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  • I slept like total garbage last night. Sort of. I slept really great from 10 pm until 2 am, and then woke up. After laying there awake until ~4:20, I finally got up. In case you are wondering what time the birds wake up in my area (and start chirping), it is precisely 4:02 a.m. I kept thinking how grateful I am that I didn’t need to get up and go, say, perform surgery on someone today. Or even work a 12 hour hospital nursing shift. Hoping I can maybe squeeze in a little power nap at some point?
This might be me around ~12:00 today.
  • Yesterday felt fragmented. I did another early morning grocery run, which was good. I got a slightly late start to the workday, though. Then, I had a flooring guy come over to fix something that got messed up on the install of our new kitchen flooring (over a year ago). This had been a persistent thorn in my side all year- despite repeated texts, emails, calls, cancelled appointments, I hadn’t been able to get these people back over to fix their mistake. FINALLY, it’s done. The guy apologized and said that the main reason he even came back at all was because I was always gracious and patient (despite constantly being given the run around…). Score one for me, I guess. 🙂 Kill ’em with kindness? 🤷‍♀️
  • Ethan starts rock climbing back up again tonight. I hadn’t planned for him to do it in May (soccer season), but due to quarantining in April, they let us just shift that month (already paid for) to May. It’s not really ideal timing…I hadn’t fully realized soccer would be 3 nights a week this season. So now he has virtual piano on Mondays + soccer, Tuesday soccer, Wednesday rock climbing, Thursday soccer, Friday free, then soccer games on weekends. Makes for a full week for him, but I guess that’s okay. School is almost out! 1 more month for our boys.
  • Dinner last night was tasty. I made some breaded pan fried tilapia and my favorite zucchini dish: zucchini, onion, tomato, corn, cheese. We had leftover Mexican rice (the orange kind! So good.).
clearly, plenty of fish for leftovers today…
  • I’m feeling a tad unsure about some changes at work. My boss took a new position and will be leaving at the end of the month. Instead of refilling his role, they are going to hire another nurse data analyst, like myself. Just a lot of potential shifting of workloads, roles, training/onboarding a new person, plus the change of no longer really having a full time manager dedicated to our team. (The next higher up will take over, it sounds like, but she seems pretty stretched thin as is…so, not entirely sure how that will look.) I think it will all be fine, ultimately.

I guess that’s about it for my mid-week update. How is your week going?

Thought of the Day:

“Did you ever observe to whom the accidents happen? Chance favors only the prepared mind.”- Louis Pasteur

(Finally just finished the little book about him last night with Ethan. Pretty amazing guy and story.)

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for finally having that flooring issue resolved. Really, I am so relieved to have that little, nagging task complete.

3 thoughts on “This and that”

  1. Ugh, work changes like that can be hard. I hope it doesn’t end up impacting your role too much. It’s tough to eliminate a layer of management and assign a group to someone who is already spread thin! We’ve gone through that over the last several years due to a big merger that happened in 2013. So far my day to day job isn’t too impacted thankfully.

    I’m glad you got your floor fixed, but it kind of sucked that the guy said he only came back because you were super nice and gracious… I mean we all strive to be that way, but the mistake was theirs and I probably would have eventually gotten a little huffy after a year of getting the run around! I know contractors or anyone in the remodeling industry is super slammed these days since many people have made home improvements but come on – stand by your work and have some follow through!

    Both boys are back in school and no one threw up in the car today so I’m calling that a win. Ha. The bar is very low after the week I’ve had! I did have to do a lot of bribing (scootering after school and a cookie after dinner) to get our toddler to go to school. He kept saying he wanted to stay home and that he still was sick. But he kept asking for more crackers for breakfast so I knew he was fine since he was eating well. But I did make him cover himself with a blanket on the drive to school and told him it was to catch the crumbs from the graham cracker he was eating… If I thought he was sick, I would for sure have kept him home but all signs pointed to him being just fine.


    1. Oh, I know… I was seriously so annoyed with the flooring guy, but then I was afraid that if I told him off/ got rude he would just never respond again and I’d be screwed either way!! It was ridiculous that I had to chase after them like that- they absolutely should have had higher standards for the business! Besides this mistake, the rest of the quality was good. But after this long drawn out experience, I would not hire them again or recommend them- so it was extra dumb on their part to not just deal with it right away! (Had they handled it better, I would have understood, forgave the mistake and been a generally happy customer). I have the worst luck when it comes to home improvement contractors, I swear…


  2. i don’t like uncertainties at work, changes always bring some sort of uncertain moments which could be stressful. Hopefully it’s short and you get back to normal path soon.

    I love how you can even be grateful for waking up since 2am. sometimes it happens to me and it put me in a bad moon for the day.


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