January 2023- Highlight Reel

I know I already shared a little recap of how my goals went in January (see that here).

But today I spent a few minutes filling out my January Review section in my Wonderland 222 planner. In the past ~6 months or so, I’ve been using this space to just jot down any highlights or things that stand out that happened during the month. (I browse my highlight journal/ calendar to see what pops out at me.) Is this redundant? Yeah, probably. Do I still like doing it, and enjoy having a recap in one single place? Yep, also.

Here’s February’s upcoming blank page:

Since I got my photo printer, I’ve been lining the left side with little photo snippets from the month, and then listing highlights down the right hand side.

I don’t want to share a full pic of my list since I included a few specific names, etc. that I don’t want on here. But, here’s my JANUARY HIGHLIGHT REEL! (*Some redundancy from the goals recap, but oh well. I’ve also done “quarterly” recaps like this, but those can get a little long… so trying a monthly format! 🙂 )


  • Spent New Year’s Eve at home, then went out for lunch on New Year’s Day and watched the Packers game.
  • Watched Ethan play A LOT of basketball games.
  • Went out to dinner with Ivan’s co-worker and wife.
  • Attended local rivalry high school swim meet with Asher as spectators.
  • Helped A pick out a Secret Santa gift for his swim team friend’s Secret Santa party.
  • Ethan got his bottom braces put on, and headgear!
  • Officially registered Ethan for high school and attended a course selection meeting with him.
  • Went to 8th graders vs Teachers school volleyball game.
  • Took Asher to a 2 day swim meet in early January.
  • Mom and Dad in Ireland for 3 weeks at sister’s.
  • Did a lot of Costa Rica trip planning.
  • Finished the series Younger with Ivan.
  • Did January Shred, tracked macros (really well for 3 of the 4 weeks… not as good the 4th week…. 😬)
  • Watched the Green Bay Packers stage a comeback, but ultimately fall out of playoff contention.
  • Attended my 1st ever BOBW patreon session.
  • Attended my 1st work book club (since it restarted, after >1 year off).
  • Got my van washed, with Ethan along- at his request. 🙂
  • Tried Apple+ Fitness and found I like the Dance videos!
  • Took down all my Christmas stuff.
  • Went to the gym well over 20 times! Nailed my 5x/ week strength training goal.
  • Read 2 books.
  • Watched a bunch of good movies with the family!

This month really didn’t feel like it had anything too exciting in it, though looking at the list, we still had a nice month. I have way fewer photos than usual, though- just nothing “earth shattering” like a big trip or any huge events.

Here are a few random snapshots I chose to print for my planner:

Winter scenes.
Summer the hamster, because she’s cute and why not. She also got her cage cleaned, so that was a big event of the month. LOL. / Ethan at BB / A random pool night out with Ivan and Ethan / Ethan at teachers vs students VB game.

And the “big” picture of the month that I printed was of Asher getting a….. BUZZ CUT.

I haven’t mentioned this here yet, but yes, he BUZZED OFF his thick, dark, beautiful hair earlier in January. Why do such a thing, after spending a year growing it into the apparently very cool “shaggy look” that is highly popular among middle and high school boys right now??? Because a bunch of the high school boy swimmers decided they were all going to get buzz cuts. (Each year the high school boy swimmers all do some weird thing with their hair, together. I think last year they all bleached their hair bright blonde right before Sectionals and State. Don’t ask!)

Anyway, Asher is not in high school yet, but he is friends with a bunch of the older boys, and his best swim friend has a brother on the high school team. So, Asher and his friend B were invited to….”partake” in this “fun” activity.

I warned him that I didn’t think a buzz cut would be his best look…I actually do not personally like buzz cuts on anyone, period, unless maybe on a cute Army recruit or something. But he didn’t care- he wanted to do it. And ultimately, it’s his hair, not mine! His choice. So…. we shrugged and told him to go ahead, if he was sure.

He was sure, apparently, and thought it was hilarious.

I am not going to share an actual pic of it, because he is kind of self-conscious about it and I don’t think he would like it if I did. I mean, I don’t think he hates it, but let’s just say he tends to wear a hat a lot these days. 😂 It’s been a few weeks now, and it’s already growing back fairly rapidly… let’s hope he doesn’t do that again. LOL.

