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Wednesday misc.

My very busy week is going okay. There have been a couple of lucky breaks that opened up some time, namely Ethan’s friend’s mom driving him to the Spanish placement test yesterday. (He said it was “easy”, so, hopefully that means he did well??? Guess we’ll find out in about 2 weeks when results come back. 😝)

Since I no longer had to finish work early to go to that, I took a full hour long lunch and got a pedicure! I really don’t do this often, but it is so nice. And unlike a standard manicure, pedicures seem to last so well. I got a nice neutral white-ish/ “dust pink”, I think it was called.

I was in charge of driving Ethan to driver’s ed last night and had to wait while he did the 2 hour class. It was actually very enjoyable- I caught up on a little work, answered some blog comments, etc. Sounds like the class is going well. I guess they’ve watched some funny videos of what not to do (people doing stupid stuff while driving?), learned what to do if they pull you over, talked a lot about “signs” (road signs), and discussed speed limits. And I’m sure a bunch of other stuff.

This morning I was up at 4:45 since Asher had 5:30 a.m. swim. Well, he was supposed to. When I went in to wake him up, he groaned LOUDLY and pulled the blankets up over his head and acted like he didn’t want to go. He has been getting up pretty willingly for early swim the last few weeks, so I figured this must mean he is tired out. I decided to not push him, flipped off the light and let him go back to sleep.

But, I was up anyway, and I had planned to run to the grocery store while he was at practice. So I headed out anyway, and got to the store before 5:30! (We have a 24 hour grocery store.) OHHHHH the bliss of an empty store at 5:30 a.m. EMPTY. Well, besides employees/ stockers. I passed one other customer, I think. If you knew this store, you’d know how it is typically always packed with people.

Behold a beautiful sight:

The only slight “negative” of this time of day is all the boxes, etc from them stocking, but it’s no big deal to walk around.

I had my pretty short list of groceries bought and was back to the car by 6 a.m. How about that for crossing off a to-do item bright and early!

This morning Ethan has to wear his graduation suit to school because they are doing professional graduation photos today. He tried on his suit last night to make sure all was well….

Is he handsome or what?? 🥹

(I will go pick up his suit later this morning after the photos…. no way will they wear suits all day!! We’d like the suit to still look nice for graduation day, thankyouverymuch.)

(Also, his actual dress shoes that we ordered didn’t arrive in time! They were supposed to, but they got delayed. So he’s wearing his more casual Sperrys….but honestly, from what I’ve seen from high school prom photos, etc., this more “sneaker-like” dress shoe seems to be what the boys are wearing with suits these days anyway…..Oh well.)

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for today being my Friday!! Yay for no work for me Thursday or Friday this week. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Wednesday misc.”

  1. He looks SO grown up in that suit. Gah!!! What exciting times in your household.

    I also love shopping when the stores are near-empty. We tend to do most of our grocery shopping on Wednesday evening when the kids are both at an activity. It’s not quite as empty as your 5:30 am visit, but it’s a million times better than any window between 10 am – 7 pm!


  2. I LOOOOVE shopping in empty stores- so blissful! Eerie and kind of awesome at the same time. Our local Stop and Shop usually has its lights dimmed, too. My partner works from home so he usually does groceries during the weekday in the afternoon.

    Your son looks so elegant- you can tell him I said that ;P


  3. He looks so handsome in that suit and I think the shoes look great!

    First off, I want to compliment your Woodman’s on having lovely flooring that isn’t stained and coming up. The one I go to has cracked tiles everywhere and they moved around some freezers a couple of years ago and there are some spaces that the flooring is just utterly destroyed in. It’s…not a great look. Also! I sort of laughed because those are not aisles we generally go down. Was the cheese aisle that empty? Because that’s the true test!


  4. I think the casual shoes work really well with the suit. It’s a good look!
    Pedicure photos or it didn’t happen! Lol, I kid, but I do love a good pedi.
    A 24 hour grocery store – that’s amazing!


  5. 24 hrs store? I’d love to have that. I often want to get few things before 8am but here it’s 9-9pm so I often have to delegate to husband to get them.
    oh… early wake up for swim practice. I sometimes wonder if I should let Sofia sleep more than waking up early to fit a run. she’s always grumpy if I wake her up. It’s like parent dilemma, keep the discipline? let them relax sometimes? I never know the right answer and just go with the feeling at the moment.


  6. Ethan looks great and I think the shoes actually work perfectly! I am so glad that suits are still being used because they are so dapper! I kind of miss the days when people dressed up more, so any excuse to get dressed up is kind of fun (although I dress up for work every day still, but many people do not anymore).

    I love grocery shopping when it is not busy but that is not very often. We have a 24 hour Safeway, but the other stores I go to are much more limited. The one where I get my produce is not open until 9 and Costco opens at 10! I think in the case of these two, the best is to go right before they close and act like you are in Supermarket Sweep.


  7. I enjoy shopping at slightly “odd” hours to enjoy an empty store but I haven’t been at 5:30 am in a while LOL

    Ethan looks really handsome in his suit! 🙂


  8. Oh my gosh, the suit!!! He looks very sharp!

    How awesome that you have a 24-hour grocery store! I would love going so early. We have a grocery store that used to be open all day and all night, but somewhere around 2020 they cut their hours and never extended them again.


  9. Ethan looks so sharp in that suit – and I like his shoes! He looks so grown up, though!!

    I am glad the earlier part of your week felt more manageable than you feared. So nice that someone else was able to drive him to the placement test! And yay for a quiet grocery store!!


  10. So, I’m not yet a real Wisconsinite, because I have never been to Woodman’s and I’ve lived here 6 years now. I’m hanging my head in shame. In my defense, there isn’t one very close to me, so going at 5:30 would be a challenge, as appealing as it is. I do go when the stores open – although Metcalfe’s has changed their opening hours to 0700, which stinks. I loved 0600 – it worked sooo well for me. I make it work but I’m still not happy about it. 😉
    And I LOVE the shoes. Dress shoes, bah. Who needs ’em?


    1. When I lived downtown in college, my sister and I used to go to the Metcalfe’s that I presume you go to based on whereabouts you’ve said you live… we always used to gush over how “fancy” it felt because they piped in classical music. Haha! Not sure if they still do that. But it felt especially nice compared to the other store option we would frequent- which was a Copp’s, at the time, on Park St… lol!!!


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