Jumping on here for 2 seconds to acknowledge the fact that TWELVE years ago I was holding an approximately ~15 hour old Asher in my arms. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (He was born at 12:42 a.m. and likes to point out that he was almost born on December 1st.)

I can’t believe he is 12. I know, every mom says this every year. But it’s true! Just kind of seems impossible that he is already 12.

We have now entered the 1/2 of the year that the boys are only 1 year apart. (Ethan is 13, Asher is now 12. From July- December, Ethan was 13, Asher was 11.) 🙂

I have a distinct memory of working a shift at the hospital the day after Asher’s 2nd birthday. I remember chatting with a patient, and something about my kids came up, and I mentioned my son had just had a birthday yesterday. I remember so clearly saying to my patient, “It feels funny to say that I have a 2 and a 3 year old! Those sound like “bigger kids” now, not little tiny babies anymore!”

Oh, how relative our perceptions are!! 😂

I wrapped his presents last night:

I could not see wasting like, an entire roll of wrapping paper to wrap that big one. Anyway, it’s not like it’s being delivered to the Pope or something… so I just taped tissue paper all over it and then used a bunch of scraps to adorn the top and a little “belt” around the middle. 🙂

(The big one is also very much one those “I was going to buy this for you anyway, so let’s make it a birthday gift” type of presents. But he’ll still love it. Actually, there are definitely a couple kind of everyday items in the mix (ahem, new socks). That’s fine though. The boys honestly still really just get excited to OPEN STUFF!

We picked up birthday treats for school last night:

5 boxes of Little Debbie Christmas brownies. yum.

Individually wrapped. ✅ (The Skittles are for a boy who has a bunch of allergies, including I think wheat/ gluten and a million others. Apparently, Asher checked and he CAN eat Skittles! I thought it was really sweet that Asher wanted to take a special treat in just for him so he wouldn’t be left out.)

I ran out this morning to pick up DOUGHNUTS and a couple balloons, at 6 am…. #momoftheyear

He was excited!!! Off to school. His last birthday without the word TEEN in it. 😭

Up tonight….dinner out at Texas Roadhouse. His choice- he wants a big ‘ol sirloin steak for his birthday meal!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for Asher, of course. ❤❤

6 thoughts on “12!”

  1. happy birthday!!! 12 years old! Wooo… I know the feeling of suddenly seeing them so big while holding them as baby seems like yesterday. They are becoming a real person with independent thoughts and plans… I can’t believe it.
    really… you are mom of the year getting out at 6am to get donuts. so sweet!


  2. Having a boy with a recent birthday – it really does give all the “feels.” Looks like a great celebration (and I am ALL about the practical gifts, in particular socks…).

    Also, I LOVE the candle in a doughnut idea. I am 100% borrowing this idea for my daughter’s upcoming birthday. She loves Boston Cream doughnuts and it would be such a fun way to elevate her birthday morning by having a doughnut with an embedded candle. I’ve literally never seen/thought of this, but it would be so very much up her alley!

    Congrats on reaching this milestone and for all the love and sleepness nights you’ve poured in to being a mother!


  3. Happy belated birthday to Asher! Our boys bdays are so close – Will’s is on 12/3. I love your practical approach to wrapping that big gift! That is the way to do it! Otherwise you would have used SOOOO much wrapping paper! That was very sweet of him to find out what his classmate could eat! As someone w/ a gluten intolerance, I do not mind forgoing a treat but it’s super nice when someone is so accommodating! I am relieved I didn’t know about my gluten intolerance when I was in elementary school – but knowing probably would have been better for my health and overall well-being.


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