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Current feelings and bullet points

WHEW, okay, the weekend is over, swim meet is over, Christmas is ALMOST HERE and there is a legit blizzard approaching fast.

Current feelings:

Feeling= Exhausted

  • The swim meet all went smoothly, but it’s just a long and full weekend. No major issues, thankfully. Most people showed up and did what they were supposed to, minus a few very irritating people who seemed to gripe and complain and generally think they are “special” and should not have to do what everyone else has to do, just because apparently, they are special. But I digress.

Feeling = Relieved

  • I’m grateful the new venue (the new high school pool) worked out quite nicely to host a big swim meet at. Also, I’m just generally glad it’s over and done with and I can stop thinking about it.

Feeling= Happy

  • that Asher had a good time this weekend. As he often does at the end of a swim meet weekend, he commented on Sunday night, “Well, that was a fun weekend!” Makes me glad that he enjoys his sport so much. Also, if he hated participating in this big meet that I spent hours preparing for…. well, that would be rather annoying and frustrating. The fact that he enjoyed and appreciated it makes it feel more worthwhile. 🙂
  • Also, happy that Asher swam a really great 1,000 freestyle on Friday night. He won his heat in a very exciting race to the finish where he out touched the kid next to him by .14 seconds.

Feeling= Excited

  • for Lionel Messi and the Argentina National team. WOWWWWWWW what a World Cup final that was. UNBELIEVABLE game. I got home from the meet in time to watch the end and it was just insane. I was following it on my phone from the pool, and it seemed like Argentina had it in the bag around minute 70 with a 2-0 lead. I never imagined France would tie it up to 3-3 by the end, and then- penalty shoot outs for the win! omg. Just crazy good. I saw plastered all over the internet that people feel this was the best World Cup final game in history.
  • I’m just so excited for Messi to finally get the World Cup win that he was missing. Ivan and I went to Camp Nou in Barcelona a few years ago and the museum there is amazing- there are huge exhibits all about Messi and his history and his history with FC Barcelona…. highly recommend. Such a fascinating, talented guy.
always calm and collected under extreme pressure 🙂 Yay Messi!

Feeling= Mildly overwhelmed

  • I’m generally ready for Christmas, but you know how it is… there always seem to be loose ends to tie up. We also have a blizzard coming Wednesday- Friday, forecasting potentially 14 inches of snow!!! Which means, time to get groceries, run last minute errands, etc. is severely limited, because things will likely be pretty shut down at the end of the week here. I took off yesterday, which was great, but I feel like I could use the rest of the week off to finish things up. Unfortunately, I do not actually have the rest of the week off though.

Feeling= Festive

  • On the plus side, we have snow! And we WILL have snow for Christmas. Living in Wisconsin, you’d think a White Christmas is almost a guarantee, but it’s really not! We actually have a green Christmas more often than not, it seems. More of our snow tends to come in January/February around here. But, definitely looking like a white one this year.
  • Also, I did a bunch of gift wrapping yesterday, which I generally enjoy. I put on some Netflix Christmas movies and sat on the floor by the basement fireplace. Festive!

Feeling= Grossed out

  • by this Beanboozled jellybean game that the boys bought on Sunday. We went out to do a little last-minute shopping, and they picked this little game up. They find it to be highly entertaining. You spin a wheel and then have to eat whichever color jellybean you land on. But, there’s a catch. Each colored jellybean in the set has half that are the normal flavor (the “Yum” version), and half that look normal, but are actually a gross “Yuck” flavor. You won’t know until you try it if it’s Yum or Yuck. These are the flavor pairings:
  • Liver & Onions/Cappuccino
  • Old Bandage/Pomegranate
  • Rotten Egg/Buttered Popcorn
  • Toothpaste/Berry Blue
  • Barf/Peach
  • Stink Bug/Toasted Marshmallow
  • Booger/Juicy Pear
  • Dirty Dishwater/Birthday Cake
  • Stinky Socks/Tutti-Fruitti
  • Dead Fish/Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Ethan had to eat one that was going to be either Peach or….the Barf flavor. omg. NO THANK YOU. I will never play this game with them. But they find it to be great fun. lol!

I hope everyone is getting ready for whatever your holiday week will bring. If you’re anywhere in the north, stay safe from the crazy frigid temps and blizzard warnings. As usual, I am SO GLAD we never travel over the holidays. Watching coverage of airline cancellations and delays and insane lines and crowds, it looks like an absolute nightmare to me. I will happily pass on all of that and stay in my cozy house!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for meteorologists that at least attempt to forecast our weather…. they aren’t perfect, but it’s certainly better than no forecast at all, or a total “surprise” blizzard.

7 thoughts on “Current feelings and bullet points”

  1. I am also excited for a white Christmas (although we’d be fine without this last blizzard) and VERY glad we don’t travel….. my parents (in northern MN) lost power for 2 days from the LAST blizzard though so they are pretty nervous about losing it again with the super high winds forecast. Selfishly I’m somewhat annoyed because my birthday is on Friday and I want to go out to the dinner I planned long ago but OH WELL, I can always go some other time!!

    Glad your swim meet is over!!!!!


  2. The snow coming on Thursday and Friday is just the WORST timing. I am unemployed and I don’t even know how I’m going to be able to beat the crush that’s going to be the grocery store on Wednesday. Oh, well, hopefully the roads will be clear for folks traveling on Saturday and Sunday? I don’t know. I’m hoping we get a couple of inches and not the foot they were forecasting earlier this week!

    I’m so relieved for you that the swim meet is over. You never have to do it again! I have one big thing for my volunteer gig tonight and then I can basically put it to the back of my mind until 2023, which will be really nice!


  3. I am so glad this swim meet is behind you. It’s frustrating enough to work on a huge event like that, and then to deal with whiny people on top of it? Come on! Grow up, people. How can they not see it takes a lot of people to pull off a big meet like that? Sheesh.

    We are getting a snowstorm, too, although they are predicting less snow for us. My sister from Tucson flies in today with her husband and daughter. They were going to stop by our house before going to the lake but I told her to just hit the road since the weather looks dreadful. I am bummed that I won’t see them but hopefully they can stop here on their way back next week. We are not traveling am I am very happy about that. We pretty much never travel for Christmas. It would mean leaving my MIL all by herself. She has no family besides us. We can leave her for other holidays but don’t feel we can leave her on Christmas. My family has been really understanding about this luckily. But when you are 1 of 5, they don’t “need” all of us home to have a festive holiday. 3 of my siblings will be there on Christmas and the 4th comes on the 26th with his kids.

    Stay safe and warm! It’s interesting that a white Christmas isn’t guaranteed in your area! It’s extremely rare for us to not have snow on Christmas. Maybe 1-2 times in my 41 Christmasas! I guess we’ve had something like 26″ of snow already. I told Phil that I”m already over winter and it didn’t even officially start until today!


  4. That game makes me feel queasy! I would not play it either!

    We are also on Blizzard Watch (although we aren’t expecting quite as much snow). I hope we do get some snow. We are supposed to get high winds, too, though, and I am not looking forward to that. Especially if we also get heavy snow, that’s a recipe for power outages and damaged trees. Sigh.


  5. i was on the moon watching ARgentina’s play. I’m so proud of the team, they really played well as a team. another hero in the game is Di Maria. look him up. It’s so inspiring to watch him.
    the jelly bean game sounds gross indeed. hahaha.. but fun too.


  6. A lot of positive feelings leading up to Christmas! Nice.

    Wrapping gifts in front of the fire place sounds lovely… I’d have enjoyed that very much.


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