Good day, Life

5 out of 5 day

Yesterday was a 5/5 day on my mood ranking chart! I don’t give those out too often.

What made it such a good day? Well, nothing special, really. It was just a nice day.

1. THE WEATHER. After a terrible spring, it was sunny and ~60 degrees yesterday.

2. I liked how I scheduled my day. With the water meter appointment at 10:30, I decided to sort of lump my lunch hour at the beginning of my day instead. So, after I got the boys off to school, I immediately went for a short walk, did my workout (Core Inferno- only 22 minutes!) and took a shower. I started work a bit late, but by then I had checked all my boxes and was then able to settle in for a solid, uninterrupted workday.

3. The water meter guys were very friendly and pleasant for a few minutes of chit chat. The whole thing was quick and easy.

4. Around ~3:00, I was feeling sleepy (remember, spider dream 4 am wake up yesterday). I needed a little break anyway, so I went upstairs and took a 10 minute nap on our sunroom couch. I don’t think I even really slept, but it just felt nice to close my eyes for a few minutes. (+ the birds chirping, sunny room felt warm and good)

5. I didn’t have to drive anyone anywhere last night!! Ethan’s 5:00 piano lesson was virtual (just a one time thing due to scheduling for the teacher), and Asher got picked up by carpool for swim. YAY!! All the driving around does wear on me sometimes. It is nice to have a night to just BE HOME.

6. I spent some time outside with the boys while we all picked up sticks in the yard. What fun. haha. But, it needed to be done. Ethan then cut the grass for the first time this season.

7. Asher and I walked to the gas station/ market for some hamburger buns. It was beautiful out and we chatted and this was great. I always wish I lived somewhere where I could walk to a real grocery store, like people seem to sometimes in other countries. The idea of walking to a market for fresh food each day or two sounds so nice and quaint.

8. We made burgers on the grill + cantaloupe and sweet corn for dinner. A total summer meal and it was all delicious.

9. Both boys asked me to hit the volleyball around with them outside, at different times. It was really fun! The sky was pretty, it actually wasn’t freezing for once, and it felt good to move.

10. Speaking of movement, I hit over 14,000 steps yesterday!! This is the first time over 10,000 in way too long. Honestly, with my sedentary job, I really have to WORK to get over 10,000….. walking my normal 20 minute loop + a standard workout doesn’t get me there.

11. I made banana bread out of some old bananas after dinner. Haven’t tried it yet (no carbs left by the end of the day….oh well). But that’s getting added to my list for today!!

12. I spent ~35 minutes or so sitting in my cozy sunroom just puttering around on my laptop. Read a few blog posts, responded to some comments, etc. while drinking some tea. It had been a full day, and this felt relaxing.

13. We missed This is Us on Tuesday night, so even though it was probably a little too late, we put the episode on around 9:30. Finally got to hear Miguel’s story! I liked it. 🙂

14. I saw this funny meme, which made me laugh a little too hard. (Because, not naming names, but this might be one of my children….).

By the way, Happy Cinco de Mayo! Friendly yearly reminder that it’s not their Independence Day. 🤣 For more history, my favorite parable and a great splattering of some of my favorite pics from our trips all around Mexico, see this post I wrote in 2020.

Thoughts of the Day: In honor of Cinco de Mayo, how about a couple Spanish proverbs??

  1. En boca cerrada no entran moscas.

Translation: “No flies enter a closed mouth.”

Meaning…..Stay quiet. Mind your own business! Don’t comment on things you don’t actually know about. Oh I love this one.

2. Agua que no has de beber, dejala correr.

Translation: “Water that you shouldn’t drink, let it run.”

Meaning….. Don’t get involved with something that’s not yours to get involved with! Stay out of things that you can’t or shouldn’t deal with. Kind of similar to #1, but more about not doing things you shouldn’t, versus just keeping your mouth shut. 😉

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for pot holders for removing hot items from the oven.

6 thoughts on “5 out of 5 day”

  1. We talked about Cinco de Mayo on the way to school today! I did not know much about it, but Phil gave a brief explanation to Pablo, which he probably won’t remember but oh well. I’m always amazed at how much my husband knows about historical events, geography, etc. That is an area of weakness for me!

    I had emailed you this morning to ask if you watched TIU. I cried! I think it was the combo of the montage of his life + the Billy Joel song. It was just so emotional to watch. I can’t remember the last movie or tv show that made me cry so it’s a big deal when something makes me cry!

    I’m glad you had a 5/5 day! The nice weather is giving me a huge mood boost! Spring was just SO AWFUL! I had a nice day yesterday, too. I ran with my neighbor in the morning, had a client pitch mid-day that went well, and then bought some new running shoes on the way home from the client meeting.


  2. The weather yesterday was so mood altering! I took the dog for an extra long walk, went for a run outside, and just tried to be out as much as possible. Maybe, just maybe, we’re turning this season around?


  3. I’ve never watched This Is Us, but it sounds like a great show!

    I love days like this – ordinary, but wonderful. Sounds like the perfect mix of time outside, productive work, relaxing, good food…and just living life in an intentional, lovely way. ❤

    "No flies enter a closed mouth." This is brilliant and I just might mention it to an unnamed child in my household that has a tendency to…how shall I put this…open their mouth to say things that would better left unsaid.


  4. I love the proverbs from other languages. I shared many German proverbs during NaBloPoMo in recent years. So much wisdom. These Spanish ones are great. #languagenerdsunite

    I am glad you had such a good day and blogged about it. Sometimes we need to remember to write down these perfectly fine days because we’re so easy to forget when things go awry!


  5. Sounds like a perfect day, I can totally see how it was a 5 star day for you!

    So sorry about the spider dream. Horrid! I have a recurring dream, in which I wake up in my bed and see a huge spider right by me. In real life I sit up, put the lamp on and start searching for the spider and then wake up at some point and feel really confused about whether the spider was real.

    I love those Spanish proverbs! So much wisdom in a few words, most of us (definitely me!) would do well to live by them. Do you speak Spanish fluently?

    And that dinner sounds delicious. Corn on the cob is one of my faves! I’m curious why some of your kernels are different shades of yellow? Over here they’re all one uniform shade. These little differences fascinate me!


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