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Couple good things

1- Christmas music is BACK!

Last night in the car, Asher turned the radio on, and bam. There it was. “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.”

I am not sad about this. No, it’s not too early. No, it’s not annoying. 😁 I love Christmas music. It feels almost impossible to be down when you are bopping along to “Jingle Bell Rock”.

(Also- I’m going to go ahead and admit this, but I’m a little embarrassed…I actually listen to Christmas music often, even in totally non-Christmas seasons, like, um, August, while I work. I have a station of quiet, peaceful holiday songs that for some reason, I find I focus really well while listening to. I *think* it might be because they are SUCH well known songs to me, that I’m able to sort of “tune them out”, unlike many other types of music that end up distracting me.

2- Last night, Asher and I volunteered at a fish fry dinner benefiting his swim team.

It’s put on by a local place, and they require the team profiting to provide volunteers to serve the food, wipe tables, etc.

Asher and I were in charge of being “busboys” basically. We went around with a cart and cleared plates/silverware/glasses, then wiped the tables and chairs down with disinfectant spray when people left. It got pretty busy, and Asher had so much fun.

I think it was really good for him, too! Many older people from the community like to hit up a Wisconsin fish fry. He would go around when he saw people were finished eating and approach them, saying politely, “May I clear these plates out of your way?” just like a real waiter or busboy would. 🙂 He did great!

I firmly believe that every person in the world should work in customer service at some point in their life. You learn so much from serving others. Not to mention just learning how to hustle, think on your feet, be responsible, do thorough work, etc. I’m very thankful for my years of working at McDonald’s in high school. 🙂 It definitely built many life long skills for me, believe it or not.

Today’s plan. Minus a bunch of stuff I need to do, but I haven’t narrowed down that list yet…..

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for having a dependable vehicle.

2 thoughts on “Couple good things”

  1. What a great gratitude prompt – I take our vehicle for granted…every day.

    Also, I LOVE Christmas music and am so tempted to listen to it “off-season” but listen to it SO much over Christmas (like it’s on 12+ hours a day), that I just can’t handle it at other times. It’s so interesting that you find it relaxing.
    Growing up my Dad was so picky about not starting Christmas music too early and so one of the things I was most excited about when I grew up was to be able to listen to Christmas music whenever I wanted…and now I’m the parent who tries to keep it off until late-November. I also hold off decorating until the 20th of November (our main tree doesn’t go up until in to December), but I know people who literally take down their Halloween/fall decor on November 1st and immediately switch it out for Christmas. I feel like I’d be so over it by Christmas?

    Weird fact: when I was in high school I got a Christmas CD in the summer and listened to it ON REPEAT. I was also reading a book about Richard Ramirez at the same time. Every single time I hear “Up on the Housetop” it gives me flashbacks to that book. A cue to remember a serial killer is NOT the vibe the “Up on the Housetop” was going for, I’m sure…


  2. I have not started to listen to Christmas music yet. I kind of hold off on that until December as I can get burned out on it pretty quickly. But Paul is already singing jingle bells!

    Love that Asher was such a great volunteer at the fish fry! I agree that everyone should work in food service at some point. I waitressed in college and LOVED it. I loved the fast paced environment, earning tips, the camaraderie among employees, etc. That experience has served me well!


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