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I’m happy to report that my week has done pretty much a full turnaround.

After spending much of Monday (okay, and part of Tuesday) sort of wrapped around the axle in a bit of a stress-induced spiral, I feel much better today.

I credit this with the fact that yesterday afternoon (Wednesday) I decided to reach out directly to the person that had mis-communicated/ put me on the spot at Monday’s meeting (and then had proceeded to provide some not-so-positive feedback, after).

Ultimately, I decided that it was not fair (to me) to just sit back and pretend that it didn’t happen. I wanted it to be clear that I was not simply “unprepared” or anything of the sort, and that in fact I would have been very prepared- had I been in the loop on the plans! (Again, I had reached out repeatedly for clarification in advance, and let’s just say I have written confirmation that indicates that this other person was going to be running the leadership meeting…)

Fortunately, she was extremely receptive to my feedback!!! She actually totally agreed with me that she had miscommunicated, and she apologized. She basically said she was just super busy last week and the whole thing kind of slipped through her fingers. (Which was actually my assumption- but it still didn’t help me out on Monday morning.)

She also said she was grateful to me for having the courage to stand up for myself and say something, for “challenging” her a bit on this. She said that it was a good reminder for her of just how important good, clear communication is- and she admitted that she kind of dropped the ball on this one.

I felt SO MUCH BETTER after that conversation. I just feel like I totally cleared the air, and I can now stop ruminating about this. The fact that she was so open and receptive to this conversation was such a relief to me, too.

Thursday Misc.

Here are a few random pics from yesterday:

The Wisconsin state Capitol building, on a beautiful October afternoon.

We took the boys to tour a high school yesterday afternoon (omg, getting real… Ethan is in 8th grade… high school is most definitely ON the horizon now at this point, and inching closer by the second….). On the way home, Ethan snapped this picture as we drove by. BEAUTIFUL!!

And another random leaf pic, this one taken by me from my van window after I dropped Ethan off at his piano teacher’s house:

Is that a pretty tree or what?!

And, my copy of Tranquility by Tuesday arrived on… Tuesday! (This just dawned on me- Laura must have planned the release to be on a Tuesday?? Or was this just pure luck?)

So far I am only on the intro. Haven’t had a ton of time to read it yet. But I’m so excited, because I feel like I “know” Laura from her podcasts/ blog, so it all feels more personal to me than just some other random author. 🙂

Up today…. a back/biceps workout, work, parent teacher conferences, Asher’s cross country party after school, driving Ethan to soccer practice and then dropping Asher at the pool. Yay Thursday! haha.

Quote of the Day:

There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.” -Peter Drucker

(OOH I love this one!! Such a great point.)

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for clearing up that work issue.

8 thoughts on “Better”

  1. I’m SO glad you were able to connect with the person and that the air has been cleared. I had a few situations last year at work where I thought someone was upset with me and when I finally summoned the courage to approach the person about the issue, I had been 100% misinterpreting the situation. But not before spending way too much time ruminating on my false story. I know that’s not exactly what happened here – the person DID put you on the spot unfairly – but I can just so relate to the rumination and to feeling much better once the situation has been discussed openly.

    Those pictures are beautiful. I just LOVE fall leaves – forever and ever it will be my favourite seasonal transition.

    That’s great you got your copy of TBT already! Mine isn’t supposed to arrive in Canada until next week – whomp, whomp.


  2. I am so glad you were able to clear up that situation. Good for you for standing up for yourself, and I’m glad that person recognized you for standing up for yourself, too. The turn of events was really not at all fair to you and then to get critical feedback on top of it all makes it even worse!

    I am loving all of the fall leaves! And since I go on so many walks with the boys, I notice and appreciate them way more than I would otherwise. Pre-kids I did not go for nearly as many walks. Phil and I carpool together on the days I go into the office, and he always drives so I also notice the leaves more in the car since I don’t have to focus on traffic/driving/etc. It’s such a beautiful time of year and can go by so fast so you have to really stop and notice the beauty!


  3. I am so glad you spoke up … and even better that the person didn’t deny what happened, but took responsibility for it, too. Clear, open communication is the only thing that works in this kinda situation!


  4. GO YOU! This is awesome. I’m SO glad you spoke up and that the person *actually took responsibility*. Wow. A rarity, I’d argue. Hope the weeks continue to be a bit more positive.


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