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Pre- Halloweening

Crazy- it’s October 29th already! Now only 2 days until Halloween. Besides working on the “Where’s Waldo” pumpkin, this week hasn’t felt particularly Halloween-y to me though.

We still need to carve pumpkins! This always seems to get put off until the very last minute, every year. I don’t know why. Maybe we all like the idea of carving pumpkins more than the actual act (and mess) of carving them. Who knows. Ivan has already announced that he will not be partaking in the pumpkin carving. Seriously, what a party pooper!! (He has never carved a pumpkin before, so this is not a new or shocking announcement. Whatever. His loss. 😉 At our house, I’m like Mrs. Claus on steroids around any holidays, and he is a slightly friendlier version of the Grinch. 🙂 )

Last night we pulled out all the old kiddie Halloween books and had a little reading session before bed, for old time’s sake. It was fun! They each picked a few of their old favorites. I’m happy to report they are NO LONGER scared of the In a Dark, Dark Room book.

This afternoon the boys have a trick or treat event at school. They get to dress up and go trick or treat outside in the parking lot, where gloved teachers will have socially distanced stations set up. They are very excited about it! However, I *think* it’s going to be a tiny bit anti-climactic. They obviously can’t go in groups with their friends, so it will just be me and the boys walking from station to station, and then going home. 😥 No festivities, apple cider or games or other treats. At least it’s something though!

It was a pretty gorgeous fall day yesterday…made me wish I could just head out for a hike or sit out and read all afternoon with a blanket. I snapped this pic at 10 am from our deck. The sky was just a brilliant blue! The leaves are still hanging on my yard but many are starting to fall now.

I did get out for my 20 minute walk at 1 pm on my lunch break. The sunny weather + a good podcast made for the perfect break.

The boys don’t have school tomorrow (again…. seriously, I feel like every time I turn around it’s a “no school day!!!”). What the heck. Anyway, I’m thinking about trying to carve out a couple hours in the morning to maybe take them for a hike. Weather looks clear but only in the 40’s. We’ll see. They may resist. 🙂

Finally, on a totally unrelated note: WHO IS READY FOR THE ADS TO GO AWAY ALREADY?!?!?

Haha! I saw this online and it totally cracked me up. Such a good point….do all of those crazy ads actually influence anyone??? I honestly wonder.

Have a great day and Happy Pre-Halloweening to you. 🙂

Question: What’s your favorite Halloween book??

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful that I am very fast and proficient at typing!! I thank my many hours as a teenager in AOL chat rooms and on AOL Instant Messenger for my lightning fast typing skills. LOL! But really, I’m grateful for this, because it makes my life so much easier!! I can’t imagine being a terrible typist these days, when everything is done on the computer.

1 thought on “Pre- Halloweening”

  1. We are carving pumpkins tomorrow night with our best friends whose kids go to the same daycare. Usually we would have several of my husband’s college friends over but don’t feel safe doing that w/ covid and all. But I am glad we can do something. I usually make chili but that’s off limits for me (can’t see to handle beans – le sigh) so I am ordering pizza and I’m going to try a cauliflower crust pizza from Aldi. Hopefully it’s good? I clean out our pumpkin and my husband does the carving – with a stencil. We usually carve a cat but we’ll see what we do this year.

    We’ve been reading Halloween books all month! I ordered a bunch off Amazon and have pulled out one/week. Pablo’s favorites are Room on the Broom (my fave) and Pumpkin Soup. We are getting our money’s worth out of them as we have read them a crazy number of times and they will probably stay our post-Halloween. I need to pull all the Halloween books off the shelf tonight or tomorrow and see if Pablo wants to read all of them!


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