANY meatballs. Just in case you thought my cooking was the problem. Hahahaha!)

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for smart people who become scientists and develop things like life saving VACCINES!

5 thoughts on “Screens & vaccines”

  1. I’ve had some success using instagram on just my laptop and deleting the apps. When I was breaking the habit, I set a schedule for when I checked social media. Now I’m less strict about it, but am still using it way less.


  2. I have no advice on social media moderation as it’s very all or nothing for me! I do limit myself to 20 minutes/day like you but have been overriding that since coming back on after having Will. But it’s temporary and I will get back to more strict limits soon and plan to go off for January to kind of reset! I need the apps off my phone if I am going to truly abstain from it.

    Thrilled the vaccine is here. MN is training staff this week and medical employees will start getting it on Monday. I saw that Fauci thinks most can get it by Mar/Apr. HOORAY!!!!


  3. vaccines started? wooo fantastic!!! hope it will revert the US pandemic.
    why don’t they like balls? aren’t they cute? hahahah
    12 hrs in social media really doesn’t sound good use of time, sorry but I have to be honest. hahaha…. imagine how many enlightening books you could have read and remember. you probably won’t remember much of the 12 hrs social media.


    1. Hahaha don’t apologize, it’s true!! It is NOT a good use of my time!! Lol. I really felt like 20 minutes a day seemed reasonable but it’s crazy that it still adds up to so much. Eye opening!


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