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Do you have a favorite part of the holiday season? And a cat cartoon

Two Christmas related things:

1. Does anyone else have a favorite “part” of the holiday season?

For me, it’s sadly already kind of wrapping up. (My favorite part, not the holiday season itself.) I really like the period from approximately December 1st- 10th.

Here’s why:

So, before that is sort of still in Thanksgiving territory, and there are those people (who I can’t relate to 😉 ) that like to argue that you can’t do anything Christmas related before Thanksgiving. (They are wrong, just FYI. 😜)

In my case, I do typically start holiday prep by mid-November, but it’s not my “favorite” part of the season. The initial tasks I do then (sorting the lights, buying the lights, lugging the decorations out, putting everything up, etc.) are all rather labor intensive. I mean, it’s fun, too, and I do like doing it all, in a way, but I honestly really like it all best once it’s done. The part I most enjoy is just LOOKING at and ENJOYING all of my decorations, while I sit by the fire. 🙂

Usually by early December, the bulk of those heavier tasks are done. Also by then, the rest of the world is fully on board with it being Holiday Season. Christmas music is everywhere, decorations are everywhere, no one is saying, “It’s too early!” anymore. The Christmas tree lots are buzzing and I get all warm and fuzzy feeling driving by them seeing all the trees lined up and people loading them onto their cars. (Even though we are #teamfaketree.) It feels like the very first few days of vacation- it’s just begun! You have this whole long trip ahead of you to enjoy.

But by somewhere in the December 10-15th range, something shifts a little.

There starts to be this sense of urgency; “Christmas is almost here!!” You start to hear mentions of “only X shopping days left!” and the websites start displaying the banners that say, “hurry- order by December 18th to guarantee arrival by Christmas!” and things like that.

The Christmas tree lots are empty or emptying out by this point.

And so for some reason, even though the actual holiday itself still is yet to happen, and I know there still will be plenty of holiday cheer to go around, I get this little twinge of sadness in the ~December 15-20 range. It starts to feel like it’s “almost over”. It’s like Day 8 of your 10-day vacation when you start getting the reminder email from the airline to do your online check in for your return flight home.

I guess maybe I almost like the anticipation of Christmas more than anything! I suppose this is why I personally like to start the season nice and early, because even with as long as it is, it still always seems to fly by.

Can anyone else relate to this? Do you have a favorite part of the season?

2. A Christmas movie recommendation:

A friend shared on FB about a movie called “8-Bit Christmas” and said it was a great family movie. It’s set in the 80s, and the whole premise revolves around a bunch of middle schoolers trying desperately to get their hands on a classic Nintendo for Christmas. (For good reason, because that thing was the bomb!)

It’s FULL of the most charming 80’s references- like Trapper Keepers, old school video games, funny mentions of how different parenting was back then (like no one requiring kids to wear a helmet while riding a bike….lol) and a ton more that I can’t remember right now. But it was so cute! And a total hit of some classic 80s nostalgia.

We watched it on HBO Max- not sure if it’s available elsewhere. Definitely recommend! So funny and cute and has a great family message at the end! The boys loved it.

3. A cat cartoon

And although I am not a cat owner, I still always get a kick out of “cat jokes” and memes:

“You’re a lovable jerk, not a barbarian!” 😂

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for being able to watch Ethan play basketball yesterday. He has improved so much since last year and seems much more confident, and it seems like it’s just going to be a really fun season for him! (8th grade season! Last one before high school!! 😦 )

6 thoughts on “Do you have a favorite part of the holiday season? And a cat cartoon”

  1. I also start getting slightly melancholy about mid-December. It always hits me hard after Christmas is over, mostly because I really mind the cold/snow and it doesn’t really start in our region until AFTER Christmas. So I know the hard/dark months are ahead. I do wish Christmas was early February?!

    This year it has been extra hard to feel festive because the kids have been sick. I’m trying my best – watching some holiday movies, baking cookies etc – but I’m exhausted from nursing them for the last week+…and so I almost feel like I’ve missed my favourite part of the holiday season. We were going to look at Christmas lights tonight but the kids are both still sick and I said: There is still lots of time before Christmas…and it’s true. I’ll just have to lump a lot of fun activities right in and around the last week before Christmas, which might make it seem extra festive?!


  2. That cat comic is funny!!

    I know that melancholy feeling you describe. I don’t get that feeling around Christmas but it’s because by the 26th I am ready to have my house back to normal and to be back to a normal schedule! My favorite parts of the holiday are the cookie decorating party I host each year and then Christmas Eve. We spend Christmas Eve with some of Phil’s extended family. I love this family so much. Even though they are just cousins of Phil, they include us in their celebration so we have some extended family to celebrate with. Phil is much younger than them. So their kids are all in college or beyond. So they really dote on our boys and seem to love having us there since kids make Christmas extra magical. The gathering is super low key. We go to church with them some years and then there is a big appetizer spread and usually some activity like decorating cookies. But it’s fun to just mingle with everyone.


  3. loveable jerk. hahahha…..
    December is month of celebration for our family because it’s my husband and my birthdays, and the girls love Christmas eve traditions. as we move around,, we do little in term of home decor or traditions, but we always celebrate birthdays and do gifts for the Christmas.
    Ideally, I’d like to spend more time with my extended family in china during the holidays. i hope we can go back to celebrate Chinese new year soon/


  4. We have taken off the week between Christmas and New Year’s for the last two years, so I really like Christmas Eve and Christmas Day themselves because I know we’ll have a nice chill week after all the madness that is getting ready for those two days!


  5. I’ve never thought of it before but I do love the time period you mention! It is such a lovely, holiday feeling. I mean, I kind of like it all, but that is a pretty low stress and fun time. I need to get some wrapping done! Only 12 days to do it (and wrapping is hard for me!)


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