Happy Monday 🙂

I’m feeling a bit zen this morning and I’m surprisingly not really in the mood to write too much.

The weekend was nice. After my “glorious” Saturday, Sunday was pretty similar. Pretty low key and included: a sweaty workout, more cookies, taking Asher to the pool, more Netflix, helping the boys record themselves for a piano project and starting our new Christmas book (A Boy Called Christmas) by the fireplace before bed.

Couple of random things I ran across yesterday and liked:

  1. This photo of Whistler Village, British Columbia, Canada

I need to go there. I have been feeling a major pull to explore many areas in Canada for several years now. I mean, it’s our neighbor!!! It’s not that far away! I live in Wisconsin! (Well, BC is pretty much the other side of the country, but still). I just feel like Canada has these AMAZING places to offer and I need to see them. All of them. Stat. 🙂 If you’ve been to Canada, tell me your favorite place.

2. This quote:

“If you want to see what is most important to people, look at how they spend their time, money, and effort.”

I love this. It holds true for ourselves…we can “say” X,Y, or Z are important to us, but if we aren’t spending our time, money or effort doing it, it’s probably not actually that important to us, is it now…. ? Food for thought. 🙂 It can tell us a lot about other people, too, by looking at where their time, money and efforts are concentrated. I think looking at how we (and others) spend our TIME is especially telling.

12 Days of Christmas Challenge: Day 1 ✔

Proof of completion of Day 1 of my Christmas Challenge:

60 minutes of reading done while Asher swam. I’m almost done with my Christmas History book. Up next today- 24 hours NO social media of any kind! 🙂

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for: a) fresh, clean sheets and b) that my husband washed the sheets (and, that he does ALL of the laundry at our house (very well, I might add- he is very particular about it- fabric softener, anti-wrinkle settings, etc.- the whole nine yards.). He also folds it VERY neatly and puts it all away. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Monday”

  1. My best friend lives in Canada! We met through blogging. I should say she is one of my best friends as I have several (which makes ‘best’ inaccurate but you get the point). She lives in BC, but way up north. She used to live further south and I visited her there in 2015 I think? We also met up in Vancouver in 2010 and road tripped down to Portland and ran a marathon together. Vancouver is amazing. I would go back in a heartbeat. Then in 2012, I think, we met again in Vancouver with 2 other running friends and went to Victoria to run a half marathon. Victoria was super charming – felt very European. I would love to visit Banff, Lake Louise, etc. we are more of an outdoorsy family than a big city family when it comes to vacations. But I think we are a good number of years away from big trips like that. But we will get there some day!!!


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