Day 5: White Mountains, New Hampshire

So let’s see, where did I leave off…

Oh yes, our foggy/drizzly morning.

I was initially a little unsure how the day would go, if the weather continued like this, because pretty much everything we wanted to do was outside!

Fortunately, it did clear up. We got a later start to the day as a result, but we have been doing a lot and the slow paced morning was actually nice.


*slow morning, tea/coffee/breakfast at the condo. Kids played on their video games and then cards for a while.

The Christmas Loft

* Mid-morning the little bit of drizzly rain stopped, though it was still foggy. We headed into town in North Conway (our condo is up the mountain a little ways, not right in town). I wanted to check out a big Christmas store I saw advertised.

Random stop, and I was probably the only one in our party who cared about this, but hey. I love Christmas stuff!

* The draw for me was this big “life sized Christmas village” that was part of the store.

There was Christmas music playing and sound effects.. it was really quaint and cute. Felt like a real old fashioned village. The kids really liked the store.

(Surrounding this were many large rooms FULL of Christmas decor, ornaments, etc.)

* I bought the kids “New Hampshire” ornaments for Christmas (it’s our tradition to always buy an ornament on our vacations).

* Next, we sat in some traffic in town (glad we didn’t spend much time IN town. Just busy/congested for a small town… lots of tourists everywhere this year.)

Omni Mount Washington Resort

* We headed up about an hour into the mountains. First stop- the Omni Mount Washington Resort.

It’s an old, huge, fancy and famous resort up in the mountains. I believe it’s also very expensive. I saw a sign pointing to the “equestrian center”, if that says anything.

* We did not stay there, but just walked around to check it out. (This is allowed!)

It was beautiful, though showing its age in some ways too. It’s completely surrounded by stunning Mountain Views, 360 degrees.

Huge back porch wrapping all the way around

* We ended up deciding to have lunch there on the terrace! Yes, in my Adidas tank top and hat. 🤣 (It was really quite casual- well, at least enough people were casual that it was fine. I mean, it is in a mountain/hiking area, so I don’t think it’s a problem. Maybe for dinner we would have looked more out of place.)

We had packed and planned for a picnic lunch, but this restaurant was too beautiful to pass up. Saved our picnic for dinner instead. 🙂

Terrace views

* I just loved the view!! So beautiful…

Still a little cloudy, but sun was peeking out too. No rain.
Clam chowder soup. My favorite. Will attempt to eat as many times as possible on this trip.
Everyone minus mom the photographer

* the kids found the old arcade

* It was a great way to spend a couple hours. We walked down to see the pool, and the views were beautiful from everywhere.

Back of the hotel. We ate on that lower level.

Swimming + Waterfalls!

* After our later lunch, the sun was out and weather was great! Yay!! I had dug around and found a couple swimming holes/waterfall stop ideas that seemed a bit “off the beaten path”.

I wanted to avoid some of the highly promoted tourist stops, due to crowds. I am so glad this worked out… we found some awesome spots.

Lower Ammonoosuc Falls

* 1st up was Lower Ammonoosuc Falls, just a short 1/2 mile hike in.

It’s a natural water slide in some spots, too! The kids had an absolute blast doing this.

I have better videos, but they could slide way down from high up to the pool below on their butts. They did it 100 times. Hahaha.
It looks really dangerous but there were areas it was smooth/safe/shallow enough and they had their route down figured out after watching someone else do it 🙂
The pool at the bottom
Selfie!!! Lol

* Some more people showed up later, so eventually we moved on.

Silver Cascade

* road side stop for Silver and Flume Cascade:

Swimming hole by Sawyer Rock!

* Finally we found this one place that I don’t even know if it has a name… it was hard to find but was AMAZING.

Another little waterfall to slide down

It had huge boulders to just sit on. I literally could have sat there all day with food, drink and a book.

* On the other side it was deep enough to jump. A local lady and her kids who go there often showed the boys where to jump.


Soooo happy we found this place! It was definitely a much more private/secluded option, away from the masses of people I’m sure were at the other waterfalls/swimming holes.

* It was our last night at the condo here, so we stayed in for dinner. The sky was clear for evening views again too 🙂

Back at the mountainside condo

View this morning!! Checking out in a little bit and heading to Portland, Maine.

Daily gratitude: I am grateful for finding some awesome swimming holes!

2 thoughts on “Day 5: White Mountains, New Hampshire”

  1. Gah, those views! I am definitely a mountains person. There is nothing like those views! The swimming holes all look great, too. I hope Pablo takes to swimming eventually because these are the kind of places I would want to take our kids some day! That fancy hotel looks great, too. The views kind of remind me of a fancy hotel in Asheville. I’ve never stayed there but have had happy hour on their patio many times!

    I definitely see a resemblance between you and your mom. I think it’s in the eyes!


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