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A Broadway night and the end of appt. overload?

Pretty Woman!!

Last night Ivan and I went to see the Broadway musical Pretty Woman! On a Wednesday night, at 7:30 p.m.!

Definitely classifies as an adventure this week, though with our fall weekend + my birthday + now this, this whole past week has felt extra adventurous.

Side note- for Laura’s “one little adventure, one big adventure” rule from her Tranquility by Tuesday book, I’m not really sure what classifies as big vs little. I think a walk in a new park would = a little adventure. Or maybe… I don’t know, buying a sandwich from a new shop. Or taking the kids to a coffee shop for fancy hot chocolate.

I feel like in my case, the Badgers hockey game + fall Dells weekend getaway = a big adventure. Going to a Broadway show also = a big adventure, I think? Although it really just took a couple hours of time…. so maybe technically not? Who knows/ who cares- of course I need to overthink the rule. lol. Anyway, they were both fun and felt like bigger, out of the norm adventures. 🙂 )

Downtown yet AGAIN! I think that makes 3 times this month! Maybe a recent record.

The show was great!! Aren’t they always?? I do not think we’ve been to a theater performance like this since pre-covid times, and it was so exciting to be back.

We stopped for a very quick dinner before the show:

At the show, we had just gotten settled into our seats when I heard a voice say my name. I looked up, and one of my best college friends was standing there!!! She and another friend were there to see the show, and she had the seat right next to mine!!! I couldn’t believe it! I hadn’t seen this friend in probably almost 4 years. It was the most ironic thing- out of the great big theater, seriously- we were not only at the same showing but also seated next to each other?!

What a fun and happy surprise. 🙂

End of appointment season… maybe?

I’m also happy to report that I think all these appointments are finally wrapping up! Kind of. It never really ends though, does it.

I had a Dr. appointment on Monday afternoon. (At which I also got both my new covid booster and flu shot, on my birthday, I’d like to point out, to my children who always whine about shots….)

Yesterday just felt like a super full day.

Started very early at 4:45 with getting Asher off to 5:30 a.m. swim practice. I dropped him off at home around 7 a.m. after practice and handed the boys’ school drop-off off to Ivan. I then headed straight to the grocery store for an early morning shop. (Which was AMAZING and I think needs to get regularly scheduled in. Seriously, the store was empty except for a handful of people. The whole experience was 500x better than on a Saturday. Grocery shopping is one of my least favorite “chores”, but Wednesday morning at 7:15 a.m. was perfectly blissful.)

After that + work the rest of the day (no workout happened, boo…), I had an eye doctor appointment at the end of the day. NOT a fan of getting my eyes dilated. Ugh. It’s just so annoying to not be able to see right for a few hours!

Then, dinner + the show! It felt like a lot of things for one day. Ha. My eyes were getting heavy during the last act as it was pushing almost 10 p.m. before it ended.

Today I have one more appointment- the piano tuner is coming at 11:00. But at least it’s at home, and I can just keep working through that.

Then- no appointments on the calendar until a November 7th ortho for Ethan!! And I only see one other dr. appt for him in November.

I get so burned out by constant schedule interruptions, so I really, really hope I can avoid any other appts for a bit. Although, I do need a haircut/ color…. so, I should probably schedule that soon. (And that’s a long one….).

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for the TALENT of the actors and musicians in Broadway shows. So amazing.

13 thoughts on “A Broadway night and the end of appt. overload?”

  1. What a fun night – especially since you sat next to an old friend! That is so random!! I love Pretty Woman so would love to see the Broadway version of it. I haven’t been to a show in a long time either! I feel like I need to see matinees these days though because I struggle to stay up until 10-11pm. Ha.

    That’s good that you are nearing the end of lots of appointments. I feel like I always have a lot of appointments… There is just always something! I have a follow up OB appt, my mammogram, a special eye test I need due to being on a med for RA, then a follow-up appt to go over that special eye test that I couldn’t schedule the same day (and has been rescheduled twice in the last month!), and then my rheum appt plus the boys flu shots and Will’s 2y appt, and it goes on and on. It will get a little bit better when Will is down to 1 well child check/year which I think happens at 3? And if Paul was a little bigger/heartier, we could go to a pharmacy for his flu shot. But he is so tiny so I don’t know how a deltoid shot would work w/ his skinny arms. So I had to book a nurse appt to get their flu shots. Plus he does NOT handle shots well so it’s probably best to take him to a nurse that is used to screaming patients. Eeks.

    I think the Dells trip and the musical are def big adventures! Anything that require some more advanced planning is a big adventure to me, but I have a low bar in this stage of life and don’t have a ton of bandwidth for ‘big’ adventures. Most of our little adventures are going to the park, going to the library, going on a walk to look at Halloween decorations, going to the Farmer’s Market. Big adventures are going to the zoo, a special park meet up with friends. I don’t do many big adventures without my kids! So I guess that is something to work on in 2023!


