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New bedrooms- sneak peek

Good morning! Bonus pic above unrelated to rest of post: from my walk yesterday morning.

This whole past week has involved a lot of carrying stuff from one place and putting it in another.

It was a week ago already that we had the new carpet installed in the bedrooms, but I finally feel now like most things are back in order. Obviously, any time you “move” anything, it’s a good time to look at it, de-clutter, rearrange, etc. (as tempting as it is to just shove everything back in and be done).

Tuesday night we went through a ton of items and tossed a bunch of things. The clothes are all back in place (many in newly rearranged places- Ethan got a totally new dresser set which switched things up a lot). Their closets are eerily neat. 🙂

Asher is more of a pack rat. He has multiple junk drawers, likes to keep things for sentimental purposes, and is more prone to collections.

Ethan is generally more minimalistic in all ways. I had mentioned something about needing to eventually look for some updated wall items for his room, and he kind of shrugged and said something like, “I don’t really need anything on the walls at all.” Haha! (If you recall, Asher had a million ideas of things for how he wants to decorate his room.)

Here are a few pics! (Still works in progress, for sure. Especially Asher’s- since he needs a completely different color bed comforter, curtains and more wall stuff hung up.)


I feel like the new carpet looks almost beige in this picture, but it’s actually grey. Must be the lighting.

Eventually we will get him a small desk to put where the hamster cage is, and the hamster will go on the dresser. But we haven’t gotten that far yet. 🙂

Also, they sent us the WRONG headboard with his new set. It was supposed to be a “bookshelf” headboard. So now Ivan has been in the process of dealing with getting that straightened around. We just put that one on, for now.


Excuse the pillows on the floor….he was in the middle of doing some homework (while listening to a Beatles RECORD on his record player, haha! This is his latest obsession- old records.) He didn’t want to be bothered to clean up for my photo. 😉

He wants a big bulletin board to hang above his desk- presumably to hang his artwork and other misc. items. We have a cool canvas print that will go on the dark wall, of an old fashioned lightbulb. It actually lights up if you push a button on the side of the frame. He loved it, so, we now own it. We also picked up a sort of rustic, small 2-shelf wooden unit for the other wall above the lamp.

He loved that funky frog print with the big glasses, which will go on the wall there.

The curtains I ordered were TOO LONG. Ugh. Annoying, because in the shorter size I’m not having the best of luck finding the right style. Debating cutting these off and having my sister-in-law sew them shorter? But I don’t know yet.

One more of Asher reading before bed, because it was cute:

He has a black/grey/white geometric bed comforter picked out but we haven’t ordered it yet… should do that.

I’ll share more pics when it’s “done” done. 🙂 It’s so different from before!! He’s been spending more time in his room now, so I think he really likes it. The new carpet makes a HUGE difference! It feels so nice and plush now, too.

Okay, gotta run. I have a couple meetings this morning and need to get moving. Have a good day!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for contact solution. Grateful to have that little bottle of liquid to keep my contacts clean and moist overnight, and to rinse fresh in the morning. 🙂

4 thoughts on “New bedrooms- sneak peek”

  1. If you know someone who can sew, I’d have them cut and hem the curtains! It’s a really easy sewing project. My mom could do it super quickly. Too bad she’s not local to you. 😉 The rooms look great, though! Super annoying about the head board issue, though! Sheesh.

    We are working on getting Paul’s room set-up as you know. He has a bed – next we need to get a dresser. My husband told me to pick one out and I was like – no way, Jose, after how pissy he got about the last one! I said we need to get something that is already put together or he needs to pick something out. He has a cheap Ikea one in his room right now but those are known to be a tipping risk so I don’t feel good about him having one in his room now that he can get up and move about the room/mess around w/ things. So we need to get something ordered asap! I would like to get some dino prints for his walls but haven’t felt motivated to do that yet. And then his prints can move into Will’s room. Hopefully he will be ok with that? He’s so possessive about things that were “his” that get handed down to Will!


  2. The rooms look great! There is something so nice about finishing off a space (especially after how disruptive all the moving items from one location to another can feel).

    I love the bed – and bet once you get the bookshelf headboard it will be even more functional.

    The spaces look so cozy and inviting – just how you want a bedroom to be 🙂


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