So, that was January 2023!! Come back next month for February’s recap. 😉

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful that Ethan went outside to shovel the snow today (they got a Snow Day/ no school day!) without me asking!! So sweet, because Ivan is gone, too.

11 thoughts on “January 2023- Highlight Reel”

  1. That is funny about Asher getting a buzz cut! 2 of my nephews used to always get buzz cuts by my brother and they looked so good with buzz cuts! Now they are freshmen and seniors in high school and have THE SHAGGIEST hair which I do not care for! I keep my thoughts to myself but hope this trend goes away by the time my kids are that age. 🙂

    I use those pages of my planner for something similar. I use the top half for things I accomplished and then the bottom half for highs/lows. I try to fill it out throughout the month. I did this last year, too, and it made it much easier to write my self review for work at the end of the year! So I am trying my best to stay on top of it so I can always use that when writing my review. Plus it’s nice to be intentional about noting the things that are bringing me joy. I maybe don’t need to write down the lows but it doesn’t give a more ‘real life’ feel to a recap of the month.


    1. I know- the shaggy look is all the rage around here, too. See it everywhere!!! I guess trends come and go…. I personally loved Asher’s hair when he had it a little shorter and kind of spiked up the front just a little when he was younger- it was so cute on him! But he’s definitely at the age where he wants to go with what’s “in” and has his own opinions on what looks good, etc.


  2. The best thing about letting your kids make their own hair decisions is that hair grows! My older son went through this totally crazy hair phase and unfortunately, that coincided with his grad photos, which he now hates, except for the ones in which he was wearing the grad cap. ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES, my boy, and if you are going to wear your hair like Flock of Seagulls, then you will be reminded of it for eternity.
    My younger son used to have his hair not quite buzzed, but very short, when he was in grades 2-5. He really liked it that way. Anyway, it grows!


    1. Haha, exactly! His friend ended up HATING his buzz cut, to the point that he actually got really upset about it and wears a hat to school, etc. lol! His mom said, “He will never ever do that again! He learned his lesson.” haha.

      I think littler kids often look fine with a buzz cut, but I guess it depends on the person. I don’t think it’s the best look for my kids- they have such nice, thick hair that it’s a shame to keep it buzzed off! (They didn’t get that from me… I do not have great hair.)


  3. Oh my goodness, a BUZZ CUT! Well, thank goodness hair grows back! I remember in high school when the sports people would do things like that. I guess it’s a bonding experience, if nothing else!


  4. As the parent of three now-in-their-early-20’s sons, I so relate to the team hair thing. Hockey and lacrosse stick out in my mind.

    Eh, like you said, it grows back. 🙂


    1. YES, I feel like I see both hockey and lacrosse players with kind of “matching” hairstyles. I think they were the ones that started the shaggy hair trend that seems so popular now! I feel like I saw hockey players with the shaggy hair before it was “cool”.


  5. Hair does grow back, I guess! What a lovely thing to do with your planner to print out actual photos and include them. Do you ever look through your previous planners like they’re scrapbooks? That’s such an interesting artifact of your daily life.


    1. Well, yes and no. I have kept planners dating back to probably 2015 or so. But I didn’t use them in the same, detailed way I do now- so the older ones are mostly just my calendar items with some occasional to do items listed, etc. They are still really interesting to look back on, and I do page through them occasionally! It’s fun how things jog my memory- like, oh yeah, that was the year we had tickets to the Christmas train show! Or whatever. It’s only been in the last few years that I’ve really “upped my game” with recording things, adding the photos, recaps, etc. though. I do definitely plan on keeping them sort of as a scrapbook of sorts! That’s part of the reason I switched to the Wonderland222, because it’s quite a bit more compact. My old calendar from Target was a bigger/ bulkier size which was not conducive to saving them, really.


  6. Haha, Jon actually had a buzz cut when I met him and I loved it… he just has a very even, round head and it just looked good on him, but yeah, I agree that Asher had such a great head of hair… luckily it grows back fairly quickly 🙂


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