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Weekend so far, holiday parties + wondering something….

Asher is off in Iowa, as mentioned previously. My weekend started Friday afternoon with helping to get him packed up and to the high school to leave by 4 p.m. It was a group of I think around 34 kids: 30 teenaged girls and 4 boys. Haha. Poor boys! They are very outnumbered. (It’s high school boys swim season, so most of the 13+ aged boys are in high school and not swimming club right now, hence the low number of boys.)

They went in two of these rented 15 passenger vans, plus another regular minivan. It was a 5 hour drive! I hope for the sake of the dad driving (a parent chaperone) that the kids weren’t too loud and obnoxious on the drive to Des Moines. lol.

Side note: I spent my drive home wondering if perhaps I am a bad parent. Ha. Hear me out.

So this meet, it was listed as a “team travel meet”. It specifically said that the kids would travel with the team, and stay in hotel rooms as a team, etc. i.e parents didn’t need to go.

At the drop off, I learned that this one set of parents (NOT chaperones for the trip) was driving separately to Iowa, also staying at the hotel (but not with their kids, of course, because it was required that the kids stay with their teammates). Both of this family’s 2 kids are on the team. When I heard they were going to Iowa, I was a little confused- like, why would they want to drive 5 hours and spend the whole weekend at the meet, if the kids are already being taken care of with the team?? I asked the mom why they were going, and she said, “Oh, just to watch the kids swim. Nothing better to do!”

And then I immediately felt like maybe there is something wrong with me, because I feel like if I had the opportunity for BOTH of my kids to be away for the whole weekend, the last thing I would do would be to unnecessarily follow them and tie up my whole weekend at yet another swim meet! Seriously, I would have been elated to have an empty, quiet house, with just my husband, for 2 1/2 days.

I also can’t relate to saying that I have “nothing better to do” on the weekend of December 3-5, with Christmas in 3 weeks. I can think of approximately 4,267 other things that I could/should do this weekend, off the top of my head.

Hmm. I mean, obviously to each their own! They are welcome to attend any swim meets that they would like, and it’s their life and their family. I’m not judging their decision. It just made me wonder….. am I jerk or something for having NO desire to do that?? I love my kids to death, but I gotta be honest, a weekend with an empty house just sounds too good to pass up. (But again, maybe that is just my cold-hearted mom self talking. lol)

Anyway, as they all trekked off to Iowa, I went home and did a ~25 minute stretching video in my office by the light of my newly hung twinkle lights:

It was so relaxing. Friday night ~5:15 p.m.

Then I went for a 20 minute walk in the dark before Ivan got home.

Saturday morning was also kind of dreamy. Ethan had to work in the morning, and Ivan was going in to work for a little bit, too. I ended up with the house ALL to myself. I spent a long time just puttering around, doing some dishes and cleaning out the fridge and finally washing and putting away the tablecloths from Thanksgiving, etc. I also kept an eye on the US vs Netherlands World Cup, which not surprisingly, did not go in our favor.

They ended up losing 1-3. It was 1-2 at one point, and their hopes were rekindled…. but then the Dutch scored that 3rd goal, and it was pretty much all over then.

Argentina played Australia after that, which was also a good game. I cleaned out my email while that played in the background, too.

Ethan had basketball at 2 and Ivan took him to that. I ended up staying home because we had my Division of Transplantation holiday party last night and I had a few things to do and wanted to start getting ready.

I ran over to Walgreens to buy some of my FAVORITE Impress nails to do a quick manicure. THESE ARE SO AMAZING. Honestly, they are so good. I don’t think I’ll ever get my nails done in a salon again. (Not that I do that often, anyway. My standard everyday “look” for my nails is super duper short, no polish, probably a hang nail or two and scraggly looking cuticles….sigh).

These press on nails are cheap (they used to be $5.99, but like everything, they’ve increased in price- I believe they are ~$8.99 at Walgreens now). But they are WAY cheaper than a real manicure, and I actually prefer the look of them much more than a gloppy salon gel manicure anyway. (I haven’t had the best luck with those! Every time I get my nails done in a salon I feel horrified by the price, and only marginally pleased with the results.)

Since I play the piano, I can’t stand having long nails at all (even the ones I buy, which are the “short” version feel pretty long to me). So these are perfect, because I can stick them on, enjoy them temporarily, and then I just take them off a few days later, or after the vacation, or whatever. They last easily a full week without any issues. If I paid salon prices for a set of nails, I’d feel forced to leave them on much longer. And a simple painted manicure never seems to work for me- not sure why, but every time I end up with chipped nails in like, a day. These press on nails never, ever chip. They look perfect the whole time I have them on, up to a week or more.

The sets always come with some sort of fancy option for the 4th finger, which I usually discard and just do all my nails plain…but since we were going to a holiday party, I decided to use the sparkly option for once!

Okay, I’m totally blabbing on here, and this is getting very long. Long story short- we went to the Division of Transplantation holiday party downtown. It was okay. Only a couple people from my current department were there, so it was a little “meh”. Lots of the surgeons and medical directors etc were roaming around, but besides a smile and a brief “hello”, I do not really have close relationships with them to sit and chit chat. The bright spot in the night was reconnecting with a handful of nurses I used to work with on the inpatient unit. That was great!

courtesy of Ethan. Kids were invited- they had a cookie decorating room for kids, but at 14, I figured he would mostly just be bored at the party. So we let him stay home.
I liked the look of my red gloves. 🙂 Christmas time! I thought I had a red scarf, but I couldn’t find it.