    1. Okay, your appointment situation sounds even worse than mine, so I should probably zip it over here! lol!! Yikes. That sounds exhausting! I think I let appointment disruptions bother me more than they logically should. ha. I think most of my days are pretty “full” as is, without any extras, so the only way I can fit things like a workout or a walk in is very strategically around my work/ family hours. But then when an appointment has to fit in there too, I usually have to give up something else that I want to do (like my walk or workout!). So perhaps that’s why I get SO cranky about appts… I suppose I could be better about just using PTO for appointments, and then I wouldn’t necessarily need to give up anything (besides work- but using PTO). However since my job is so flexible, I technically can usually shift things around to fit appts in around work without having to burn much PTO… but again, then I have to cut some of my other break/non-work activities.


      1. Nah, you still have had a lot of appointments to manage and a reason to vent!! And like me, they all tend to fall on you since Ivan has less flexibility. I am glad I can squeeze some things into the work day, like my dentist is in my building downtown. And I can make up for time I miss at appointments by working earlier/later like you. I don’t know what I would do if I was a teacher or nurse or something who can not just come and go! I rarely use PTO for appointments since it’s hard to schedule multiple appts in a day and it’s not really how I want to use my time off! The worst was when I was pregnant and had weekly ultrasound + NSTs in the final 7-8 weeks of pregnancy. My coworkers/boss were super understanding, though.


  2. I am puzzled by the differentiation between big adventure and little adventure myself. I took the dog to a park near our house, which is just a normal day, but she was brave enough to cross a bridge she’s previously been too scared to (progress!) and since then we were in a new section of the park (it’s an island and there was no one else there, so I let her off leash!), is that a little adventure? It felt like it to me. Does a big adventure have to be leaving the square mile where I live? LOL.

    I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and I got a flu shot at the same time and I had no adverse reactions from it – not even a sore arm. Compared to COVID shots, it was really NBD. I don’t get my eyes dilated anymore! My eye doctor has a machine called and optomap and they say it’s better than dilation, so I go with it! Maybe you can see if it’s an option for you?


    1. My eye doctor does offer the machine option instead of dilation, but I’d have to pay like $35 extra for that option (apparently my vision insurance either doesn’t cover it or that’s my share). Since dilation is included with the exam for no additional charge, I always just go with that option. If the machine were free, I’d definitely do that!


      1. Yes, I guess I do pay extra for it. It’s worth it to me to not have dilated eyes, plus the view is better and they can show you photos of the inside of your eye, which is how I know I have a freckle in my left eye.


    2. I read Laura’s blog some, and her little adventures always sound like big adventures to me. 😂 I guess my bar for adventures is pretty low.


      1. I agree with you! Like, going to a museum in the middle of my work day like I think she does sometimes would feel like a very big adventure. lol. But I’m pretty sure that would be classified a little adventure for her. 🙂


  3. Yay for musicals. I just love theatre and I’m so glad you carved out the time on a Wednesday evening to do just that.
    I think this is definitely a BIG adventure, but Laura points out in the book that the definition is fluid and something becomes an adventure by us naming it as such! You seem like a VERY adventurous person, though I can see it feeling exhausting sometimes, especially when it has to fit in and around “life.”

    I love those random moments like you’re describing in sitting next to your friend. And those pictures of downtown look lovely and quaint, especially all lit up at night ❤


    1. Yes, I kind of think that it doesn’t really matter if it’s a big or little adventure, so long as there are a couple of sort of extra/ intentional things in your week that might not have happened otherwise. Like the idea of walking in a new place, or making a point to go on a special drive to see a house that goes all out for Halloween decorations, or something like that. Obviously a vacation or a truly other big event fits the bill, but I kind of think I like focusing on adding in some little “extra” things that are just small even better! I’m not naturally the best at remembering to do that sometimes, so this has been so on my mind as I’m reading TBT.


  4. What a fun night out. I haven’t went out for a show or movie with hubby for a long time. I feel like living grandma’s life. Hahaha. So funny to bump to a friend in a show.


  5. How wonderful. I haven’t been to a show in ages… what a great weeknight treat! 🙂 And I do hope you’re at the end of appointment season…it ‘s so exhausting to keep up with all of it (I can imagine even more if you’re juggling multiple people’s schedules!).


  6. Oh, yay. Glad you got downtown (again!). Was it crowded on a weeknight? I’ve always wondered.
    Your appointment overload has now landed on my calendar – appointments this week for internal medicine (Tuesday), and my eye appointment (which also includes visual fields, blech) Thursday. And, I have to be on campus Monday AND Wednesday. I have a feeling that, come Friday, I will be pretty much useless!
    And yes, the distinction between “big” and “little” adventures baffles me, too. Count me among the many, apparently!


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