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Thursday Misc: work, email, Chipotle…

Happy Thursday!

Nothing overly exciting to report around here today.

Work project-

Yesterday I started working on a little side project at work (not exactly a normal, actual work related project, but more of an organizational project that will benefit the department long term). It’s right up my alley and I found myself getting lost in it yesterday afternoon. I went for a walk around noon, and sat back down at my desk at 12:30. I got so immersed in working on this thing that before I knew it, it was 3:30! 3 hours had flown by, somehow. I love when I’m so into something that I don’t feel a desire to even check my email or my phone or anything.


Speaking of email…I really enjoyed the latest Best of Both Worlds podcast episode which was all about email. Besides social media, email is probably the next biggest addictive/ attractive force for me. I find myself checking it a lot, especially on my phone. Sometimes I think I do it instead of checking social media (if I’m trying to decrease social media checks), since my hyperactive little fingers just need something to click on? lol.

Funny story- the other day, I was doing a Beachbody workout (streaming on my computer), and I accidentally had left my email open in another tab. I had 12 emails in my inbox, I happened to notice, as I pushed “play” on the workout. During the workout, it caught my attention that- oh! Now I had 14 emails! Whatever could they be???! Seriously, I felt the strongest pull to actually pause my workout to see what those 2 emails were!! It was like an itch I wanted to scratch.

I refused, because, that would have been ridiculous. When I finished the workout, you know what those emails were? One was a newsletter update from T. Rowe Price Investment Management- (not something I regularly even read). The other? An email from (where I usually buy our Disney World tickets), informing me that apparently Disneyland tickets in California are now on sale. (Great. Not going there anytime soon, didn’t need to know that.) 🤣 Yes, that would have been SO worth stopping my workout for….. ha.

Other Misc.-

🔷I cleaned out my office desk drawer the other day (during a meeting I just had to listen in on!!). I found these in the back!! I forgot I had them! I got them at a dinner for Ivan’s company that we attended a couple years ago. They were on the tables as little “gift” items at the place settings, and some other people at the table were kind of snickering at them, like, “uhhh, thanks…why would we want these?” I quickly whispered to Ivan, “If they don’t take them, I want them all!!” hahahaha!!! #nerdalert (I managed to leave with 5 packs!!)

Not our bank! But I love these! They are sticky notes! The possibilities for using these are endless.

🔷 Chipotle for dinner last night! There was a benefit night for Asher’s swim team, so I placed an order and Ivan picked it up on his way home.

🔷 Beautiful morning skies are back earlier and earlier.

And finally, HAPPY EARTH DAY!!

Here are a couple pics from a scene that always pops into my mind whenever I think about our beautiful Earth. A memory that just really stuck for me. I took these in Moab, Utah, after we went canyoneering down 125 ft cliffs (such an amazing experience I’ll never forget!). Then, we had to hike out through the canyon. It was getting dark, desert wildlife was awakening, the kids were enamored with it all and the whole experience made me just feel so at peace and in love with nature and the Earth. 🙂 It’s one of those moments I like to replay in my mind.

The shuttle van waiting to pick us up! We made it out of the canyon just in time, as it was getting dark really, really fast!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for some really delicious guac from Chipotle last night! Sometimes it can be hit or miss there, but last night it was soooo good.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Misc: work, email, Chipotle…”

  1. Mmmm chipotle! I haven’t had that in soooo long. I need to treat myself to some soon. Once will is in daycare next week, I think I will go get lunch once every couple of weeks as a treat. It was harder to do when I was home with him since I was working around naps.

    Those UT pics are beautiful! I would love to go there someday when our boys are older or as a trip for just Phil and me. It’s going to be beautiful here today so I am hoping to fit a walk in. It’s my first day back at work but I don’t have access to the network so I am kind of sitting here twiddling my thumbs…


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