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Snow day morning 1990 vs 2022

1990….age ~7

  • Wake up before alarm goes off (and anyone else). Never mind that every other day of the year you have to drag yourself out of bed. A snowstorm was forecasted last night!
  • Peek out dark bedroom window and try to determine from the neighbor’s backyard bushes exactly how much snow fell.
  • Next, scurry down the hall in my fleece PJs, possibly gathering sister along the way, to sit down on the carpet, cross legged in front of the family room TV.
  • Turn on the local news. Good sign- the scrolling banners with “School Closures” are along the bottom of the screen.
  • Argh, they are only at schools that start with “B”. Ours starts with “N”. Sit and wait…. wait…. wishing and hoping…. please list our school…. please list our school….
  • Ooh, we’re on the M’s…. getting closer….looking promising….lots of the other districts are closed…
  • Then, YES! YES! There it is!! That’s our school! School’s closed!!!
  • Proceed to feel absolutely ELATED for the next few minutes, because an unexpected day off of school feels like winning the freaking lottery.
  • Then, claim “I’m going back to bed!” But you’re 7, so, yeah right. You’re not going back to sleep. Lie in bed awake for a few minutes with excitement rushing through your veins until you just get up and do…. what? Good question. Whatever we did in 1990. Probably make a hot chocolate with copious amounts of mini marshmallows on top and turn on some good old-fashioned cartoons, on a Tuesday morning, thank you very much.
  • Once it’s light out, bundle up and spend a big chunk of the day playing in the snow! Snowmen. Forts. Snowball fights. Make “paths” through the snow. You’re outside for most of the day. Any other time is spent blissfully rotating between playing, eating 1990’s snacks, then something like Spagehtti O’s for lunch, and probably watching some more cartoons. What a perfect day.


  • Your mom is already up an hour before you wake up because she’s a weirdo.
  • Your mom gets an email at 6 a.m. on her phone from the school titled “No School Today”.
  • As you wake up, your mom says, “School’s off, got an email from school.”
  • (fist pump/ “yes!” from 14 year old.)
  • Can’t look at the scrolling banner on the TV to confirm, because the satellite dish is currently covered with snow and we don’t have a signal at the moment. Someone needs to take a broom out on the deck and brush the snow off the dish so the TV will work again. But no rush, because Netflix isn’t linked to the satellite anyway. lol.
  • Next, settle in to watch some sort of show or more likely, video game in a little while once all your friends are up and logged on.
  • Playing in the snow is still a common event in the 2020’s in Wisconsin. Thankfully that hasn’t lost its allure. Although, there is certainly a difference in how much “snow play” happens at age 7 vs 14, that is for sure.

They will never know that feeling of having to wait to watch the scrolling banner, going crazy with anticipation! Between email, Facebook posts, and possibly friends messaging them, the scrolling banner sadly just does not have the same significance anymore.

It still exists though! I kinda love that at least that hasn’t changed in over 30 years. 🙂 It’s always still there, on the bottom of the local news.

My grown up version of “peeking out the bedroom window”…. peeking out of my office window to check on the status of the snow

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful that the boys get a snow day today, because even though the finding out part isn’t quite the same anymore, the excitement is still real. 🙂 Also, grateful it snowed overnight this time so Ivan is here and can deal with clearing the snow from the driveway instead of me. lol.

6 thoughts on “Snow day morning 1990 vs 2022”

  1. I know it’s another wet snow, but it’s so beautiful. Yes, a snow day when you’re a kid has its own joys, but I love getting out there to shovel when the trees are flocked with snow and everything is so quiet because of the noise dampening. What a lovely day it’s been today.


  2. you’ve got a lot of snow there!!!! i find that because of the easy access to devises, mundane things get less appreciated than when I was little. Now we need bigger things for kids to feel super special.


  3. That picture is beautiful.
    I didn’t go to a public school until Grade 9, so I only had 4 years of public cancellations (before I went to a little private school in a church and my Dad was the one who made the decisions about when to cancel school, so it was not very momentous)…but from Grade 9-12, I LIVED for snowdays. We got them very rarely (1, maybe 2, a winter). Ironically, I lived in a province with a lot of snow, but they rarely canceled for storms in that era. But every single time we got a big snowfall I would listen to the radio. That’s the only way I could get the news. And it was agonizing if I turned it on and they had just finished the news cycle and I had to wait through 2-3 songs before the announced cancellations again.
    But my goodness, it was the best feeling ever.
    Most of the time now, my heart sinks, because I find snow days hard to fill with the kids home. We live in a province without a lot of snow, but now they cancel CONSTANTLY for weather. Sometimes, when we’re all tired, or sick, or just need to some downtime, when I get my text/e-mail from the school board, I smile and roll over for an extra few minutes of sleep.


  4. This is a great post! I was just chatting with a group of my friends from high school about this because my friend sent a photo of the three feet of snow they got last weekend. We all went back and forth about how that is no longer so magical as it used to be. Shoveling and driving in snow is not that fun, so although it is beautiful, it has its ups and downs!

    When I was a kid and it snowed a lot and we did not have to go to school, we had to shovel off all the decks and roofs and walkways, because we have snow here that we call “Sierra cement” which is really heavy and wet and so it has to be removed in case it causes things to collapse. Or at least that’s what my Dad said, although it was probably an excuse to get us out of the house and to be productive!


  5. Oh yes I have great memories of snow days when I was a kid! It was so exciting! My mom is such an early riser so she would be the one to tell us! It was the best feeling to have a day of freedom! I remember when I was in high school, we had a 3-day stretch of snow days. We knew we were going to get snow so I went out to my cousin’s and spent the night so I could be cooped up with her instead of at home. I have great memories of that!

    I am very happy to be missing this snow! But we did not get as much as you guys did! We fly home today. Womp Womp.


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