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Weekend holiday prep + our favorite Christmas cookies

Happy Monday! This weekend was so nice. It was one of those weekends where the days felt long…. but not in a bad way. Both days started early around 6 a.m. and seemed to be filled with a lot of variety. That always makes time pass more slowly to me.

Ethan worked both mornings, and he had basketball Saturday afternoon. Ivan worked in the concessions stand. I drove morning swim carpool out to the far-away pool in a small town and killed time sitting at a McDonald’s with my laptop and a cup of hot tea.

We had a lot of lazy time on Saturday, too. We watched the end half of the Portugal/ Morocco game. Then after Ethan’s basketball we all watched the France/England game. What an exciting World Cup this has been!! Ivan and I also watched a couple episodes of our show before he went off to play soccer. I went to the gym at ~6:30 p.m. before the boys and I had our Christmas movie night. It was a very relaxing day!

Sunday was more productive. Here’s the rundown of Sunday:

  • morning blog post
  • did some online shopping- ordered 2 gifts for Ivan! Really about done with gift shopping now! (Minus the Ireland group… still didn’t get that done. Crap.)
  • Ivan did all the laundry.
  • Cardio workout at home while Ivan and Asher cleaned the bathrooms.
  • Shower
  • Out to lunch at Chipotle with Ivan and Asher! (E was at work still.) We each had a Reward coupon to use in our Chipotle app- one free entree, one free guac!
  • Then we stopped at Dick’s Sporting Goods to pick up a couple other little things, and to have Asher pick out a new water bottle for Ethan.
  • Afternoon= cookie baking time!! I put on a Hallmark movie and made a double batch of Mexican Wedding cookies, our all time favorite cookie. I also prepped dough for another type of cookies, but haven’t finished those yet. (I made these solo, but the boys will help do the frosted sugar cookies another time.)
  • Ivan ran to the store for me to pick up some more ingredients, so I should be set now for the rest of my baking needs.
  • Cookies turned out yummy, as usual!
I think I need to do one more roll in the powdered sugar though!! I think they were still too warm when I rolled them. The powdered sugar seemed to keep melting off, despite multiple passes. This usually doesn’t happen, but I think I usually wait until they are cooler.
  • After the cookies I spent about an hour on the phone with my co-volunteer coordinator trying to tie up some loose ends for our swim meet planning. The big winter meet is this weekend! Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
  • Then, I sat at my lap desk and addressed Christmas cards by the fire, while Ivan watched the movie we had all watched on Saturday night (8- Bit Christmas). I told him about it and he thought he’d like it. Asher was at the gym with a friend and Ethan was playing video games and then practicing piano for part of it, but they came out to watch the end half again. (“the funniest part”) Haha. They like to re-watch funny movies, anyway.

And that was it! Felt like a long day but a really nice weekend. Like I mentioned the other day, this was the first year in many years that Asher wasn’t at that 12 & Under State swim meet this weekend. A tiny bit sad that’s over, but mostly SO NICE to have this free weekend!!! Feeling very in the holiday spirit and mostly set. Just need to start wrapping. I often wait until pretty close to Christmas to start wrapping, but I think I’m going to try to get a jump start on it this year.

Oh! And in case anyone is interested, here is the recipe for my cookies that I use:

Mexican Wedding Cookies

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for a productive but also very nice/ relaxing weekend.

10 thoughts on “Weekend holiday prep + our favorite Christmas cookies”

    1. Well, at the rate we are going, we won’t have any cookies left on Christmas. lol! So I guess that is one reason to wait until closer. I keep saying, Omg we need to hide these cookies! (As I reach in and grab another one and put it in my mouth….)


  1. I’ve never made or had Mexican Wedding Cookies but have heard about them so many times. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

    Sounds like you’re making great progress on Christmas-related tasks, but in a very festive way. Like watching a Christmas movie while making the cookies. Love it!


  2. Those cookies look great! My mom is putting Paul to work this week as her helper with some holiday baking. He loves baking so I am sure he is having a blast!! I made sugar cookies for that party and that is all the baking I will do! But GF sweets just aren’t as good. Phil’s mom will make things and share them with Phil and the boys. I think Phil’s favorite is kiss cookies, aka peanut butter blossoms. Those were my favorite, too. I am sure I could find a GF recipe but just haven’t felt motivated to!

    You had a full weekend last weekend! Ours was a busy weekend of bringing the boys to my parents and then coming back and getting packed. But we had a good time up at the lake and the goodbye went ok. Will was upset but Paul barely cared! He almost didn’t come downstairs to tell us goodbye and give us hugs. He was just going to yell goodbye from upstairs! But better that than have him upset!


    1. Haha, too funny about Paul!! Lol!! “Yeah, hasta luego parents!” They will have such a fun time with your parents, and I’m sure your parents will cherish the special 1:1 time too! I hope all goes smoothly with your travels- or did, if you’re there already! I had it in my head you flew out Monday? If you’re in Mexico, I hope you’re having the best time!! Eat a taco or two for me 😉


      1. Yep, I’m in Mexico, enjoying the heat and humidity! I’ve been commenting on some blogs while Phil showers for dinner. We are having a great time – did lots of ocean swimming today. It’s in the 80s so feels amazing here!!

        We are getting updates from my mom and it sounds like the kids are having a blast. And they are sleeping extra good for them – go figure, they sleep later and will takes long naps when mom and dad are gone!


  3. The Mexican Wedding Cookies sound a lot like the almond crescent cookies that I traditionally make for Christmas (just with different nuts)… I should give those a try sometime 🙂
    I can’t believe you have a TV (?) in the kitchen to watch a Hallmark movie while baking. Genius!


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