A productive/nice weekend

For the first time in a few weeks, we didn’t have a soccer tournament, AND Ethan’s league game was a home game (aka- the best kind of soccer game, 3 minutes from our house).

It still felt plenty full, but simply being HOME more was just what I needed. I’ve mentioned I had been feeling kind of borderline anxious/ overwhelmed after having had people in our house for a long time. I think that + back to school + busy stuff at work + sports/ activities being fully back in swing = my tipping point.

I got several big blocks of alone time though this weekend, which I needed. I also had time to get some things in order in the house which had been driving me insane (but hadn’t had time to address).

Oddly (or not, at this point 😄 ), we still did have people in our house, kind of, this weekend though. My parents were here Friday to mid-day Saturday, mostly so my dad could help with the garage project on Friday. They stayed though to attend Asher’s cross country meet Friday night/ Ethan’s soccer game Saturday morning. Also, our old neighbor girl came down to visit on Saturday morning and stayed overnight until Sunday afternoon!

But it still felt like a relaxing weekend on the whole.

Some highlights:

🔷 Asher’s cross country meet Friday night. Beautiful night and he ran great!!

I like how these girls on the left hand side are cheering and clapping for Asher, even though I’m pretty sure we do not know them! This was the sprint to the finish line.

🔷 Asher’s Saturday morning swim practice at 8:30. No pictures, but I literally just sat in my car in peace and quiet, alone. 🙂 I updated my journal, scrolled around (a tiny bit) on my phone, and then picked my photo project back up, which I haven’t touched since before vacation. I sorted through 2-3 months worth of photos on my Amazon Photos app.

🔷 Ethan’s soccer game. They tied, 1-1, and Ethan scored the tying goal! (off a corner kick)

🔷 Saturday afternoon was a bit random and chaotic.

We had to wrap/ finalize a gift for Ethan’s friend’s birthday party and get him off to that. The neighbor girl got dropped off/ talked with the parents a little bit. My parents were getting ready to head home. I made a grocery list and Ivan went to get groceries. We finally hung our new beer sign in the basement, and hung picture frames up on this one wall in our rec room.

ooohhh! Looks good! VERY….fluorescent. 🙂

Here’s the picture wall above our bookshelves:

I need to order prints now!!! So far I just have the top left, sunset pic from Upper Michigan last summer. I want to use this wall to display TRAVEL photos. My idea is to print a ton of favorites, and then set a reminder for the first of every month and swap them out to see new ones each month. This wall is right at the bottom of our stairs to the basement, and since I work in the basement, I see this wall all the time. So I thought this would be a great place to display some of my amazing photo memories of our trips.

🔷 Took Asher and friend over to the gym to go swimming/ play some basketball. I sat at a table and read my book! Glorious.

🔷Nighttime walk with Ivan.

got blurry, but you get the idea

🔷 Sunday was mostly just a “home” day for me. Made blueberry muffins for breakfast and eggs. Ivan cut the grass and cleaned the bathroom. I did a bunch of organizing stuff. Cleaned out the (overflowing) shoe closet and weeded out the 75% of shoes that don’t fit them anymore. Deep cleaned our bedroom (badly needed it!) while Ivan went to soccer. Read on the deck for a while. Visited more with our neighbors when they came to pick her up.

🔷 Sunday night I took Ethan to a tennis class that he is taking at a nearby park. I went for a walk and listened to a podcast. It was HOT!! I’m over this heat now, honestly. Bring on fall weather.

hints of fall showing up! Leaves are just starting to change in many spots now.
Pretty local walking trail!

🔷 Ended the night with an episode of This is Us in bed…felt so nice. I honestly love nothing more than propping myself up with a bunch of big fluffy pillows, on my comfy bed, watching a good show. 🙂

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for the many walking trails in our city (and great sidewalks). I love living somewhere that I can easily go for pretty walks any time.

1 thought on “A productive/nice weekend”

  1. Sunday’s weather was way too hot for me, too. Plus I have a bad cold and hate being out in the heat when I don’t feel well and am stuffed up. So I was barely outside. Phil gave me lots of breaks so I could lay down since I was up with both boys during the night. So that was very nice of him.

    I am glad you had a quieter weekend and that having some guests around didn’t make you feel stressed/overwhelmed. I feel like having your parents around is usually low stress since they tend to help out and not need to be entertained. Seems similar for your parents! It’s great that son and the former neighbor girl have been able to keep in touch and still see each other!!


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