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Weekend happenings + misc.

Happy Tuesday. It feels like it’s been a bit since my last regular post, but I guess it was just last Friday.

How was your weekend? Mine, again, felt quite full. This is just the reality when Ethan has soccer tournaments (as he did again this weekend). When you have multiple games, spread out across the weekend, in another city, I guess it’s just inevitable that you won’t be home too much.

Fortunately, this was the last tournament. From here on out will just be regular league games, usually just one per weekend. Seems they bunched the tournaments all up at the beginning of the season, which in a way is a good thing. Just get that part over with.

Friday night started out pretty nice. Ivan had to take his cousins to the airport in Chicago to fly home, Asher went to swim practice with carpool and Ethan was invited to our local high school football game with a friend. I went out SHOPPING, which is something I rarely do. It was my mom’s birthday though this weekend! So I needed to find some gifts.

I also stocked myself up on fall soaps from Bath and Body Works (YAY! I love these!!) and spent too long browsing in Barnes and Noble until they announced they were closing.

books 😍

I picked up a book I saw called Introvert Power, which kind of spoke to me right now. I am definitely more of an introvert, and have really been struggling in many ways this summer with so many people around again. (Especially with our frequent house guests….). I feel like maybe learning more about this personality trait might help me learn ways to deal with some of the frustration or just yucky feelings that bubble up when I get sort of “forced” into not getting enough solo time (or at least not enough time that I can control, 100%).

Saturday I took Asher out to a morning swim practice (at an outdoor pool), and went for a walk. We watched 9/11 replay coverage and memorial stuff before that, which had me in a contemplative mood. I intentionally left my headphones behind and just walked along in silence in a marsh near the pool.

The rest of the day was filled with SOCCER + Ethan. Asher stayed home and went to a swim team mini-golf event. Ivan and I went to the soccer games and had lunch with Ethan in between. It was nice, but his team apparently got placed in the wrong bracket….they won 1 game, but got CREAMED in the other 2 games. It was…..not fun. Felt like a total waste of time, honestly!! I’m a bit annoyed that the tournament organization wasn’t better. Those other teams should not have even been slated to play Ethan’s team- they were on a whole other level.

at least it was a mild, warm day, and the fields were in a very pretty setting? Trying to find the positive in a 0-8 loss…. 😏

Sunday was more soccer in the morning, then a Packer game (who also got creamed….jeez! Seems the theme of the weekend. 😣) and then my mom’s birthday!! My parents came and stayed overnight, we had dinner and presents and good conversation. ❤

Monday was a busy, busy work day….lots of training of new employee and then worked late prepping for a meeting with a department head/ surgeon this morning (which got rescheduled now to Wednesday….grrr….). Oh well. At least I am ready to go for tomorrow, now.

Ended Monday night doing some solo reading, side by side with Ethan in our sunroom before bed. He read his book, I read mine. 🙂 Lovely end to the night!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for my mom! Happy 71st, mom! Glad we got to celebrate with you. Love you!

2 thoughts on “Weekend happenings + misc.”

  1. That is a really full weekend! Makes me glad my kids aren’t in activities yet because that just sounds like SO MUCH. Have you heard about Emily Oster’s book, The Family Firm? I bought it since I love her work but haven’t read it yet since it’s focused on a future stage of parenting (5+). But it might help to read that as I think she talks a lot about figuring out what to say yes to/how to schedule out your time, etc.

    That’s great that you got to celebrate with your parents! So nice that they live close and can come and spend the night with you!

    I am coming off a really really bad night of sleep, like I’ve basically been up since 3:30… I was trying to get Will to drop his night feed that has creeped into his schedule again and he cried for an hour, fell asleep for 20 minutes and cried again and somehow got into sitting position (never done that before!). I fed him and put him back down and 15 minutes later, Paul woke and refused to go back to sleep. Ay yi yi. So I am not in the best mood today. 😛


  2. have you read the book Quiet? it’s also about introverts and how it works in our advantage. while I enjoy being with friends, I need my personal space, which is an indication of being an introvert. learning about it was comforting to know that what I need and stop judging myself for not always wanting to do/go social events. It’s part of self care I believe.


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