Hello. Didn’t really feel like writing today, because I don’t actually feel like doing anything right now.

I am all discombobulated at the moment. 🙂

But, sometimes even a few minutes of writing something down can help, and I know deep down that I thrive best on routines…and writing has become part of my morning routine. So I’m sticking with it. 🙂

I just have a bazillion things to do today and as I already said, I do not feel like doing any of them! Ha. I did NOT sleep enough this weekend, in part thanks to those super early soccer practices and not accounting for it with early bedtimes. In fact, I was up super late on Saturday night (and then up super early on Sunday). Lack of sleep always tends to “get me” two days after the offending night of sleep occurs, so by yesterday evening I was dragging.

So, I went to bed nice and early last night to make up for it, right?

Yeah, no. I went to bed at like 11:15 last night (because I am a genius), only to be woken up by ????? around 4:30 a.m. It may have been our water softener turning on? Or a car door shutting somewhere? I don’t even know. I heard something. Nothing concerning enough to me to want to get up to investigate, but I was awake. And it was too close to my normal wake up time (5:30) for my body to want to fall back asleep, despite still feeling tired. Usually if I have slept 5+ hours and wake up for any reason, it is very difficult for me to get back to sleep. Normally I aim for about 7 hours, but I guess my body thinks 5+ is close enough to 7? (it’s not!!!)

Anyway, I just feel tired and kind of crabby this morning. We leave for Memphis tomorrow afternoon, too, which I’m very excited and happy about- but I’m not at all ready to go yet and like I said, I already have a busy day here…. So, yeah. It will all get done though and will work out!!

I’d better hop to it. Sorry for a Debbie Downer post, lol!

Almost signed off but can’t end my post like this! Quote of the day today in my book is: “Change your thoughts and you can change your world.” So I’ll end on something positive….

Gratitude List from yesterday:

  • the hamsters! We love playing with them everyday and they honestly bring us so much joy.
  • worked out with Asher last night (back/biceps workout)
  • went in the hot tub with Ivan (first time in several days we had been in; part of the reason I was up too late! But it was nice in the moment)
  • Boys playing with friends again! Weather is warmer and they’ve been enjoying lots of outside play lately again (finally).
  • Read with boys before bed and finished our book
I took zero photos yesterday except this one…of someone who apparently has NO trouble sleeping. He is squished up between his little house and the glass?? Does not look comfy to me, but, to each his own…. ha.

1 thought on “Discombobulated”

  1. Ugh sorry to hear about the exhaustion. That really sucks. I am with you, though, as Will had a terrible night. I emailed our pediatrician last night to ask if we can start sleep training. I was going to do it in mid April when he is a bit older but I can’t handle another month of this! We will be sleep training to teach him to fall asleep on his own, not to sleep through the night as he’s still too small for that. So I was very very crabby during the night and had a lot of ‘woe is me’ thoughts. I feel a little better after some coffee and hopefully I can nap today to make up for the lost sleep.

    I hope you get through everything today! So much falls on the mom when it comes to travel. But once you hit the road, hopefully you feel great and can really relax and enjoy yourself!!


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