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1st Summer Weekend Highlights

Woke up feeling a little bit exhausted again this morning! What the heck?! Not quite this bad, but it still felt like a lot was fit into the weekend. It was SUPER HOT again, so maybe that’s actually what has me feeling drained.

🔷 Last Day of School pic! 5th and 6th grades are in the books.

Sunscreen and hats on for fun field game day on Friday afternoon.

🔷 Ethan learned how to cut the grass! He is plenty old enough, but being a bit on the smaller side, we just hadn’t had him try this yet. THIS IS THE YEAR! Asher is definitely capable, too. I think Ivan is already envisioning sitting on the deck, drinking a beer while two little munchkins cut grass and weedwhack…

🔷 My brother-in-law and niece came to town Friday night and stayed over. (Long story, but for various reasons, my sister + family came home from Ireland in “shifts” this time, which is why it was just my BIL and niece currently!).

Saturday was a full day with my parents also joining us to celebrate her 4th birthday at our house! She’s just as cute as a bug in a rug and it was so fun watching her with the boys, running around the yard, etc. She’s also at the age where birthdays are finally REALLY REALLY EXCITING!!!!

building a straw fort with Asher, while wearing wolf ears, of course!
slip n’ sliding on the HOT afternoon

🔷The day wrapped up around 5:30 or so, and after cleaning up some, we just relaxed for a while. I did a little mini home pedicure because my heels looked worse than alligator skin, and then sat out and read while the boys kicked a soccer ball around with Ivan in the street. Asher snuck up on me and took this picture:

And this one:

Summer evenings feel amazing, once the heat dies down a little and then it’s just warm and balmy. 🙂

🔷 Ivan and I decided last minute to go out to his friend’s Mexican restaurant for a drink and to share some nachos. This has slowly become our little “hang out” place if we just want a relaxing, easy night out for a bit. We’ve been going there pretty often lately on either Friday or Saturday nights. No fuss, no muss…we always get the same thing (and it’s always delicious), we sit at the bar and talk, and it’s fun to chit chat with his soccer friend and his wife (the owners/ and he cooks!). It’s nice to go somewhere where they already know exactly what you want, and how you want it (no sour cream, add extra jalapenos!). They also bring us unlimited supplies of their spiciest salsa. 😋

🔷 Sunday I went to Ivan’s 8 am soccer game with him. The boys stayed home (“it’s tooooo hot!”). Actually, it was really hot. I had no shade and the game ended just before my feet started getting sunburned in my sandals.

🔷 The rest of the day was mostly around home, for me…we had leftovers for lunch, then worked on cleaning out the garage. It has been an ongoing project and is a lot of work. We made some good progress though. When we started, I drew a line in the sand and said, “We are only working up to this point!” I really didn’t want to do it ALL day. We got that section done (still took several hours), and stopped. To be continued.

🔷Two of Ethan’s friends showed up late morning, followed by a younger brother…then later, Asher’s friend came over, too. Summertime bliss! They were inside/outside, playing, had lunch, drank gatorades and pretty much seemed to be in heaven. 🙂

🔷Ivan had another afternoon soccer game, so I stayed home for that one. Got a bunch of other misc. things done around the house, updated my journal, read a little and then actually worked for an hour. I worked out, took a long shower and enjoyed the afternoon while everyone was occupied. 🙂

🔷 We had dinner out on the deck. Perfect evening for it! After dinner we hit a volleyball around in the backyard for a REALLY long time! It was so much fun!!! Excited for a new activity we all seem to enjoy (I played VB in high school!). It’s nice they are finally coordinated enough to actually keep it going. (We tried this when they were younger and it was kind of a disaster.)

Thought of the Day:

Live for the moments you can’t put into words.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for making progress on the garage!

2 thoughts on “1st Summer Weekend Highlights”

  1. The weather this weekend was just GROSS. Way way way way too hot for June. We were not outside much sadly. Paul overheats really easily so he can only handle so much time outside when it’s like this. And Will had an awful weekend with fevers in the 102-103 range due to his 6m vaccinations. He was fine during the day on Saturday but had a low grade fever on Sunday. It was gone by the afternoon so I took him outside for a little bit since it was windy and not as intensely hot but we didn’t last long out there. I am so ready for more ‘normal’ summer temps, especially cooler nights/mornings! You packed a lot into your weekend I think the heat just tires everyone out! Paul slept until 6:30 the last several mornings which is ‘sleeping in’ for him!


  2. looks like a perfect weekend to me, friends, family, relaxing time, and home duties. Time flies when we are having fun! 🙂 I can totally understand why Ivan is looking forward to have the boys to take over “man’s” duties of the house. I can only imagine if one day I’ll wake up and the house is tiny up, food ready, and non-chores to do. oh well… i can keep dreaming.


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