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Workday appointments, resisting temptation and spider dreams

Good morning….I’ve been up since about 4:18 a.m., when I woke suddenly from dream. In the dream, I had felt a little something under my pillow. So, (in the dream), I of course moved my pillow, and found dozens of SPIDERS crawling all over the bed! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like, big, black, disgusting spiders!!

Ivan and I were (again, in this very realistic and horrifying dream) frantically trying to “catch” them in cups and kill them and whatever you’d do if your bed was filled with spiders. OMG. What in the heck?

Anyway, oddly, after that, I had a bit of a hard time falling back to sleep. hehehe. How gross and creepy. I laid there for almost an hour before getting up, feeling kind of twitchy and itchy and suddenly suspicious of my bed.

Resisting a grilled cheese sandwich

Day 9 of macro tracking TRIED to pull its usual fast one on me, but after posting about my recurrent “Day 8 of New Challenges Weakness Syndrome” yesterday, I felt extra compelled to not succumb to it. It was a pretty crappy, rainy day here though, and my mood by late afternoon wasn’t great.

After running the boys to several activities, I sort of accidentally missed my preferred window to make dinner. It was getting late, Ethan still had soccer practice to get to and I had a sudden thought of, “You know, I could just really go for a grilled cheese sandwich.

Not that there is anything wrong with eating a grilled cheese, but I had planned on a shrimp/chicken/bell pepper combo thing for dinner- which would definitely meet my protein + macros goal a lot better than a grilled cheese was going to.

I did the little internal battle for a second, and then decided I did have time to make the shrimp dish and tabled the grilled cheese craving for another day. 🙂 +1- me, 0- the gooey bread and cheese.

Made with a guajillo pepper sauce…which in my haste didn’t turn out quite as I wanted, but oh well. It was still pretty good.

Work Day Appts:

Today I have a Water Utilities guy coming over at 10:30 to replace our water meter. Apparently its something the city needs to do, so I got a letter about it and had to schedule an appt.

I’m pleased with myself for actually thinking ahead to which day this appointment fit best into my schedule.

Because I work from home, and my job is rather flexible, I have a tendency to always say, “Oh, whenever you have an opening is fine,” when scheduling appointments. And then I end up kind of resenting having to fit my life around the appointment when that day comes.

Well, now that I’m back in the gym, and in a bit of a more set schedule there, I’m trying to be more aware of this.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday are my current gym days. That means those workdays are already pretty tight, because I take an extra long lunch to fit the gym session in. Meaning, the rest of my day needs to be pretty on point. Also meaning, not the greatest day to have “extra stuff” scheduled.

Wednesdays have become my “home workout” / cardio day, which is easy to squeeze in in only 20-30 minutes. So I’m trying to adopt Wednesdays as my go-to “appointment day”, if I can.

I’m hopeful this will make me dread appointments less, because they do tend to make me CRABBY. I just find them to be an annoying disruption. They are an inevitable part of life though, so it’s probably best to work on this mindset. Maybe being more intentional with the scheduling aspect will help.

Rainy night before bed…..reading Endurance by Scott Kelly with Asher while he ate some pistachio biscottis by the fire. 🙂

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for sun today. Yesterday was quite gloomy. Hoping that I can get a nice outdoor walk in at some point today.

11 thoughts on “Workday appointments, resisting temptation and spider dreams”

  1. If I’d had that dream, I would have woken up my husband and forced him to look everywhere in the bedroom for spiders. It would have been A THING for both of us.

    I recently had to have someone come out and fiddle with our water meter, too! It must be a Wisco thing. The city worker and I discussed Harry Potter and it was pretty easy on my end.


  2. Spiders. Are. Not. My. Thing.
    True story: I once won a $2,000 Entomological Society of Canada scholarship (I worked on honeybees for my Master’s research) by admitting in an essay that I didn’t like insects. And yet I was devoting several years of my life to studying and handling insects.
    (I realize spiders aren’t insects…but any manner of creepy crawly things make me a total wuss).
    I don’t have any fear around honeybees, though. Wasps are another story…

    Oh – and on the spider thing. Growing up, our family summer cottage had no running water/electricity and so we had an outhouse. And every night before bed I’d have to go use it armed with only a flashlight and there were always ENORMOUS spiders that only came out in the dark. I do not know how I slept at night!


    1. I know! Spiders are very yucky to me. If I find them in the basement, I usually trap them in a cup and take them outside….I’m such a softie, can’t kill them even when they gross me out! I like to free them….probably to go outside and replicate, and then come back in with their army. lol! But centipedes are the worst offender for me. I just run screaming. hahaha. Very interesting about your scholarship!! See, honesty is the best policy. 😉


  3. OMG that dream would have scared the crap out of me and I likely would have screamed and woke up the whole family. It sounds borderline like a night terror where you wake up still in the dream! I had a night terror once about rats when I was reading 1984 for school. I screamed so loudly that my parents thought there was someone in my room attacking me!

    Now that I am back in the office, I can only use Mon/Fri for appointments, and Phil is usually home on Fridays so if we need an at home appointment, I try to have it be on Fridays if at all possible so he can deal with it! I work in the basement and can not hear the doorbell down here so I have to work on my laptop upstairs on days when I have an appointment so I don’t miss the person. I’ve thought about putting a note with my phone number on the door and just staying in the basement but that feels like a hassle, too. Sounds like your set up is working well, though! I’m WFH today since I had a client pitch close to our house this afternoon. It makes me wish that I could always WFH MWF, though, because it’s so nice to be able to get dinner started! So tonight we are having shrimp and pineapple skewer and an Asian rice. No chance we could have had this if I was in the office today!


    1. Yeah, my husband is not flexible/ available during the day ever, so I end up having to deal with ALL the household appointments. He just works too far away, so unless its really important, he’s not here. It is a bit of a hassle- I would prefer to delegate some of those things! But I do feel so lucky to WFH- it would be a huge headache trying to schedule home appts if we both worked m-F in office. When I worked in hospital, I usually always had at least a couple weekdays off, so I could do things like that then.


      1. That is the silver lining of the pandemic, I guess! We so very very very rarely were able to WFH pre-pandemic. But I am glad our organization’s view on that has changed!! But I’m glad the nature of our work allows both of us to WFH at least 1-2 days/week. Not everyone has that luxury! (I consider it a luxury since it makes meal prep, exercising, etc so much easier!)


  4. I would have probably jumped out of bed and not gotten back into it until it was thoroughly inspected for spiders… LOL dreams do weird things to our minds!

    I love working from home and having ALL THE FLEXIBILITY but yeah, it kinda tends to mess with a set schedule when things can always get thrown into the mix.


  5. good job in winning. i would definitely have lost. it is especially hard to make decisions when we are tired and not in mood overall, so good for you! your shrimp dish actually looks more appetizing than grilled cheese.


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