We stayed for a couple hours, and then left and stopped for another drink at a cozy Irish pub close to home. That place always decorates nicely for Christmas. We sat at the bar and had a glass of wine and ended up ordering some cheese curds, because why not eat deep fried cheese at 9 pm.

We went home by around 10 pm and turned on the TV, and like the very exciting folks that we are, we both fell asleep on the floor in front of the fireplace until midnight. Ethan apparently put himself to bed at some point in there. hahaha.

Today is a wide open day. Hoping to get to the GYM as I’m going to start the new monthly strength program this week for December. Also need to make a dent in some more Christmas shopping!!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for my press on nails. Such a great option!

a zoom in on my nails 😉 Don’t they look nice, for $8.99??

14 thoughts on “Weekend so far, holiday parties + wondering something….”

  1. Don’t feel bad about not going. I probably would have stayed behind, too. I think it’s ok to take a parenting break from every once in a while especially if you know that he is going to have fun with his team mates.


  2. love your nails!!! how can you have it as manicured without the manicure? i feel like everytime I go to do mani they spend a long time cleaning and shaping us because my nails are just so messy. anyway… you look great in that shade combo, very festival.
    don’t feel bad about the parents who had nothing else to do. sofia went to an overnight trip with the class, I didn’t even go to the orientation and felt zero guilt about it. they are old enough to handle themselves, actually we are doing them a favor for not following as they are fully by themselves, the whole point of those trips. other parents might have different views, they could be more attached to their children than other way around…. and don’t even realize it. I think we should enjoy our time away from our children… it seems you had a great day, even mini date with Ivan 🙂 so funny that you both fell asleep though…


    1. Since they are press on nails, I feel like they sort of just cover the very edges of my real nails where there could be loose skin or hang nails etc. So even without a full manicure, they actually look really good!! The nails come in different sizes, so you just have to go through the set and find the ones for each finger that match best and lay them out, in order, before you apply them. It’s so easy! And I’m bad at things like this normally, hahah.


  3. Honestly, my parents were helicopter parents and they would have gone. And, frankly, I would have liked a break from them. So, it’s not you, it’s them. It’s fun for everyone to have some alone time now and again.


    1. Yes, it’s so funny- on the way to drop him off, I mentioned to Asher that the coach had sent a message asking if any parents were planning to attend, because if so, he wanted to see if they could throw some extra luggage in that car for the ride. Asher got sort of concerned looking and said, “Wait, you’re not going, right??” hahaha! I was like, nope, don’t worry….I will not be there. You’re on your own with your friends! 😉 He said, “Oh, good!” haha.


  4. Your thoughts about the other parents are far more generous than mine would have been 😉 It wouldn’t have even crossed my mind to go to that. I watch enough of my kids sports/activities that if given the option to NOT some of the time, I definitely take it. Especially for a whole weekend?? The FUN of those events is that your parents ARE NOT THERE.


    1. Exactly what my son thought! He checked to make sure I was NOT going because I think that is precisely what he was excited about- the weekend away “on his own”, with friends.


  5. Are you kidding?! I would 100% stay home. You’re an incredible, very involved parent who also enjoys time to unwind without kids.
    And I agree with others – most of the fun of those weekends is NOT having parents around.

    Love the nails!!! (And the red gloves!!) (And the gorgeous dress!!!!!!).


    1. Right! Although in fairness, based on some pics I saw on FB, I think it looks like this other couple spent the weekend out and about doing some tourist stuff, enjoying the city, etc.- so it does look like they stayed out of their kids’ hair and weren’t helicoptering around them or anything. 😉 So maybe they just figured it was a nice excuse for a little couples getaway, and then they also snuck into the bleachers to just watch their kids’ swims.


  6. I can’t imagine going to that meet. The 5 hour drive alone would have been a no go for me. I HATE driving so much, though. Even before kids I did not like road trips. Now I loathe them! So don’t feel guilty at all for not going – especially at this time of year when there is other stuff to do.

    Your nails look great! So when you take them off, they don’t damage your nails? That is my main beef w/ manicures – they tend to ruin your nail beds/take the top layer of my nail off. So I very rarely get manicures and if I do, I just have them paint my nails.


    1. Nope, they don’t damage my nails at all!! Maybe because I really never leave them on for more than a week? All I get is a little sticky residue from the press on adhesive when I peel them off, but that comes right off with a soapy hand wash.


  7. I was going to say, like some others, I am sure the kids of these parents would have preferred they spend a nice quiet weekend at home.
    Do not feel bad AT ALL for not wanting to go to yet another swim meet, if it’s not necessary for you to be there… esp. the first weekend of December LOL

    Super intrigued by your nails – they look so pretty. I don’t get manicures for the same reason, need my nails short (because I type a lot and can’t really work with longer nails) and if I get a manicure, I usually just get them pained. No artificial nails… but the press on seem like a nice option for special occasions!


  8. I once read/heard somewhere, “If you are wondering if you’re a bad parent – you aren’t.” I think in the pantheon of bad parenting in this world… the bar is pretty high to truly be a bad parent.


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