A better Tuesday

I’m happy to report that Tuesday, September 14, was exponentially better than Tuesday, September 7. 🙂

It was still our “busiest” day of the week….Ethan had piano right after school AND soccer later. Asher had cross country right after school AND swim later. I have to drive to/ from piano, and do CC pick up. But, unlike last Tuesday, this Tuesday I didn’t have to drive to soccer or swim! (thank you carpools!!!!! Seriously, they are the best.)

That made an enormous difference, because I didn’t “have” to go anywhere after 5:00 when I got home with Asher from cross country. The next ~45 minutes were a bit of a rush of getting food in them/ some homework/ etc. so they could get off to their next activities, but it was fine. I actually generally like puttering around in the kitchen, talking with them like that.

While they got ready/ did homework, I threw together a sort of random dinner of sweet potatoes served with a mish-mash 99% lean ground turkey mix. I added onion, garlic, sweet yellow peppers (chopped up small), tomatoes, cilantro, and seasoning. It was totally random, but REALLY good (and bonus-healthy)!

I scooped the sweet potato out of the peel into a bowl, then topped it with this ground turkey mix. Yummy!

After they left for practices and Ivan got home, we went over to Home Depot to browse some carpet samples. I mentioned that we recently bought Ethan a new bedroom furniture set (still in boxes, in the garage…). His room really needs carpet too, so we decided we should probably just replace the carpet now, too, and get it all over with at once. So hopefully we can order carpet, get it installed and THEN assemble the new furniture. We’ll see. Sounds like the carpet installation guys might be scheduling a ways out, so the timing might not work out the best though. Oh well.

Well, better run. I have that rescheduled meeting early here in a bit.

Before I go: Here are a couple recent “thoughts of the day” that I’ve enjoyed lately.

Translation: “Be selective in your battles. Sometimes it’s better to have PEACE than to be right.

GREAT point.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for finding a carpet selection (I think!). We both agreed we did not want to overcomplicate this, meaning we were NOT going to go crazy looking at a million choices at 100 different stores. We said we would pick something nice from what was there and be done! 🙂

4 thoughts on “A better Tuesday”

  1. love these quotes! I need to remind myself to stop fighting the unwinnable battles. heheh…. that dish sounds yummy, I hadn’t had grounded turkey for years, maybe we can replicate it with ground chicken.


  2. Your dinner, like Coco mentioned, looks fab … maybe I’ll get you to share a recipe with me. I am a TERRIBLE cook. Like I literally have to have step by step directions or I freak out! Haha! Also @Coco – I can’t speak for Kae, but generally ground chicken can be swapped for ground turkey.

    I am looking to replace my carpets on my stairs and upstairs bedrooms but it is a bit more money than I wanted to spend, so we will see. Fingers crossed I can get it sorted before November (when I’ll have to have them come back out and measure again! lol)

    When does cross country season end for you guys in IL, most of my friends kids are wrapping up in the next few weeks. So if you’re on the same time line your nights should be lightening up soon! 🙂


    1. I can send you a “recipe” if you want! I really just made it up though- just sautéed the ingredients with the ground turkey, really!! Super easy! You can do it. 🙂 Good luck with the carpet choices! Fortunately the couple rooms we are doing aren’t that big, so it’s not a massive undertaking. No hallways/stairs etc. CC ends I think the second week of October. (We are in Wisconsin though, not IL 😉 So he has a little ways to go! But it goes fast.


  3. I also think that dinner looks and sounds yummy! I am not good at throwing things together like you are! I am so reliant on recipes and don’t even like when it says ‘salt & pepper to taste.’ Ha!!

    I am glad this Tuesday was better than the last one! I had Tuesday afternoon off for 3 DOCTOR APPOINTMENTS. Luckily they were all in the same complex. It was better to knock them all out versus driving over there 2-3 times. Then I had Will’s 9m appt on Wednesday morning and my final PT appt on Wednesday afternoon. So I really crammed in the doctor appointments this week!


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